Beeline Moto is the offspring of a 2015 cyclist navigation system and may reap even more success than its father. People loved the navigation device made for bicycles around 3 years ago and the team at Beeline have kept on riding their success to bring us more useful products.

They have been hard at work adapting their cycling product for the motorcycling world. They recognised the fun that can be taken out of motorcycling when trying to navigate your way through busy cities, the mountains and scenic views.

The only real option for bikers who don’t want to risk their lives is to pull over and keep checking phones, but this is impractical. While those who stick their phone onto the handlebars risk much more than a damaged phone.

Instead, Beeline placed a transformation of their current cycling navigation as their priority to helping out our biker pals. Instead of all the riff raff and complex instructions that most navigation apps and alike require, Beeline just points you in the right direction, literally.

With one massive arrow telling you the direction of your destination, it keeps things extremely simple and allows you to keep your concentration for handling the roads. All controlled by a clean interface and effortless use. Any biker looking to solve their navigation problem should give this product a butcher’s.

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