The word ‘hack’ is undeniably used too much. So many blogs, books, television shows and experts talk about ‘hacks’ that are nothing more than glorified, great sounding-but-useless tips.

However, when it comes to the beautifully-crafted and expertly penned book, Hacking Whiskey, it is a very appropriate word to use. In this book, you will find a multitude of intriguing and amazing ideas for changing your experience of whiskey.

Whether it is using chronic smoke to enhance the smokiness or blending cheaper, less appetizing brands into a more palatable mixture, there is a wide range of intriguing hacks to try out for yourself. Written, compiled and arranged by reporter-extraordinaire and novelist Aaron Goldfarb, it is a comprehensive guide to switching up your whiskey drinking.

Not all of the ideas in the book will appeal to everyone; that’s not what this book is about anyway. This book is about discovering new ways to enjoy whiskey. Be warned though, although many of the ideas are quite subtle, some of them are outlandish and you may need to tap into your adventurous spirit to follow through with them.

So if you feel your enjoyment of the glorious amber-colored tipple, you may find just what you need from this book.

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