Ken Block is a flamboyant professional rally driver who is not known for doing things the proper or normal way. As if his day job didn’t involve enough exhilaration, when he decided he wanted a brand new boat, he teamed up with Marine Products and Supra to opt for a classic Supra SL wakeboard boat.

That would be enough for a normal person. But, as we established Ken Block is not normal. He had an old 6.2 V8 supercharged engine from a Ford Raptor installed into the boat. The wrap for the Supra is designed to match his Ford Escort Cosworth RS rally car, which recently was actually recently involved in a crash.

He uses a Ford F450 in slick and cool black to transport it. Indmar was on hand to ensure it was ready to be used in the water. One thing’s for sure, with a torque of 580 lb-ft at his disposal, it won’t be a hassle for him to gain the speed needed for some exciting wakeboarding action.

Although you may not be able to emulate Cook’s amazing boat, Marine Products and Supra are both specialists in marine equipment and accessories. A browse through their amazing selection will undoubtedly give you plenty of ideas for your next investment.