It seems that any self-diagnosis during our midnight Google searches can be cured with drinking more water. We at Mensgear aren’t doctors, but we sure know how important it is to stay hydrated all day. If there’s one thing that will encourage us guys to reach for a glass of water is the thought of developing kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be caused by dehydration and you may just have to pee out small stones to get rid of them *squeezes legs together*.

Even when we are hydration smart, the biggest obstacle is remembering to drink as our busy lives can take hold and that desk water bottle can almost become an ornament. Well, the Slovenian-based crew over at EQUA have made remembering much easier by designing a smart water bottle that will glow up when its time you take another drink.

This light isn’t going to blind you, but its subtlety will definitely grab your attention. It will know when you should be drinking because it will sync with an app on your phone. If you think you may have missed your signal while on an errand or something, you can just tap the bottle and it will let you know where you’re up to for the day.

Using the accompanying app, you can enter your physical details and activity levels so the bottle’s hydration settings are tailored exactly to you and your lifestyle. The lights can also be changed so you don’t cause a distraction in those crucial business meetings and important lectures.

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