A Rendering Well Crafted

Bugatti has made some of the most amazing cars of all time recently. From the Veyron to the Divo to the Chiron to the amazing one-off that is the La Voiture Noire. One thing that is missing from its lineup is an open top Chiron. The Instagram profile called Car News Network recently showed off a rendering of just that. Bugatti should make it. 

The car in the photo shared by Car News Network was accompanied by a simple “What if?” caption along with the name for the car Chiron Gand Sport. What if, indeed. Honestly, it doesn’t seem all that far fetched. Bugatti could sell these things quite easily, but it’s unclear what cutting the roof off your Bugatti would actually do to the car. There would have to add in additional support to keep the structural integrity of the car. That would likely add a lot of weight.

Still, the rendering shared by the Car News Network is almost exactly what we’d like to see. As Carscoops points out, there isn’t actually much changed, or doesn’t appear to be. It’s just a roofless Chiron. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A Chiron Grand Sport could go for millions of dollars. It wouldn’t rival the high price of the La Voiture Noire, but it would be a pricey machine non-the-less. Bugatti should make this happen.