Transform from a man into Chuck Norris or Bear Grylls with the new Benchmade Hunting Knife. Perfect for a guys’ weekend away in the mountains or the bush to tackle different types of hunting and fishing. Not only is the knife effective for its purpose, it combines rugged testosterone with elegant sophistication to look the part – a hunting knife in a suit if you will.

This new model is an adapted version of Benchmark’s original Crooked River Hunting Knife and is even more suitable for everyday carry (EDC friendly) as it folds away neatly and is even more compact.

This mini-me of the original knife still boasts the same exceptional features, including an exceptionally sharp blade so you can be as sharp on the river banks as you are in the city. Cringy metaphor aside, the blade is high-performing to ensure you and the guys won’t go hungry and can feast on the freshest fish with ease.

Additional perks include an ambidextrous lock to keep our lefty friends feeling included, as well as a thumb stud opener and a reversible pocket clip for extra convenience.

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