Fashion industry vet Chris Molnar launched Goodlife in 2014 with a simple goal: to develop a long-lasting brand based on well-made essentials. It started with superior tees, henleys and sweatshirts — more recently, expanding its line to include sweaters. Made in Peru, the new category (primed to get you cozy for winter) is the ultra-luxe upgrade to standard knitwear. Beyond being durable and warm, Peruvian alpaca is a sustainable natural fiber. From head to toe, the items in Goodlife’s new sweater collection will keep you looking good and so very comfortable all season long.

Alpaca Shawl Cardigan

Reminiscent of a proper jacket but with the comfort of loungewear, a shawl cardigan is a superlative choice for your winter wardrobe. This one, in particular, is made from that signature Peruvian alpaca yarn — making it incredibly soft and warm, not to mention, sustainable. It will keep you looking sharp and utterly cozy, whether at home or in the office.

Alpaca Sweater Pant

You’d probably look at a pair of alpaca sweater pants and think, “Wow, that’s a luxury item.” And you’d be right. It is. It’s a luxury item that we fully endorse. As with Goodlife’s other alpaca garments, the yarn is wrapped around Pima cotton during the knitting process to keep these pants featherlight. The result keeps the pants uniquely lightweight while equally offering warmth and comfort. They are pretty unparalleled on the softness scale so you’re unlikely to reach for a standard pair of sweats again.

Alpaca Crew Sweater

Everyone should have a grey crewneck in their closet. This is the upgrade to a simple, cotton pullover. Unlike a one-season cotton crew, this lasting alpaca knit is well-made and luxurious — a thoughtful, elevated sweater to replace one that’s otherwise ubiquitous. Like the rest of the alpaca collection, it’s a sustainable choice. This crewneck is not just a more sophisticated selection, it also packs more comfort than a plain cotton knit. Adulthood has never felt so good.

Alpaca Beanie

The same high-quality materials and construction seen in Goodlife’s sweater collection are applied in this little black beanie. Alpaca is not just ultra-soft and warm, it’s also durable so this piece from the collection will last for seasons to come. It’s also not just highly-functional and environmentally-friendly: we particularly dig the stylish mix of the ribbed cuff with the standard knit.