Brothers Robert and Will Brunner are writing their own story — one about passion, confidence and respect. But most importantly, it’s a journey dedicated to their grandmother, Devereux, who taught them that dressing well is the highest form of good manners.

“Growing up in a small town in West Texas, fashion was hard to come by,” the brothers recall. “Regardless, our family always made dressing well a priority. We created Devereux as our own solution to share our passion and style and to instill confidence for everyday adventures.”

Brothers and Devereux founders Robert and Will Brunner.

Looking to create products to fit the lifestyle of a stylish man on-the-go in an aesthetic they can relate to, these two brothers strive not only to create high-quality apparel but to share a lifestyle that they can believe in. The cut, fit and fabrics are second to the values and ideals of family, friends and respect.

Devereux is a reflection of how the Brunner brothers live. As Robert says, “It was about creating what we couldn’t find.”

Though they started in the golf world, DVRX’s collections have evolved greatly. Its new fall line focuses on versatile items, two of which are pieces that should definitely make it into your rotation with the layering season now upon us.


The DVRX Crew is the modern evolution of the crewneck sweatshirt. Its cotton-poly fabric blend is super soft and provides a two-way stretch with breathability for maximum comfort and performance. The DVRX Crew also has a side zipper for added functionality. It’s the perfect piece for traveling, working out or just hanging around.

James Pullover

Also built for autumn is the James Pullover. It’s a performance quarter zip engineered to help regulate body temperature on cool days. The sueded feel combines with a 5-percent spandex stretch for an enhanced, lightweight wear. Mix in a subtle camo placket, and the James Pullover is a solid layering option.