Smart device technology has moved forward from robot vacuum cleaners to house lights, and just when you think there couldn’t be more, comes Ekster with its innovative approach to keeping track of your wallet. The Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet helps you find misplaced or lost wallets through alerts and voice commands.

In partnership with Chipolo, the company created a solar-powered GPS tracker that lasts two months with just three hours of solar charge. It is disguised as a card so it easily slides into your wallet without taking up too much space.

Each tracker has a unique QR code that links to your smartphone. Scanning the code allows you to receive notifications each time you look for your wallet.

Moreover, the tracker is compatible with Google and Alexa-enabled devices. Simply ask Chipolo to ring your wallet for a hands-free search.

The tracker also works on a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 for accurate separation alert. You immediately get notified if you stray too far from your wallet. However, for lack of Bluetooth connectivity, Chipolo’s worldwide lost and found network helps. When you are within range of a lost item, you get a GPS update of its location through the Chipolo app.

The leather Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet has a slim design at just 0.3 inches thick and comes with a built-in RFID technology to protect cards from private data swiping. Its ergonomic one-click trigger easily ejects six of your frequently used cards. It comes in different color variants to suit your personal style.

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Photos Courtesy of Ekster