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Suntory Announces International Release Of It Yamazaki 55 Single Malt Whiskey

As connoisseurs tell it, certain spirits get even better as it ages. Therefore, leading distillers can only offer their best batches in limited quantities. While there are some others who prefer the diverse experience from blended scotch, folks with more discerning tastes swear by single malt only. Still, the release of the Yamazaki 55 is wonderful news for everyone.

This marks a major milestone for fans of Japanese whiskeys as Suntory debuts its oldest single malt ever. This means acquiring one will be very difficult, but you can check with your local suppliers. According to the distiller, the Yamazaki 55 is a “tribute to the passage of time” and we’ll tell you why.

The journey begins in 1960 when the amber spirit was aged in Mizunara casks under the watchful eye of founder Shinjiro Torii. Then, in 1964, the contents made their way into white oak casks. Given that when it comes to whiskey, age statements matter, which is why 55 years here is such a big deal. 

Suntory’s Fifth-generation Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo and Third-generation Master Blender Shingo Torii are credited for carefully curating this blend. In contrast to Scotch whiskeys, which he likens to perfect Greek sculptures, Fukuyo goes on to describe the Yamazaki 55 as “more like an old Buddhist statue. Calm and mysterious.”

A whiskey this sophisticated deserves to ship in an equally intricate packaging. So Suntory commissions master craftsmen to build a Japanese Mizunara wood box. Finishing it with black lacquer, you’ll be proudly displaying this alongside the Yamazaki 55 it’s holding within. Take a sip, you deserve it.

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Images courtesy of Suntory

Jack Daniel’s Is Releasing It’s First 10-Years-Old Tennessee Whiskey In Over 100 Years

Just like any brand which owns one or more products that have become household names over the years, any changes planned must be carefully considered. The Coca-Cola Company learned this the hard way when they introduced a new formula in 1985. Meanwhile, Jack Daniel’s is likewise tweaking something for its world-famous Tennessee Whiskey.

Before you react, the American distiller has no plans to mess with the recipe. This means the original blend is intact, but what’s new is the bottles with the age indicated. This marks the first time in over a hundred years that the Lynchburg, Tennessee distillery prints an age statement on the label.

Those who are involved in the process confirms this no marketing gimmick just to peddle the same stuff. Instead, things start off with curated barrels of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. These then age for approximately seven years or more on the upper floors of the distillery.

The batch then makes its way to the lower floors to complete the aging process. The contents of these American white oak containers are the classic Old No.7 blend. Normally, they bottle it after four to five years. At this time, this will be an annual gig according to the group.

However, fans will no doubt want a piece of the action here and perhaps grab a few for their collection. This leaves us wondering if there are plans to go beyond 10 years for future releases. Nonetheless, many are eager to get their hands on this exciting offer from Jack Daniel’s. Each bottle will retail for $70 and is likely limited.

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Images courtesy of Jack Daniel’s

16 Best Whiskey Glasses To Buy

Picture the scene, you’ve just got home after a hard day’s work at the office and are looking to unwind with your favorite whiskey. Think about when you have a delicious blend of Johnnie Walker Black Label that you love. It would be disappointing if all you have in your cupboards are normal, standard glasses. If you were drinking champagne in style, you’d be using a flute – so why not whiskey? You need proper whiskey glasses for men. Seriously, dude.

Ya know, whiskey isn’t called the elixir of life for no reason! There’s more to choosing the right glass than just ensuring your Glenmorangie or Jack Daniels receives the star treatment it deserves. It actually plays a big part in the tasting side of things. The right glass can elevate the experience.

While on the flip side, the wrong glass could expose your nose to too much of the harsh ethanol and even burn it.

You want a drink to come to life in the right glass and the right whiskey glasses can do this. There’s far more of them than you ever imagined too. If you’re completely new to whiskey tasting or are only starting to take your passion seriously, we at Men’s Gear are here to help.

We’ve researched and found the very best whiskey glasses for men available, all so that you don’t have to.

1) Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2


First on our list is a truly sophisticated piece of masterful glass work. Ashcroft Fine Glasswares are behind this work of art that takes the humble whiskey tumbler and elevates it into something sublimely beautiful. The name twist is certainly perfect.

Rather than it having a more uniform structure, it has a simple but effective twist to it. There’s a brilliant clarity to these whiskey glasses for men that makes every part of drinking from it, an experience.

With a capacity of 10-ounces, the glasses in this set will hold enough of your favorite amber nectar to savor and enjoy it. Ashcroft wanted to design a glass to feel masculine in your hand, without being too much for your lady friend. It seems they did just that.

The glasses are something all whiskey aficionados should consider for their home bar.

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2) Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Old Fashioned Tumblers, Set of 2


Sometimes, you need a real dragon to put fire in your belly. With these tilted old fashioned-style tumblers from Dragon Glassware, tasting your favorite blend or single malt will be a magical experience. Want to feel as if you’re sitting in a gentleman’s club with the rest of the upper echelons of society?

Perhaps you prefer to think of yourself in a comfortable chair in a study surrounded by books, fine mahogany furniture, and a globe? Either way, sniffing, sipping and tasting whiskey with this glass will transport you there.

The curious but satisfyingly different shape of these whiskey glasses for men takes its inspiration from diamonds. However, it’s more than just a handsome thing to hold. The tilting allows your favorite nectar to aerate perfectly as you pour it and swirl it in the glass, musing on the world.

That expensive bottle of Jameson’s or Glenfiddich deserves a beautiful vessel to deliver it to your mouth. You can do just that with this 10-ounce stylish tilted tumbler you may have that vessel.

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3) JoyJolt Carre Square Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glasses


If you’re looking for a classy bourbon glass that really WOWs, look no further than the JoyJolt Carre square glasses. Just look at them, with their unique, almost architecture-inspired shape. The sturdy base gives them a strong foundation.

Meanwhile, the offset square of the main body provides a nice smooth ledge around one side of the base. This happens to be perfect for resting your thumb on.

These whiskey glasses for men are handmade with the kind of expertise and care you’d expect from a famous artist. This glass is a marvel to behold when empty. However, it’s when it’s full of that wonderfully harsh liquor that it comes alive.

Whether you’re a dark and sweet bourbon fan or prefer a peaty Speyside from Scotland, that’s up to you. Either way, this glass does what it was designed to do – lets your whiskey sing.

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4) Taylor’d Milestones Rocks Style Glasses


There has been a lot of talk regarding unique design and style. That said, we thought we’d showcase a perfectly executed, traditional rocks whiskey glass. That’s exactly what we have with this excellent piece of glassware from Taylor’d Milestones.

They are simple and elegant with very clean lines and crystal-clear appearance. Truly your 20-year old malt will look utterly captivating in these whiskey glasses for men.

Aside from how liquor looks in the glass, the design ensures that your whiskey will stay at the right temperature for longer. This won’t win any design awards. However, it does deliver where it really counts. That’s in how comfortably it sits in your hand, and the clarity it offers to really let your whiskey steal the show.

In terms of expert craftsmanship, it is clearly among the best you’ll ever find.

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5) Milburga Unique Whiskey Sailing Ship Decanter Set


We thought we’d push the boat out a little (sorry, not sorry) with our next item. More than just a single glass or even a set of two, this is a whole glass and decanter set. Set sail for a sea of delicious flavors with the nautical themed decanter set.

This is a really fun glass set, while still being classy. Regarding the whiskey glasses for men in the set first, they are two bourbon tumblers. As you can see, it comes with a beautiful diamond cut pattern that’ll feel amazing in your hands.

The star of the show really is the decanter. Made from glass crystal, it has a nice transparency to it, which helps show the glass ship on the inside off to perfection. As you use the easy pour tap-like spout, and more whiskey is consumed, more of that hand-blown glass work is revealed.

It’ll make you want to get to the bottom.

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6) Corkcicle Double Old-Fashioned Glass with Cigar Rest


If you’re looking for something that F. Scott Fitzgerald and ole’ Jay Gatsby would be proud of, check this awesome old-fashioned glass out from Corkcicle. What makes this perfectly executed, if subtly magic square tumbler, stand out is the cigar rest built-in to its side.

Hilariously, blatantly, but honestly, billed as a ‘two vice device,’ this is perfect for dabbling in both passions.

These whiskey glasses for men give you that air of confidence like you’re a king, while also incredibly practical. We’ve not personally had experience of it, but we have it on good authority that trying to juggle a cigar and tumbler can make you look anything but a distinguished James Bond type.

Heck, even he knew when to juggle stuff, stir, and shake!

This crystal-clear glass and its handy little cigar ledge will make you want to dust off that suit and head to the nearest gentleman’s club. Just make sure you’ve got a membership or invite because the last thing you want to do is take the walk of shame back to your car.

That said, Men’s Gear would like to point out that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Call a Taxi, Uber, or Lift. Heck, call your best bro or your dad. Your father’s disappointment in his drunk offspring won’t be too bad, considering he has a living one to be upset with.

Trust us, he’d prefer it that way.

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7) KANARS Old-Fashioned Cocktail Iceberg Whiskey Glass


The next potential vessel for your favorite liquor we want to tempt you with is this stunning creation from the masters at KANARS. This is a traditional rocks glass with a difference. The iceberg design around the bottom of the glass’ main body gives, what would otherwise be a dignified but plain glass, a dramatic look, and feel.

It definitely feels very bold and masculine. It’s perfect for showcasing that deep and dark bourbon or almost apricot-orange hued single malt you love. These whiskey glasses for men are perfect for a drink at home or out with your friends at a party.

As with most on our list, this set of glasses is free from lead, so they’re not harmful. If you’re an understated, but quietly assertive type of guy, we think you’ll love this glass a lot.

The iceberg styling not only gives it a nice finish but also plays a vital part in ensuring that your delicious nectar is kept colder for longer. This allows you to savor it, and that is never a bad thing.

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8) Arnolfo di Cambio Blade Runner Whiskey Glass


The rain is pouring, you’ve had a depressing day retiring those replicants. You’ve done a frankly poor attempt of seducing that delicious date you’ve landed yourself. What’s left to do but to take a sip of your fave tipple like Rick Deckard? Perhaps some of the tasty Johnnie Walker that was specially released for the Blade Runner: 2049.

Although you probably know a lot about Blade Runner, did you know the glasses ol’ Deckard sipped whiskey from were not props? Seriously!

Those whiskey glasses for men were actually exquisitely handblown by artisan glass crafters in Italy. This glass is the exact same type that Deckard sipped from. It’s by no means a replica (ha-ha) from Arnolfo di Cambio, based in Italy.

This is more than just a great piece of movie memorabilia. It’s also a finely crafted vessel for that delicious elixir of life you’re looking to drown your sorrows in. We think it absolutely screams depressed and beaten down agent in a dystopian future, but that’s just us!

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9) The NEAT Glass Experience Whiskey Glass


We felt it was our civic duty to all active whiskey connoisseurs and wannabe newbies to talk about this awesome looking creation from The NEAT Glass. First things first, we know it looks bizarre. It really does. However, its design is what makes it perfect for nosing and tasting.

Especially that Glenmorangie 20-year old single malt of yours, or even Jameson’s and Balvenie Doublewood.

Taste and aroma are key factors when it comes to quality. As alcohol burns your nose, it makes it harder for you to really appreciate the delicate balance of aromas crafted into a deliciously blended whiskey, Scotch, or even bourbon.

These whiskey glasses for men eliminate the problem and offer a great glass for you to use.

How does the NEAT Experience glass help? The shape has been constructed to make swirling easier, sending the aromas upwards. Meanwhile, this reduces the burn from the alcohol. If you think you’ve tasted whiskey at its purest, we’d argue that you really haven’t until you’ve done so from the NEAT.

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10) Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses


Back to business as usual with the Sagaform rocking whiskey tumbler. This is another intelligently, yet subtly designed glass that sits nicely in your hand. That is thanks to the rounded bottom. If you love to cradle a glass of the amber-colored or dark brown-hued liquor, this might give you the drinking experience you desire.

Rocking glasses often fill people with worries that they might fall over. Sagaform’s won’t and has been made precisely to avoid any spillages. Whiskey glasses for men made to help eliminate spilling or dropping is a huge favorite for most. You never want to lose that sweet nectar of life.

Roger Persson helps with this wonderful glass.

The aforementioned Roger Persson is the Swedish designer behind the glass and he is famed for his work involving curves and lines. Looking to stand out from the crowd and to be highly regarded for your discerning and sophisticated taste?

Want your dinner parties and whiskey and gin soirée, shin-dig, or whatever the heck you call it, to be the talk of your social circle? Men, you need this divine piece of glassware.

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11) Sir Jack’s Ox Horn Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Tumblers


Look, we know we’re most definitely going to catch some heat from readers for the inclusion of this particular tumbler. Yes, we know it’s not crystal or even glass. Come on though- it’s natural ox horn! Guys, if you’re not even slightly intrigued as to how it may feel to sip from this might glass, you’re not the same guys we fell in love with!

Joking aside, you’re welcome to think what you like, but we think these whiskey glass for men are badass. It is a rule breaker, trendsetter, and enough to make the other guys at the mythical gentleman’s club in your head raise an eyebrow or two.

It really is made from genuine and natural ox horn that has been chosen for the intricate variety of color and grain along with its amazing durability. Live life a little, imagine you’re Springfield Stonecutter or one of the odious residents of Westeros and sip whiskey like a legend!

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12) Nicely Home Cubed Black Glass Bourbon Tumbler


No, we didn’t! Well, yes, we did, sir! We’ve done it again. Stoking the fires of controversy with these definitely stylish, yet eye-catching glasses. They are not clear or as transparent as you may be used to with whiskey glasses. That being said, picture yourself back in the 1960s.

You’re about to take a sip from that Macallan that’s just been poured by the barkeep.

In walks that hot lady, think Marilyn Monroe mixed with a bit of Rita Hayworth. Maybe Margot Robbie for you younger bros. Do you think she’ll give you a second glance if you’ve got an ordinary crystal-clear glass? We think not, sir. In fact, we’re certain! Harley Quinn fell in love with The Joker due to his crazy, rule-breaking style.

She wants a real man! Phew, we got carried away there. Anyway, these whiskey glasses for men are perfect for you in nearly every situation.

The truth is if you want to make a lasting impression when you have guests over or just want to drink your whiskey the way you damn please, this glass does both. Forgetting the divisive color for a moment, the actual design of the glass is spot on. It works to concentrate the flavor and aromas of the best whiskeys.

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13) Final Touch on The Rock Glass with Ice Ball Mold


We’re back in a more familiar territory with this encapsulating piece of glass work from Final Touch. You’ll notice from the image that there’s a rock actually in the glass. The base peak has been incorporated into the tumbler to encourage the liquor to move naturally. That increases the nosing of the whiskey’s aromas.

We think the combination of the glass peak and the swirling of either your dark brown or yellowy-orange nectar will look spectacular together. We’re certain these whiskey glasses for men will allow you to make a great impression with guests.

They allow the look of class without being overkill or too “in your face.”

In addition to the glass peak on the inside, there’s also a mold for an ice ball included. Simply fill that up to the marking and then stick it in your freezer. When it’s properly set you then have a long-lasting perfectly spherical ice ball. To cool your favorite tipple, you simply tilt the glass a little.

Then just watch, listen, and experience the ball rolling around the glassy mountain.

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14) Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whiskey Glass


Compared to most of the whiskey glasses for men we’ve featured in this guide, this piece from Riedel is quite different. Namely, the base. It has a tulip or thistle shape as it comes up from the flat base. The fine crystal is showcased pleasantly with this design.

It allows your imported Jura, Dalmore, Lagavulin, Balvenie or something completely different to take center stage.

Riedel has really taken a considered approach to the crafting of this charming glass. The lip is ever-so-slightly and delicately out-turned. This is so that when you tip the glass against your lips, salivating with need, the heady liquid will roll directly onto the tip of your tongue.

After the nose, the tongue is where a lot of the tasting process begins. It is where you’ll note the sweetness and creaminess of any drink, especially whiskey. Simple, yet effectively executed. If you’re looking for something a little different to the average tumbler, the Riedel Vinum could be perfect for you.

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15) Norlan Whiskey Glass


If you don’t know who Jim McEwan is, and love Scotch, you should. He’s been involved in whiskey for over 50 years. McEwan famously worked at Bruichladdich Distillery as Master Distiller until 2015 when he moved onto Ardnahoe Distillery.

Clearly, the man knows a thing or two about Islay and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!

Why are we telling you this? The penultimate whiskey glasses for men in our guide are from Norlan, who perfected it over four days with the great man himself.

We consider this to be the perfect marriage of modern design. Happening with an old and wise head that results in a truly remarkable piece of glassware. Just take a few moments to drink it in.

The first notable thing is the double wall of glass, which makes it look like a piece of architecture rather than just a simple Scotch glass. The real ingenuity comes into play though with the inner protrusions that reduce the risk of ethanol nose burn.

Along with the protrusions, the outside rim is a concave shape that has been created to fit comfortably onto your lower lip as you take a sip. Every step of the process of making this glass has been done with the end user in mind.

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16) Anchor Hocking Glencairn Crystal Canadian Whiskey


Ashcroft Fine Glasswares are behind this work of art. They take the humble whiskey tumbler and elevate it into something sublimely beautiful. The name twist is right for sure. Rather than it having a more uniform structure, it has a simple but effective twist to it.

There’s a brilliant clarity to the glass that makes every part of drinking from it an experience.

With a capacity of 10-ounces, these whiskey glasses for men will hold enough of your favorite amber nectar to savor and enjoy it. Designed to feel masculine in your hand, without being too much for your lady friend, these are something all whiskey aficionados should consider for their home bar.

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What are the Different Types of Whiskey Glasses?

As hinted above, there are quite a few different whiskey glasses for men out there. For those that are new to the world of drinking, the variety can be daunting. For those that are experienced in the game, you may still not be aware of some prime whiskey glasses for men out there.

We cannot let either of you go through life the way you have when it comes to whiskey glasses. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most common whiskey glasses today.


Tumblers are beloved and also referred to as the lowball, old-fashioned glass, or rocks glass. This is the most common type of whiskey glass. Therefore, the one that’s featured most heavily in our list. This is the kind that’s for sitting back and enjoying a whiskey or two with.

These whiskey glasses for men are known for their wide rim, so no good for nosing/tasting. Whether you prefer lots of ice or neat, the drink is allowed to shine. This is likely due to the common plainness of most Tumbler glasses.


Following on nicely from the tumbler, we come to the highball. This is essentially a taller version of the tumbler. It also has the distinct honor of being associated with the simplest, but tastiest of all whiskey-centered cocktails. That, my friends, is the great Scotch and soda.

Due to its size, there’s room for whiskey, ice, and your preferred mixer for longer drinks and cocktails. As you can tell, these whiskey glasses for men are often used for more than just whiskey. Their multi-function capability makes them a useful buy.

Glencairn Glass:

This and the following tulip style are often considered to be one and the same thing. However, the tulip is regarded to be a sturdier vessel. Thanks to its size and thick glass, it’s perfect for beginners learning to swirl. This is something you need to know if you really want to open those aromas up to get the most out of your whiskey.

As it has a narrower rim than the tumbler, for instance.

The bowl-shaped base sends the aromas upwards while the body prevents ethanol from reaching your nose. While this may not seem like a big deal, the Glencairn glass is truly helping your taste buds. Since smell, basically your nose is responsible for a great deal of taste in a food or drink, the right glass is important.

Keeping ethanol out of your nose, taste buds, allow that lovely whiskey to taste just right.

Tulip-Shaped Glass:

This takes inspiration from the Spanish sherry glass known as “the copita.” It’s popular as the go-to glass for true whiskey connoisseurs, blenders, and master distillers across the globe. The long stem stops your hand from coming into contact with the nose.

Similarly, to the above Glencairn, the bowl-shaped base sends the concentrated aromas through the rim. This is, of course, minus the harsh portion of the alcohol. If you’re looking to truly appreciate the fine details of single malt, this is the glass you need.

Shot Glass:

This is relatively self-explanatory really. This is the one you opt for when you want to down quick bursts of whiskey with your buddies. It’s also useful for those who don’t intend for it to hang around in the glass for more than 10 seconds. It’s also the most popular thing a guy drinks from in movies to show off partying or depression drinking.

Of course, shots are not just used for this.

Often, they’re used just to have smaller levels of alcohol in your system. This is better than multiple big glasses filled with the stuff that’ll get you terribly drunk. To be fair, the movies use it because it looks better for a shot to see a person down alcohol quick.

Yet the shot glass has an intention of just being good for the guy who just wants a drink or two and still can manage to drive home after. This is likely why shots are incredibly popular whiskey glasses for men these days.

How Heavy are Whiskey Glasses Usually?

Now that we’ve covered some of the different types of glasses, it’s time to address another important issue. That is the weight of glasses. As you’ll note from the selection of glasses we’ve highlighted, they all have different weights. While it’s fair to say that the difference in weight, numerically at least, is not massive.

The proof is in the tasting, as the saying goes. Just as choosing the right type of glass is vital for getting the experience you want. The same can be said about finding the right weight.

You don’t want to feel as if your glass is going to break the moment you place it down, that‘s for sure. On the other hand, if the glass you pick out is particularly heavy, it means there’s more glass and possibly a thicker design.

Thicker doesn’t always mean better (your girlfriend may disagree). However, the thickness is particularly useless if you want to warm your elixir before sipping it.

There may not be a world of difference between 5 and 8 ounces if you just want to drink some bourbon while you play poker. However, some might be looking to turn every mouthful into a spectacle where you swirl, then nose it before sipping a little at a time. If that is you, then you’ll need one that’ll help you achieve that.

What is the Average Capacity of a Whiskey Glass?

This is a very valid question, as there’s quite a variety of sizes and capacities out there. The amount of liquor a glass can hold is obviously important and should be appropriate for the type of drink you’re wanting to enjoy. Most draft beers are normally served in pint glasses or half pints.

This is because it’s often how they are enjoyed by most. Cocktails tend to be served in bigger glasses than spirits served on the rocks or neat. This is mainly due to the need to carry the mixer, ice, and poison of choice.

When it comes to whiskey, it again all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your experience. If you just want a bourbon and coke with a decent amount of ice, a small but wide tumbler, with a capacity of around 10-ounces, will suffice.

Meanwhile, if you’re wanting to enjoy a full-on whiskey and soda with all the frills, you’ll want something that has double the capacity.

For swirling, nosing, and tasting, the weight is not actually as big a deal as the shape. 10-ounces or even less than that is usually best. Shot glasses tend to be even less again. All this said and to address the question, the average is 10-ounces.

However, you really need to choose the right capacity for the type of drinking experience you’re looking to enjoy.

Now that we’ve answered those questions for you, it’s time to get down to business and look at some truly remarkable and exceedingly stylish whiskey glasses for men.

Pour Me Another!

That was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Is anyone else thirsty? If you are, you now have all the information you need to choose the right whiskey glass to quench that thirst. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add to your existing collection of whiskey glasses.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re just starting out on your whiskey exploration journey. We’ve given you plenty of variety to choose from.

We know how intimidating it can be to search through thousands of different whiskey glasses for men. Many do sound the exact same, trust us, we’re right there with you. We hope, however, that we sorted the wheat from the chaff. Hence, making it easier to make an informed decision.

We tried our best to appeal to the wide spectrum of whiskey drinkers. From the tasters who like to swirl, nose, and just taste to the cocktail lovers and those hard-bitten cops that reside in all of us.

Don’t let the fact you are not bothered about nosing your nectar before gulping it down deter you from one of the beauties above. Whiskey drinking, we feel, is a very personal experience. Maybe there‘s supposedly right ways and wrong ways, tasting tips, and a plethora of courses you can go on.

Even tutorials are out there.

However, none of that really matters, does it? Just like the argument of whether you have it on the rocks or neat. It’s down to personal taste. Enjoy a drink or two together with a friend or partner at the end of the day. Heck, get the most out of that 20-year old Taliskan.

Regardless, we’re sure that you’ll find the right whiskey glasses for men to use for that here at Men’s Gear.

This The Dalmore Decades No. 6 Collection Whiskey Set Is Going Under The Hammer Soon

The great thing about whiskey is that age enhances its profile. This hopefully explains why some bottles cost an arm and a leg yet sell out shortly after launch. Collectors are always on the lookout for exclusive releases so those who are late in the game will miss out. It just so happens that The Dalmore presents the Decades No. 6 Collection, so get your wallets ready.

This six-bottle set from the prestigious distillery based in Alness, Scotland may be the most difficult to acquire this year. You see this bundle is a celebration of the best blends over the years. In the meantime

, those hoping to own the Decades No. 6 Collection will be facing tough competition.

It’s going under the hammer in October 2021 in Hong Kong courtesy of Sotheby’s. We’re also hearing that a substantial portion of the proceeds is going to the Kengo Kuma’s V&A Dundee design museum in Scotland. Rare whiskey for a cause? Sign right up!

Nonetheless, The Dalmore is also offering more highly collectible options for interested buyers. There are the Decades No. 5 Collection and Decades No. 4 Collection. The Decades No. 6 Collection is the ultimate prize here. Whoever wins the auction will receive bottles dated 1951, 1967, 1979, 1980, 1995, and 2000.

Moreover, these single-malt whiskies are personally selected by master distiller Richard Paterson – who has been with The Dalmore for almost 50 years. Each beautiful decanter is adorned with a 12-point royal stag emblem with the year and distillery’s branding near the base.

“These collections are a true tribute to craftsmanship forged over the decades and offer a fantastic opportunity for collectors in search of a rare, never-to-be-seen-again piece of history,” says Paterson. So, are you ready to outbid everyone else for The Dalmore Decades No. 6 Collection?

Register to bid: Here


Images courtesy of The Dalmore

Create your own signature bourbon with master blenders at Breckenridge Distillery

When you find it difficult to find the right blend that pleases your unique tastes in whiskey, it might seem like the journey ends there. There are those that have sampled even the most luxurious ones out there, but still long for something unattainable by regular means. If so, book a trip to Breckenridge Distillery and check out their attraction.

It’s no secret that tours like these always involve booze in one way or the other. So, you might as well get hammered and have fun while you’re at it right? As long you can hold your alcohol won’t become a problem during the tour. Anyway, Breckenridge Distillery will assign an expert to be your guide.

First up is the After Hours Tour. This is perfect for folks who want insight into bourbon and its rich history. As it says, this awesome learning experience begins when Breckenridge Distillery closes for the day. The cool part about it is the tasting of their products that are still in the aging process.

The establishment can only accommodate up to 10 people so try to reserve a slot early. The first two servings are complimentary and all that follows would cost you a buck each. Not bad. For something even more comprehensive, check out their Whiskey Blending Lab.

Breckenridge Distillery gives you a chance to work with their master blenders to create your own signature blend. This includes a 15-minute orientation about the process and an hour of sampling their various blends. Whatever you end up with goes into a 750 ml bottle with a customized label as a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Book here

Images courtesy of Breckenridge Distillery

Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur is a must if you love both drinks

There are so many ways to enjoy whiskey. Those who regularly sip the amber spirit will tell you how it enhances certain flavors. It’s likely that you’ve already tried coffee liqueur – neat or in a cocktail perhaps. If not, then let the Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur give you a most pleasant experience.

As far as we can remember, people have been mixing coffee with whiskey or the other way around. Not only does it add to the warmth but also packs a punch depending on how much you drink. That leads us to this wonderful concoction by our friends from Down Under with the help of the Vermont-based distillery.

The journey of the Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur begins with the containers. For this collaboration, oak barrels which once housed the famous American rye whiskey are shipped to the Australian distillery. Then these are filled up with the latter’s signature blend and aged for nine months.

This process imparts notes of honey, rye spice, vanilla, oak, smoke, and dark coffee. You can enjoy its bold profile on the rocks, and it will also enhance any cocktail that requires it. We have yet to get our hands on one, but we’ll take Mr Black’s word for it.

It comes in the same bottle as its regular cold brew coffee liqueur, but the label will tell you that it’s special. There’s an artwork of a pig with a barrel for a body and a text that reads “a rare breed” right below it. So far, the first batch of Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur is all sold out. You can sign up for alerts when they have more bottles available once more.

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Enjoy Chilled Drinks With The Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set

There’s nothing like perfectly chilled spirits to unwind with after a long day at work or during get-togethers with friends. Using ice is normally the way to go. But for those who prefer their drink smooth and undiluted, then chilling stones work wonders like those offered from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set.

The set uses rock-solid granite for both coasters and stones, which come in pairs, and two glass tumblers. The 4″ square coasters have thick cork liners to contain condensation and fitted with soft bottoms to prevent table scratches. They have perfectly bored holes with deep recesses to fit each 8oz glass tumbler securely in place. This ensures no tips thus no spills while the drink is on the table or while serving spirits as the glasses fit precisely inside the holes.

Moreover, no two coasters are the same as each granite color varies naturally. This allows you to easily identify your drink from the other. Both coasters and granite chilling stones from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set keep spirits at the optimal sipping temperature.

Best of all, the handmade set comes at a compact size so it takes minimal space in your freezer and table. Easily store coasters and chilling stones in the freezer so you have them ready to chill your Johnnie Walker or any whiskey, gin, scotch, and other spirits both on the rocks. The Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set is handmade in New Hampshire and made from reclaimed granite and the tumblers from recycled glass.

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Templeton introduces the 10 Year Rye in new packaging and in limited bottles

It’s a great thing when you are open to trying new things especially when it comes to whiskeys. Sure each individual has their own favorites, but you can miss out on a lot of the good stuff if you stick to what’s familiar. Among American distillers, there are several standout names in the business. Templeton happens to be one of them and it has the 10 Year Rye to convince skeptics.

Although we don’t really identify as such, we’ll gladly pretend to be one and sample its signature flavor. In addition to what makes the whiskey unique and memorable, the presentation also plays a big factor when you think about it. For this batch, Templeton is releasing the 10 Year Rye in a new bottle.

Moreover, it seems the entire lineup is getting a package refresh for 2021. In our opinion, its revamped containers look classier than before. Instead of the printed labels on the older releases, the new ones now have the Templeton branding with a single stalk of rye just below embossed on the middle section.

The same goes for the 4 Year Rye and 6 Year Rye, but the 10 Year Rye gets a special tag and a badge that looks like weathered metal set just above the base. Now, let’s move on to the good part. “Aged a full decade in charred new American oak. Bottled from a hand-selected single barrel,” says Templeton.

For the aroma, the distiller lists green apple, apricot, toasted oak, vanilla, and rich chocolate. As for the taste, it is smooth, floral notes with honey, dark oak, and Templeton’s iconic rye spice. Finally, the finish is clean with a lingering hint of butterscotch. The production of the 10 Year Rye is limited so it’s best to grab one or two right now.

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This $2 Million The Emerald Isle Collection is an extravagant set for whiskey lovers

It’s a good thing that when it comes to whiskey, there is no shortage of varieties out there for you to try. For sure, some of the world’s most popular labels are in almost every bar or collection right now. Therefore, most of the more prestigious distillers are always competing in various aspects to promote their blends. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., on the other hand, seems to have an upper hand with its The Emerald Isle Collection.

For those wondering what makes this release so remarkable, it’s probably the $2 million it managed to raise at a charity auction. Only seven bottles were available, and all the proceeds of the sale were destined for a good cause. Moreover, this highly exclusive edition is a collaboration between The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. and Fabergé.

One special blend

At that price, the Emerald Isle Collection goes all out with the level of luxury. The contents of the bottle is a 30-year-old single malt Irish whiskey that has been aging in 200-liter American oak casks. These “first fill” containers were previously storing bourbon.

For the finishing touches, it then sits in a 40-liter Pedro Jimenez sherry barrel until ready for bottling. The Emerald Isle Collection comes in a dark walnut wood box in the shape of a gemstone. Once owners pop it open, they are greeted by a staggering number of items within.

More than just whiskey

Of course, right in the middle under an LED spotlight is whiskey within its special glass decanter. Flanking it on both sides are two whiskey glasses with golden emblems of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. A cutout on the left door holds a beautiful 18k yellow gold Celtic Fabergé egg, while the on the right has Fabergé watch.

Other items include a carafe with spring water from the region where the whiskey originated, a gold-plated pipette, obsidian whiskey stones, and a hip flask with a sample of the amber liquid. Finally, The Emerald Isle Collection even includes two Cohiba Siglo VI Grand Reserva cigars with a gold-plated cigar cutter.

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Nomad Outland Whisky

When it comes to bourbon and rye, we’re all about the single barrel expressions bottled at barrel proof. But when it comes to Scotch, it’s all about the blending and the finishing. Nomad Outland Whisky…

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Ben & Jerry’s partners with WhistlePig for the Topped Whiskey Biz ice cream

Some of us here at Men’s Gear has been keeping up with our New Year’s resolution to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As such, we have been following a regimen the cuts back our intake of carbohydrates and sugars. It’s a pity that some of us here with a sweet tooth have to give up a lot of awesome snacks and desserts. However, we are now facing a dilemma as Ben & Jerry’s partners with WhistlePig to bring us the Whiskey Biz.

Unless it’s a matter of life or death, nobody in their right might would say no to ice cream. It goes the same for us as well with a taste for the amber blend. The Whiskey Biz is just one of the many flavor combinations available for Ben & Jerry’s Topped lineup. Meanwhile, WhistlePig continues to produce awesome Rye whisky that has a legion of fans.

Therefore, a collaboration between these two lauded brands will surely attract a lot of publicity. The product page describes it as follows: “WhistlePig & Ben & Jerry’s share a commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and this pairing of blondies in brown butter bourbon ice cream swirled with WhistlePig Whiskey-infused caramel belongs on the top shelf of your freezer.

For those who love whisky, you’ll know that it pairs wonderfully with desserts. Chocolate is one of those treats that when consumed along with a sip of your favorite blend, tickles your taste buds just the right way. For the Whiskey Biz, you get to enjoy a wonderful mix of blonde brownies, white chocolatey ganache, white fudge chunks, and brownies in your brown butter bourbon ice cream. Looks like our diet will have to start over another time.

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31 Cool Shot Glasses

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If you really wanted to push the boat out to get your hands on a premium shot glass that will have everyone talking, why not take a look at the Muzzleshot Shot “Glass”? Machined from billet treated aluminum, this shot glass has been designed to look like a life-size replica of the flash hider used on the M16A2 family of weapons.

Admittedly, this is an expensive shot glass but you’ll be getting something of pure quality that will be the envy of all of your friends. Available in different colors, in packs of 1, 2, and 4, and with or without a cool looking case, your shooting sessions will never be as enjoyable again.


  • Weight 1.5oz
  • Dimensions 3 x 1.7in
  • Set Amount 1
  • Material Billet Heat-Treated Aluminum

The Hibiki: Blossom Harmony is a limited-edition blend aged in Sakura Wood barrels

Whiskey connoisseurs who value a wonderful experience need not only focus on products from a specific region. Of course, the snobbish ones will tell you to always go for Scotch, but this would make you miss out on a lot of the good stuff out there. Over the years, Japan is becoming the new darling among enthusiasts for its exceptional spirits. One of its renowned distillers – Suntory – is releasing a limited-edition Hibiki which they are naming Blossom Harmony.

Many are already saying that collectors are already eyeing this very special release. According to Suntory, the Blossom Harmony is ideal for gifts, but most would rather buy one for themselves. The Hibiki label remains one of the highly sought-after Japanese whiskeys and the demand for this exclusive release will likely exceed supply. Likewise, our top 16 whiskey glasses for men guide should help you pick the best one to drink it with.

To understand what makes this blend stand out, let’s look at what they did differently for the Blossom Harmony. Normally, Suntory – just like most distillers – age their whiskeys in oak casks. Although regulation maintains that it should be, this is perhaps the first Hibiki to come from sakura wood barrels. As such, notes and scents of cherry blossoms are just some of its unique characteristics.

A description from Suntory notes: “You can enjoy the mellow scent reminiscent of flowers, the round and harmonious taste, and the rich lingering harmony with refreshingness.” For folks who love their Hibiki, the Blossom Harmony is a must-buy. It comes in a box with a festive artwork that depicts cherry blossoms among other flowers. Furthermore, whiskey lovers don’t have to wait long as availability should be around May 2021.

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The Johnnie Walker Paper Bottle Doesn’t Compromise Taste Quality

Diageo, the makers of famous spirits including Johnnie Walker and Guinness, announces the release of the Johnnie Walker paper bottle. The bottle is 100 percent recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

The paper comes from sustainably sourced wood pulp and is “100% plastic-free” and “fully recyclable.” It meets food-safe standards and does not compromise the “existing quality of the product.” Hence, your Johnnie Walker whiskey will still taste as great as it does in a glass bottle.

The Johnnie Walker paper bottle is the brainchild of Diageo’s partnership with Pilot Lite. Together, they launched Pulpex Limited (PLC), “a new world-leading sustainable packaging technology company.” The process in creating the paper bottles includes pressuring pulps in moulds which then go to microwave ovens for curing. Non-plastic coatings line the inside of the bottle as to not interact with the contents.

Thus, the company collaborated with famous market brands PepsiCo and Unilever. Richard Slater, Unilever’s Chief R&D Officer, called the paper bottles an “incredibly exciting step forward.”  He projects a cut back of 100,000 tonnes on plastic usage for Unilever in the next five years.

Meanwhile, PLC’s Chief Sustainability Officer Ewan Andrew said paper bottles have “the potential to be truly ground-breaking.” He said it “feels fitting” that it should launch with Johnnie Walker as it has “often led the way in innovation throughout its 200 years existence.”

The Johnnie Walker paper bottle will hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2021. PLC says the bottle will allow brands to “rethink their packaging designs, or move existing designs into paper” without the added worry of risking existing quality.

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Four Roses Limited Edition Might Just Be This Year’s Best Whiskey

All you whiskey fans out there know that Four Roses is known for being super picky. Rather than release limited edition whiskey on a regular basis like its rivals do, Four Roses sticks to a single release every year. And just like past iterations, this year’s Four Roses Limited Edition will likely hit the mark with flying colors.

Who can forget? The Limited Edition Small Batch has won the World Whiskies Awards’ Bourbon of the Year award twice in three years. This year’s iteration blends a 21-year-old, an 11-year-old, and two separate 15-year-old whiskeys. This brew effectively makes it one of the most refined bottlings thus far. Four Rouses, for the uninitiated, combines two mash bills with five proprietary yeast strains to produce 10 distinct bourbon recipes. It is the only distillery that does this.

What’s more, this year’s Four Roses Limited Edition release is non-chill filtered and bottled at a firm 112 proof. Meaning, a few proof points higher than the usual 100 to 108. Here’s Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott:

“With this year’s Limited Edition we found some exceptionally well-rested Bourbons in some of our higher aged barrels.”

And about the mixing and matching:

“Combining the delicate fruit flavors and light spice from our V and K strains resulted in a uniquely nuanced whiskey.”

Plans call for around 13,400 hand-numbered bottles of the 2019 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon. It will hit the United States for around $140 apiece. Official tasting notes say it “offers elegant aromas of oak, honey, red raspberries and vanilla.”


This LG Fridge Is Perfect If You Love Whiskey

Do you love whiskey? Do you want a high-tech fridge? Would you like something that fulfills both these interests? Well, you can have it. The LG Fridge LRFVS3006S is a $4,399 refrigerator that makes craft ice for all you whiskey and cocktail lovers out there.

This fridge isn’t for the regular folks who think it’s just for keeping things cold. No, this is for people who know too much about the delicacy of craft ice and want something that’ll be up to the task of meeting their high standards when it comes to all things beverage. Here’s how LG describes the fridge:

“LG’s exclusive Craft Ice slow melting round ice maker automatically makes upscale craft ice at home without the work. No more time consuming molds that only produce one or two at a time. Give your beverages the perfect ice for next level entertaining, from craft cocktails & whiskey to soft drinks, lemonade, even iced coffee.”

The LG Fridge LRFVS3006S sits somewhere in the upper ranks of fancy appliances. Of course, its most iconic feature is the built-in Craft Ice maker that creates perfect spheres claimed to be the most effective way to chill a drink by maximizing surface area while melting slower than cubes or crushed ice. I know what you’re thinking. Phew! These rich folks and their fancy ice machines. Can’t you just dump regular ice cubes on your cold ones and call it a day?

Well, you can. But is it the best way to do it? Well, no, but it’s not that bad. But are you the kind of person who’ll settle for anything less? Well, you have your answer.


Wild Turkey Unleashes Master’s Keep Cornerstone Rye Whiskey

The acclaimed and award-winning Master’s Keep gets a new member. This time it’s the Cornerstone Rye Whiskey, the first one that’s not bourbon. Cornerstone serves as the first appearance of a rye whiskey in this highly sought-after line. It also happens to be the oldest rye the distillery has ever released.

The new addition is a whiskey of extraordinary maturity, worthy of Wild Turkey Hill’s exemplary stature in the spirits community. For decades, rye has served a key pillar of whiskey production at the distillery. While Prohibition put the fate or rye in peril, Wild Turkey was among the few ones to remain dedicated to the craft. A craft which continues to this day, with the Cornerstone Rye.

For this, a limited release, Wild Turkey explored the flavors and complexity longer aging can provide. They handpicked from among the oldest #4 alligator char barrels in the distillery, each with rye aged between nine and 11 years. From there, they crafted a perfectly balanced, high-aged rye whiskey that fronts signature bold and spicy flavors.

Each is bottled at 109 proof and maintains the iconic Wild Turkey flavor profile while adding hints of vanilla, black pepper, honey, and baked apple. The finish comes bold, crisp, and clean, with lingering notes of sweet spice and oak.

Cornerstone Rye will be an ultra-limited release. Wild Turkey will ship just 16,000 bottles. Customers can buy one from select retailers for a limited time for $175 a pop. Make sure to check out the link below to learn more.


Macallan Just Unveiled a 72-Year Old Whisky That Costs $60,000

Macallan just opened a brand new, state-of-the-art $200 million distillery. How did Macallan choose to celebrate? By releasing the oldest single malt they’ve ever bottled–a 72 year old expression that comes in The Genesis Decanter…

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey

It’s still just June but Old Forester is jumping the gun by releasing initial details of this year’s Birthday Bourbon. It won’t come out until Sept. 2, of course, but now is a good time as any to get whiskey lovers hyped up for its forthcoming offering.

The 2019 Birthday Bourbon will be 11 years old and bottled at 105 proof. That’s the highest proof tot date in the product’s 19-year existence, just so you know. The full allotment represents one day’s production of Old Forester. Here’s Jackie Zykan, Old Forester Master Taser, on the new lot:

“When selecting the barrels for this year, we found something truly exceptional in this lot and we’re proud to call it our 2019 Birthday Bourbon.”

Old forester bottled 120 barrels on May 15, 2008. But because evaporation year after year, only 2,200 six-bottle cases will be released nationwide. That is if you’re lucky enough to snag one. We’re sure this won’t stay shelves too long after coming out, so act fast. Each bottle will retail for a cool $99.99. As for the taste, Zykan says it’s rich in oak, blackcurrant, and caramel cake. There might even be traces of floral notes in there if you’re really degustating.

The birthday Bourbon has been an anticipated annual release ever since 2002. That was when Old Forester decided to release its first-ever celebratory bourbon marking its founder’s birth. It’s highly sought-after, selling at prices ranging from $500 to as much as $5,000. Hit the link below to know more.