Ever since the pandemic broke out and we’ve had to adjust to a new normal lifestyle, smartphone sanitizers have blown up in popularity. They’re gadgets that use ultraviolet light to kill 99-percent of harmful bacteria and germs, and just give us that extra peace of mind that our smartphone, which is normally disgusting, is clean.

A number of companies have recently released their own smartphone sanitizers, but PhoneSoap has been doing it for years. They make a variety of UV sanitizers that can fit many different devices, such as your laptop, tablet or wireless earbuds, but if you’re looking for one to fit your smartphone — get the PhoneSoap 3.

The PhoneSoap 3 is a fairly affordable option that’s unique because it has UV light bulbs on both sides of the case. This means that it can clean both sides of your smartphone at once, unlike other UV smartphone sanitizers that require you to do one side at a time. There’s also a slot for you to fit a charging cord into the device, so you can charge and clean your smartphone at once.

From now until September 30, PhoneSoap is offering Gear Patrol readers an exclusive 10-percent discount: just enter the code GEAR10 at checkout. This saves you $8 on the PhoneSoap 3.

Buy Now: $80 $72

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