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With the hope of bringing a casual smoke and relaxed vibe back to the masses, Dad Grass has meticulously built a CBD brand that is accessible to anyone who is interested in exploring hemp without the effects of THC. The brand sells hand-trimmed premium hemp flower and pre-rolled joints, all of which have been sourced and grown responsibly with perfection and easy smoking in mind. The brand has also started selling Mom Grass, which, rather than CBD, is made with CBG, a cannabinoid that is the first to form as the plant grows. Some call it the mother of all cannabinoids, hence the title of Mom Grass. Right now, you can get 20 percent off all Mom Grass pre-rolled joints for International Women’s Day with code MAMAJAMAS. Shop quick, though, the deal is only valid through today.

Mom Grass CBG Pre Rolled Joints


Always sun-grown, Dad Grass’s CBD and CBG is made in small batches by artisan farmers that follow processes that are as close to home gardening as you can get. This ensures that you get quality flower no matter what.


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