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The Lamborghini Aventador remains one of the most wildly styled and unmistakable supercars on the road today. Well, unmistakable from anything but other Aventadors in one of the many trims. For example, you might see an Aventador running around your city and think it looks incredible, but not quite as radical as what what you remembered from the internet. That could be because you were staring at gigabytes of Lamborghini Aventador SV pictures but actually saw a plebe-spec LP700 in the wild.

To help clear things up, Instagrammer YASHMEHTAPHOTO caught a regular Aventador butted up to the upscale SV-trimmed Lambo. The most obvious differences between the two supercars are the massive wing, diffuser and plethora of carbon fiber slapped onto the rear end of the Aventador SV. The air vents on the Aventador SV seem bigger, which makes sense considering the increased demands of the performance version. It also looks like the parking sensor on the LP700 didn’t find its way onto the Aventador SV’s bumper cover.

We won’t call the base Aventador subtle, but compared to the Aventador SV? Decide for yourself.

A Lamborghini Aventador is the perfect winter beater in Canada