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Add another mark to the Italian supercar fire tally: a Lamborghini Countach succumbed to burn wounds near San Francisco this past week, KRON4 reports.

From the limited videography of the actual burning, it’s difficult to tell whether this is a real Countach or kit car. The cause of the fire is unconfirmed as well, but those on the scene report the car’s engine was running while the driver was refueling it. 

As the flames melted what we’ll assume was a valuable Countach at the Chevron station, firefighters arrived and thankfully prevented any surrounding buildings or objects (such as gas pumps) from catching on fire. No injuries were reported from the blaze either, but we’re sure the owner is still feeling the pain of losing a piece of Lamborghini history.

Countach values have risen as of late, so seeing a real example die a red, fiery death is hard to watch. It’s not as though we don’t see other Italian exotics practice immolation, but we hope this guy has got a good insurance plan.

Zac Palmer

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