Car manufacturers usually keep a very tight lid on upcoming product news, but because they are run by humans, mistakes are made. In this case, Aston Martin posted a link on their home media website to a page about the upcoming DB11 AMR, which we have no doubt will be the latest in the company’s limited production AMR line of cars. Though they took the link down the same day, the linked page still exists and functions. There isn’t really anything to see at the moment, because any assets are locked behind a password. We also reached out to Aston for information regarding the new model, but we didn’t hear back from the company.

2019 Aston Martin DB11 AMR web page

Still, it’s not hard to predict what this DB11 AMR will be like, since we have the preceding Rapide AMR, V8 and V12 Vantage AMRs, and the Vantage AMR Pro from which to extrapolate. It will probably have a paint scheme involving a slender center stripe, with different choices for body and stripe color. Certainly one of the color options will be the pale metallic green with a lime green stripe combo found on Aston Martin race cars. The only non-Pro AMR model to see any kind of power boost was the V12 Vantage AMR, and that was an increase of 30 horsepower, so there’s a possibility the DB11 will see a mild power boost, too. The interior will likely feature loads of carbon fiber and a color-coordinated interior.

In addition to its various visual updates and possible performance upgrades, the DB11 AMR will undoubtedly be extremely limited production. The Vantage AMRs numbered 300 units total, 200 of which were the V8 and 100 were the V12. The Rapide AMR run consisted of just 210 cars. Since the DB11 is available with two engines, a V8 and a V12, we could see Aston offering 300 total units split between the two engines options. And again, since the web page is still up, we expect the car will break cover very soon.

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