The Seiko SKX diver is sort of the epitome of a value-packed watch. You get an automatic movement, you get a well-finished case and you get 200-meters of water-resistance, all for a couple hundred bucks. You’d be hard-pressed to find another watch that offers so much for so little. Even better, though, is the fact that you can get a few versions of the SKX over at Massdrop for just $180+.

That includes the SKX007K1, SKX009K1, SKX007J1, SKX009J1 and SKX011J1. Their differences come mostly form colorway, but note that some of these are “J” models (which will cost an extra $40), preferred by enthusiasts because they are believed to be finished to a slightly higher level than “K” versions. Whether or not that’s true is still debated amongst some enthusiasts, but generally, these J models go for a bit of a premium. That means that no matter what reference you’re picking, you’re getting a great price; for the most part, online dealers like Amazon and Long Island Watch are selling the cheaper K models around $200 or more while the J versions usually exceed $250.

SKX007K1 by Seiko Buy Now: $180

SKX0013K1 by Seiko Buy Now: $180

SKX0013K2 by Seiko Buy Now: $220

SKX009 by Seiko Buy Now: $180
A note on Massdrop:
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