A man was arrested for stealing an authentic Thor hammer from a bar in the recent weeks. If only he held out and saw the Bushcraft Viking Thor Hammer he could have got his mitts on instead for a much cheaper price to pay.

Hammers have been the go-to tool since man was around; whether as we know them today or some make-shift type that a caveman would use. Either way, a hammer is in our masculine and hunter DNA.

This hammer is the perfect man gift so we wouldn.t blame you for bookmarking this post and scheduling it to send to your better half a week or two before your birthday. The hand forged Thor Viking hammer is manufactured from steel and carbon steel. It can be used for camping in the wild and is compatible with a belt.

This Scandinavian piece may be the perfect wild companion, but you may just want to admire its sheer masculine beauty and let it decorate your home or man cave. If you are sure you won’t get too jealous then maybe it’s also the perfect gift for your male buddies. Our tip if you’re buying it as a gift: pick a pal that will let you have a go too!

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