We’ve only published the official unveiling of the Ferrari 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A, or Aperta, a few days ago, but Ferrari has already confirmed the entire production for these two limited edition supercars is already sold out … the MSRP of €499,000 in Italy for the coupe and €578,000 for the Aperta apparently didn’t keep customers from putting in their order, the Ferrari 812 Competizione is limited to 999 units, while the 812 Competizione Aperta counterpart has a production limit set at 599 units.

So it’s clear the demand for this new Ferrari supercar far exceeds the availability, I guess several Ferrari dealers around the world, and perhaps even people at Ferrari in Maranello, have the difficult task to inform their customer they won’t be getting an 812 Competizione, as production is sold out, this will also mean we’ll be seeing contract being sold on at a premium very soon now, I wouldn’t be surprised some of the ‘spots’ on the production of the 812 Competizione and the Aperta will be changing hands at €50,000 or even €100,000 over MSRP.

And there is still some time before we’ll even see the first Ferrari 812 Competizione being delivered to its fortunate owner, deliveries of the Coupe will not happen before the Q1 of 2022, the Aperta will arrive even later as the planning is set for Q4 2022 only.

The Ferrari 812 Competizione and Ferrari 812 Competizione Aperta both come with the massive 6.5-Liter V12 naturally aspirated engine pumping out 830 hp and 692 Nm of torque, the new seven-speed, the dual-clutch transmission offers a 5% faster gear shift timing compared to the 812 Superfast.

The top speed for the Ferrari 812 Competizione is 211 Mph while acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (100 Km/) only takes 2.85 seconds, note that these are the figures for the Coupe, Ferrari hasn’t given us any figures for the 812 Competizione Aperta yet.

So if you are still looking to add either the Ferrari 812 Competizione or the Aperta to your collection, and you’re not on the list yet … you’ll be looking at spending a serious premium to get hold of one of the modern Ferrari supercars.