When Herman Miller’s Aeron chair hit the market in 1994 it was lauded for its ergonomics, hyper-specific customization and comfort. It was curvy to match the human body, and equipped with all sorts of cranks, dials and levers to guide you into the perfect sitting experience. Its new office chair, Cosm, designed by Herman Miller vets Studio 7.5, is nothing of the sort.

Unveiled at its event at Salone de Mobile last week, Cosm is a practice in universal, self-adapting design. Where the Aeron was built for the individual, Cosm is for the shared workspace where no two days are spent at the same desk (and in the same seat). The company claims its new chair adjusts to an individual’s posture, weight and pressure points without the need for user input. Because there’s less going on under the cushion, the chair is also visibly less fussy than its predecessors. The Cosm chair will be available mid-summer in white, red, black, navy and glacial blue. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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