When I reviewed Dyson’s V10 vacuum, the latest in its short line of cordless releases, I quibbled with the price-to-value ratio — its performance simply doesn’t justify its enormous $700 price.

The V8, on the other hand, functions on par with the V10, and it can be had for much less — with all the same vacuum heads and add-ons. The V8 is not old news by any means — it came out two short years ago, and it possesses enough suction to rip dirt, dust and any type of animal hair from the most obnoxious nooks in your house.

It’s cordless, so you only need to remember to charge it and not run it on the max suction all the time. The “Absolute” model simply means it comes with all the various detachable heads for all the various tasks you need it for — hardwood floors, carpets, high-pile rugs, etc.

Usually $500, the V8 Absolute is $365 right now. That’s more than $100 cheaper than we’ve ever seen it.

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