Gone are the days when we were happy enough to just sit and play with our Skay Electric, watching them zoom around the track. Now we have GoPros to keep us entertained. Well, Hot Wheels are getting in on the action to make a dream team of model car racing and video technology that will swing us back in the past while keeping us firmly in 2018.

GoPros are being used to showcase some exceptional POV stunts. Now we don’t even need to be brave enough to go skydiving or rock climbing to see what it all looks like for our brave counterpart’s eyes. Well GoPros can now be used by those who like adrenaline without any personal risk, thanks to Hot Wheels teaming up with the tech innovators.

Hot Wheels have uncovered The Zoom In model as a limited Hot Wheels’ vehicle. This toy has been made compatible with GoPro Hero and Hero5, so you can experience the driver’s thrills in their Hot Wheels car. Every sharp turn and bum-clenching loop on your track can be experienced without running behind with your smartphone out and bumpy recordings.

This makes for the perfect man cave addition, or just a great present for your 10-year-old mini guy.

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