Gordon Murray Automotive, the company bearing the name of the legendary designer, has released official information on its upcoming T.50 supercar. Aimed to be “the last and greatest” analog supercar ever built, the T.50 will have an all-new 3.9-liter Cosworth V12 and a six-speed manual gearbox.

The T.50 should really appeal to fans of the original 1990s McLaren F1 supercar, one of Murray’s greatest works. It will feature the same center-steer, three-seat configuration of the F1, and it has a screamer of a V12 — the 650-horsepower Cosworth unit, shared with no other car, will rev to a staggering 12,100 rpm. But the superlight T.50, said to weigh 2,161 pounds, has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

One of those tricks is its extremely advanced use of aerodynamics. The T.50 will in fact feature a 15.75-inch fan for underbody airflow control, which means the body design can remain uncluttered by wings. The point isn’t to make a mere tribute to the ’90s legend that is the McLaren F1 — the idea is to beat it. “Our experienced team is applying the same uncompromising approach to design and engineering that shaped every facet of the F1, and they are able to deliver substantial improvements over that car in every meaningful way,” says Murray.

The curb weight undercuts the heft of comparable supercars by about a third, and it’s a result of a strict diet extending to every single component. Murray says the T.50 isn’t about top speed or power, but about ultimate lightness. “The reality of chasing top speeds only adds weight, notably through ever-more-powerful engines, which increase the requirement for larger, heavier ancillaries. We are taking a very different approach.” The T.50 will be smaller than a Porsche 911, for instance, at 14.37 feet long and just over 6 feet wide. Still, there is said to be ample comfort and luggage space for three.

While the fan is powered by a 48-volt electrical system, the bespoke engine has no turbo or hybrid assist, just classic naturally aspirated power. Normally, the engine produces 650 horsepower, a McLaren F1-besting figure despite the V12 being far smaller than the BMW-derived 6.1-liter unit of the predecessor, but there’s also a ram-air induction system to raise available power to 700hp. “By working with the team at Cosworth Powertrain, we have created the greatest naturally-aspirated engine ever designed for the road. It is the highest revving, highest power density, lightest and fastest-responding naturally-aspirated V12 ever made for a road car.” It is paired to a H-pattern gearbox developed by Xtrac in the UK, and all of the power goes to the rear wheels.

The T.50 will be built in Surrey, UK, and its price will soar past $3 million. Just 100 units will be made, with production slated for 2022.