“Mainers live in the heart of one of the most wild and beautiful parts of the United States. In some areas there exists the type of remoteness that makes you feel like you’re at the edge of the earth. But there are also bustling towns and cities that produce beer, writing and architecture that we have come to love,” says Pete Macnee, co-founder of Brooklyn-based — and cities in the Northeast-inspired — menswear brand, Adsum. His words read like a love letter — and they kind of are. They serve as a prelude to his brand’s newest collection, a collage of fall-colored sweaters, shirts, pants and accessories he says are all inspired by Maine.

“Our color palette this season includes burnt umbers, dark greens, and earth hues, with the occasional pop of vivid red and orange, mimicking the transition of the leaves in the Northeast,” he continues. The brand’s designs obviously emphasize a particular part of the world, but also strive to better the whole of it by lessening their total textile consumption, using recycled materials whenever possible and purchasing certified wool that promises a better livelihood for the sheep. “Along with paying homage to the natural world, we’re also trying to lessen our impact on it,” Macnee says.

The collection features a few re-releases of popular products Adsum’s long struggled to keep in stock (because they’re so popular) — the Bank Pants, Cable Knit Beanie and Cardigan Sweater — but also a bunch of new items, too, forming what I feel is the brand’s most complete collection to date. Shop our favorites from it below.


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Classic Plaid Worksheet

Rugby Shirt

Heavyweight Pique LS Polo

Merino Crewneck

Freeport Tee

Heavy Cable Beanie

Corduroy Premium BD

Nordic Crewneck Sweater

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