A New Model?

In a recent trademark paperwork filing, Aston Martin trademarked the name, Valen. The V names for the company will likely continue. The real question is if this means there will be another Aston Martin model coming soon. This isn’t the first V name that Aston Martin has trademarked.

Recently, we reported on it trademarking the name Valhalla, which is expected to be for the AM-RB 003. That was just speculation, though, so the car could be called Valen. According to Carscoops, the company has also trademarked the name Varekai, which would suggest it’s keeping its options open.

Still, it makes you wonder why Aston Martin needs to trademark so many names. Does it really need that many options for the upcoming AM-RB 003, or does the automaker have some other cars in the works that we don’t know about? 

The CEO of the company did say he would like the company to sell more models. His target number for the brand is 14,000 units eventually. To make that happen it would seem that the company would need to add more vehicles to its lineup, and they probably can’t all be mid-engine supercars or hypercars.

Aston may have to produce something a little more practical, and that vehicle could be the recipient of one of the names the company has trademarked. It’s unclear what all Aston will add to its lineup, but that should become a little less cloudy in the upcoming year or so. We’ll keep you posted.