Verdict: Last year, Rolex refreshed its deep-diving Sea-Dweller, a 43mm dive watch that was water resistant to an crazy deep 1,220 meters. If you thought that was the end of Rolex’s mission to conquer the ocean depths, though, you’d be mistaken. The new Deepsea is here and it will continue to function up to 3,900 meters below the ocean surface. At that depth, your body would be crushed by the unrelenting pressure of the ocean but your watch will function flawlessly.

The Deepsea first debuted in 2008, but this year it’s getting a handful of updates. The first is a new movement, the automatic Rolex 3225 that uses the brand’s “Chronenergy” escapement which means it’s anti-magnetic and guaranteed accurate to within -/+2 seconds per day (far outplacing the chronometer standards set by the COSC). The case also gets revised lugs and the watch features a “D-blue” gradient blue dial.

Who It’s For: Since the Deepsea exceeds the limits of what any diver can actually accomplish this is mostly a show-piece for Rolex and dive watch enthusiasts. And what a show-piece it is.

Key Features: Chronometer accuracy. Helium escape valve. Water-resistant to 3,900 meters.

Size: 44mm

Movement: Rolex 3225 automatic

Release Date: TBD

Price: $12,000

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