Patagonia began as a small business making gear for climbers in the 1960s — and today it’s become a powerhouse, making gear and clothing for everything from trail running, to surfing, skiing, fly fishing — pretty much anything you want to do that doesn’t require a motor. That’s because it’s always been a company watching its ecological imprint, set on the principles inspired by its founder Yvon Chouinard to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm” all while inspiring solutions to environmental crisis. The products are simple and straightforward, but always get the job done and you know putting on Patagonia gear, you’re aligning yourself with something good.

Around the Gear Patrol office, we’re fans. So we were pleased when the Patagonia Baggies™ Shorts, the OG all-purpose bottoms, were relaunched, this time with recycled nylon. They’re suitable for whatever activity you get into whether you’re hiking or chasing your spritely puppy down the coast. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to wear our Baggies™ — and below we’re asking for your best stories on how you like to wear yours. Tell us and enter to win some for yourself.


I’ve been a runner for most of my life. Having competed at the collegiate level I understand the importance of gear that can withstand a beating. Each piece in my running kit has been beat to shit… and still performs. This hat has sweat stains from freshman year and those New Balances have logged hundreds of miles.


As soon as the weather gets warm, my mom and I love to take her kayaks out on the water — we almost always jump (or fall) in so having shorts made to get wet are perfect. The binoculars are mostly for her because she loves to spot the Blue Heron we always see.


Nothing beats spring in New York City. After months of hibernation the goal is to stay outside — and a long as possible. The perfect spring day starts with a bike ride downtown followed by a sun session the park taking pics. These shorts let me do both — effortlessly.


I can’t wait to take my pup out east and have her see the ocean for the first time. She’s a champ on the trails, I have a feeling she’ll love the sand and waves too.

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