Unlike James Bond, W.O never needed to use his last name. Well, if you get Bentley’s upcoming model you won’t even have to speak because the car will speak for you.

Bentley will be celebrating their 100th year of manufacturing some of the most celebrated vehicles that have ever graced our roads. In celebration of this landmark achievement and to simultaneously honor Bentley’s founder, the upmarket car specialists will dedicate a new Bentley W.O. edition to their current line, going by the full name of Bentley Mulsanne W.O Edition Sedan.

This addition to their collection isn’t just a load of ribbon cutting and champagne toasting. It has teeth as well. It is true that as always, this W.O car will also be made to honor Bentley’s 1930, 8 litre model – the last car built under the supervision of Mr. Walter Owen himself. This model will make use of one of the original features of the 1930 design by adopting part of its crankshaft onto the new model’s crankshaft.

Whether you are thinking of getting your hands on one or talking your friends’ ear off about this upcoming and exciting vehicle, we can all enjoy the pictures in the meantime.

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