With a history of more than 50 years spent developing ski wears, Goldwin provides comfortable and practical products utilizing techniques it has perfected throughout the decades. Now it is taking the next major step in its evolution as a lifestyle brand by opening its first very own flagship retail store on November 8 in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan.

Having its new base in Marunouchi, where visitors come from all corners of the world, will create the opportunity to bring people closer to nature. With the launch, Goldwin plans to expand its vision and introduce new values, creating a platform where sports and lifestyle merge. The retail space hammers this home with a clean, minimalist aesthetic and plants interspersed throughout the space.

Outerwear is certainly a Goldwin staple offering that will be at the forefront of the Marunouchi flagship. Below are two notable outwear pieces from Goldwin that are the standard for what Goldwin has done and will continue to do in the years to come.

Hooded Spur Gore-Tex Down Coat

This Hooded Spur Gore-Tex Down Coat purposely features buttons on the front flaps. The design choice expands the range of styles, making it a versatile piece. Although each coat can be opened and closed with a zipper from both the top and the bottom, you can style it more freely with buttons that give the garment totally different looks. The metallic shine of the buttons makes simple body color look sharper, while the whole design becomes rather exceptional.

N-3B Down Parka

The N-3B parka began its history when the item was issued to US Air Force personnel in the 1950s. The outer fabric was eventually changed from nylon to a nylon-cotton blend, while the ratio of cotton use has constantly increased. This N-3B Down Parka maintains the natural, cotton-like feel while using a moisture-permeable and waterproof nylon fabric. The inside baffle structure makes the surface smooth without stitches. The heat retaining properties of the parka are at the highest level among this season’s Goldwin products, while the item itself is surprisingly light, smooth and comfortable to wear.