Every man needs time to escape the city life and return to his hunter roots. Why not do this in style with the Heimplanet Backdoor Tent? A tent that surpasses expectations and can make your guys’ weekend in the mountains a lot more comfortable.

With your pals’ practical jokes and smelly feet, it is best you find some comfort when you need it most. In fact, Dave’s smelly feet won’t be an issue in this tent as it has a clever ventilation system to keep the fresh mountain air flowing without letting you get cold.

Heimplanet are experts in designing and manufacturing unique tents. This inflatable 4-person design can be used in many different types of testosterone-filled adventures as it is adaptable to different temperatures.

This tent gives you more time to hunt, fish or to kick back and have a few more beers because it is so easy to set up. The most striking part of the tent is its inflatable frame which affords stability, as well as two entrances with two vestibules to keep your gear safe and secure.

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