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You probably had a picture of a Lamborghini Countach on your wall, your garage or your computer’s desktop wallpaper. The later versions of Lambo’s ultimate poster car got quintessentially ‘80s with a massive wing and enough aero add-ons to look like a salad shooter. What we don’t often see is what makes this Lambo incredibly weird, like a hidden fuel filler in one of the air ducts on the passenger side. 

Doug DeMuro hops behind the wheel of the 25th anniversary edition Countach to show off the 455 hp V12’s grunt, but also to show off the strange features that you won’t see on a poster. The Countach has everything from an interior designed by a right angle square fanatic and the ultimate ‘80s accessory: a portable vanity mirror. The Countach also has massive rear 335 cross-section rubber wrapping tiny 15-inch wheels. 

Finally Lamborghini gets a Concours

Finally, Lamborghini gets a concours!

In a year that sees many, many celebrations of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, Lamborghini held a celebration of its own. The other great Italian supercar maker may only be 54 years old, but …

If you thought backing up the Lamborghini Countach was impossible — you’d be right. According to DeMuro, the suggested method is to throw it in reverse, pop the door open and look over the car’s roof while slipping the clutch.

Want to see more of the Lambo’s quirks? Watch the video above.