To own any McLaren F1 would be a special experience. It was the fastest car in the world for many years with a top speed of over 230 mph, courtesy of a glorious 627-horsepower V12 from BMW M. But as special as each individual F1 is, there are some few with that extra something, and among them is this 1995 F1 that will be offered by Bonhams at its Quail Lodge auction in August. This particular 1995 F1’s extra something is the fact that it was the very first to be imported to the US and made fully street-legal. Not only that, but it’s only had one owner from the day it was purchased.

According to Bonhams, the owner of this car, number 44 of 64, bought it in 1996. He took delivery of it at McLaren’s factory in Woking, Great Britain, and he immediately took it on a grand road trip across Europe. Following the trip, he had it shipped back to America for a company called Ameritech to go about updating the car to meet US safety and emissions regulations. In the 22 years that the original owner had it, he put 9,600 miles on the odometer.

The lucky buyer of this McLaren will get a thoroughly clean and complete car. The interior and engine bay are immaculate. Even the fusebox and other tertiary parts are in excellent shape. The original tool roll and luggage are included, as well as the complete toolbox for maintaining the car. Also, the original owner returned the car to European specifications after importing it, but he retained all of the parts necessary to make the car US-legal. All of those parts are included with the car in case the new owner wanted, or needed, to reinstall them. All things considered, this McLaren will likely run a very high price, but it could very well be worth it for whomever brings it home.

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