Setting a fitness goal for the new year is easier said, easier done and difficultly executed. Here’s a perhaps obvious tip: make your goal specific and approachable. Here’s another that’s more obscure but just as important: invest in high-quality fitness clothing. Seriously. Working out, running, cycling, none of these activities are inherently comfortable, so providing yourself with as much physical ease as possible becomes paramount.

If you’re already shelling out for a new home machine or a membership to a gym, it might feel tempting to save on apparel. But don’t under commit — a $10 t-shirt is priced that low for a reason, and it won’t compare to the top-line threads from brands like Nike and Under Armour. The same philosophy applies to gym shorts, running shoes and fitness trackers.

This isn’t to say that you need to resign yourself to being priced out of your workout though. Deals are almost always to be found; right now there’s one at Mr. Porter that offers 30 percent off high-end fitness gear and apparel. Some of our favorite products — Nike Epic React running shoes, Suunto’s Spartan Sport GPS watch, 2XU compression tights, to name a few — are more affordable than ever. Sizes are limited, so do some picking, and you might find the thing to get you through 2019 without reneging on your resolution.

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