Designed in collaboration with motorcycle lifestyle online magazine 4h10, Hedon’s Vitesse Heroine Racer Helmet is a gorgeous piece of gear that’ll make you ride faster and look darn fine in the process.

Featuring an ultralight, low profile shell made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the helmet is inspired by the cool 70s look and has a glossy finish. The soundproofed interior is Hed Armor with 360″ cushion padding, Merlin anti-bacterial fabric, and natural calf leather trim & lining.

Complete with a 3-channel ventilation system and beautiful brass hardware, the Heroine comes with two Racer anti-fog double lens visors — a clear one and an extra colored one of your choice (five different colored visors can be purchased separately). The sleek helmet is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide which are sure to be sold out quickly.

Preorder From Hedon $1,100

Photos by Cyril Cassagrande