Translating the Design Language to the Modern Age

The Type 57 SC that Bugatti teased on its Facebook Page could mean a new version of the car for the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker retold the story of the Bugatti Type 57 SC not long ago for the car’s 80th birthday, and it seems the company may have something special up its sleeve. 

With only four of the cars ever built, it would be truly amazing if Bugatti could bring the model back in some capacity. However, it’s not wildly surprising. The company returned to coachbuilding cars with the Devo, and what better vehicle to continue on with than the 57 SC? 

The image teased was a top-down shot. It showed much of the car’s key features. The split windshield is there, the large wheel flares, and the spine that runs down the center. Although you can’t tell the details, most of the important features and the overall shape and design ethos appear to be intact.

If Bugatti were to build a new version of the 57 SC, it would be built upon the Chiron’s chassis. That would blend the car’s heritage with its new models and make one of the most amazing vehicles out there. It would easily steal the show unless the other automakers have some serious surprises hidden away.

The company has confirmed it will have the 110 ans Bugatti car at the Geneva Motor show. That would have been enough for many automakers. However, if a new Type 57 SC appears, we can’t imagine anyone carrying much for the 110 ans Bugatti.