Fenix makes excellent lighting gear for the everyday carry crowd, that’s for sure. If not for them we’d still be relying on other below-average Triples As for navigating the dark. Fenix made waves with its 100-lumen LD02 LED flashlight years. Now it’s following that up with a much-improved upgrade.

Enter the Fenix LD02 V2, a redesigned successor with features even meticulous flashlight aficionados will appreciate. It’s still very pocket-friendly at just 3.6 inches long and 24 grams heavy (without a battery). And don’t be afraid to drop it — the main body is enclosed in anodized aluminum and features stainless steel at the business end for impact resistance. There’s also a built-in pocket clip that will allow you to more easily store it in bags, pouches, or even your shirt.

For general usage, the flashlight boasts a 90-CRI warm white CREE XQ-E HI emitter, but also features a 200mW UV light, which should be pretty useful if you have a habit of constantly checking for fake bills. The main emitter has varying lumen levels — 70 on High, 25 on Medium, and just 1 on Low, which lets you squeeze as many as 75 hours off a single alkaline battery. It also has IP68 certification which makes it submersible up to 6.5 feet or 2 meters of water, and on top of that, it’s resistant to dust and other foreign objects.

For just $30, you’ll get the Fenix LD02 V2, plus a single alkaline battery. Fenix says you can also use Ni-MH batteries, but you have to purchase that separately. Nonetheless, this flashlight would be a perfect addition to any everyday carry fan’s haul.