We got a good picture of what the Ginetta road car would be like last month after a teaser photo was released, and even more details are making their way to us now. It’s safe to say this car looks properly wicked in the first official photos we’re seeing of it. A video of it screaming around a race track just confirms those suspicions. The wonderful, naturally aspirated V8 soundtrack is complemented by the quick shifts from the sequential transmission, making it sound like a proper race car. While it might be capable of dominating a track day, this Ginetta is designed to be streetable.

It has a trunk that will fit two golf bags, a reverse camera, parking sensors, automatic headlights, navigation and an apparently easy ingress/egress. All of this is meant to make the 2,535-pound supercar a nicer place to spend time. Exact power figures and a proper name aren’t official just yet, but we’re told to expect about 600 horsepower and 520 pound-feet of torque from the 6.0-liter V8. That engine is a Ginetta design throughout. You’ll have to remember that Ginetta is no joke of a performance and race car company. It’s been producing performance cars since 1958 and competes in various racing series now.

Ginetta shoved the engine as far back into the driver as it possibly could for a front-mid-engine layout. Weight distribution is 49/51 front to rear, so the engineers were successful in keeping the car balanced. A bespoke carbon fiber tub is used to go with the carbon fiber body panels. Big wings, an underbody diffuser and other aero elements combine to produce a ground-sucking 829 pounds of downforce at 100 mph.

The suspension is race-inspired. A double wishbone front and rear design is used, with its coilovers anchored in the middle of the car and connected by pushrods. Center-locking Ginetta wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires —275/35/ZR19s in front and 305/30/ZR20s out back. Carbon fiber discs from Alcon are provided for stopping power.

Price is still a question, but it’s supposed to be under 400,000 pounds sterling. That translates to $532,800 at today’s exchange rates. Yikes. There are more than a few supercars that can be had for much less. Ginetta says it’s already allocated 14 of the 20 cars it plans to build in the first model year, though. After this first year, it plans to build 30-50 cars per year, assuming demand is there. We’ll have more concrete specs on the engine during the car’s official reveal at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. For now, Ginetta is planning to make its first deliveries in January 2020.

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