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Men’s Gear Announces Netflix Gear: Daily List of New Additions on Netflix

Men’s Gear tries to consistently stay ahead of the times and give its viewers the best possible experience they can get. This led us to come up with a new Netflix tool called “Netflix Gear“, where we bring you latest new additions on Netflix [US Only] including the New Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Netflix Originals and New-Standup.

Not only do we post daily updates of every addition as soon as they are added to Netflix but we also give you the option of selecting what content you want to see by toggling on and off categories such as Netflix Originals, Documentaries, Foreign Films, Movies, Standup Specials and TV Series.

Netflix Gear will have all categories ticked as standard buy you can untick any of the categories you’re not interested in to see only the content you’re interested in.

Netflix Gear Console

How does it work?

Netflix Gear allows viewers of the site to look through multiple titles of shows, stand-up specials, international movies, and documentaries. If it’s on Netflix in America you can rest assured we’ll have it here. The best part is that this is a daily updated tool by our editors manually entering each and every information available about the new addition.

This will involve the addition of new material daily and the removal of the content that Netflix itself no longer wishes to feature on their service. Due to our continuously updated model, you’ll never have to wonder what may or may not be present. It offers peace of mind as we do all the legwork and research for you.

All you have to do is check out Netflix Gear when you want to know what’s new on Netflix.

What information is available about new additions?

This tool allows you to search through various titles of shows, stand-up specials, international movies, and documentaries that are available on the streaming site. It makes it easy to see how many titles were added on Netflix for a specific month and year.

The titles are grouped according to specific details. You have the category or genre, e.g. action, comedy, drama, horror. You also have the type of addition, whether it’s a film, a documentary, TV series, or stand-up special, and lastly, the date of availability, which tells you when it was added on Netflix U.S.

Moreover, each title has supporting details including synopsis, cast, director or creator, runtime, language, year of release, and an IMDB rating. A link to the trailer is also provided if you want to see a preview and a direct access to its Netflix page saves you time in manually searching for the title yourself.

Check it out for yourself.


EaseUs Might Be The Best Data Recovery Software Available Today

When we first came in contact with the EaseUs Data Recovery Software, we did not know what to think. It seemed like a good product, but everything seems good before it’s used, right? We were offered an opportunity to test out the software, which truly gave us an opening to discover everything it had to offer.

While we have used other software similar to EaseUs before, they often never do what is claimed about them. It’s a common problem with many things like this. In fact, you also worry that they’ll be jumping into your security to take personal files from you. It is hard to trust newer software these days as a result.

Yet EaseUs put us, well, at ease.

While kind of odd to claim, they offered something that no other data recovery tool had offered that we used in the past. In fact, it was the simplest thing to do in our book. They actually managed to recover data that had been lost to us for some time.

They even found material that we thought was long gone, which included viruses we were able to remove from our computer. Often forgotten about files is that viruses can leave behind material even after deletion, slowing down your computer and putting it at risk. Removing everything connected to that virus is important.

However, it is hard to find everything connected to them. Well, at least it WAS hard to do. EaseUs has the ability to find everything, thus we never have to worry about this again. While this is not something they advertise as part of their product, it is a happy addition we were glad to discover about it.

Let’s talk about what EaseUs brings to the table beyond this.

How EaseUs Works

Ease Us

The EaseUs software has the ability to work on both Windows and Mac products. This allows both to remove or find files and data within their computer. Some of which the user may have thought was long gone beforehand. That is really the design of software like this. It’s supposed to be able to find what is deemed impossible to find.

The “Deep Scan” is how one starts using the product. Essentially, you download it right from the internet and then once everything is set up, you have the option to begin using it. With this, you ask to scan.

A weird thing to some might pop up for people, especially those with an Apple computer. It’ll say “Wu Yang” would like to access your files. This particular name has been accepted by Apple. As we know, they are very particular about what they let your computer download and use.

The notification will pop up regarding Wu Yang, but it’s nothing to fear as the name is present specifically because of Apple products. Once you accept, a deep scan will begin. For us, the scan took two and a half hours.

Once it was done, we were able to find and access everything still on our computer. Even files that were thought to have been deleted and lost forever. While we could not recover files from things we deleted in the recycle bin, some traces of those files remained and thus, we were partially able to access them.

This may not be the same situation everyone will deal with, however. They even offer a Quick Scan option that recovers things a bit quicker. We recommend the deep scan be done first, as it should help you find things right off later on.

EaseUs Useful Features


The cool thing about EaseUs that made us feel they were one of the better data recovery tools out there was its inclusion of security. The software uses 256-bit SSL standard security encryption. Due to EaseUs accessing likely very personal files and data from your computer for you, proper security is of huge importance.

You do not have to go out of your way to encrypt things to keep them safe. EaseUs automatically does this for you as it finds everything.

Just about every single file type is supported by the EaseUs software too. Regular things like Docx, as well as different types of files like NTFS, FAT, HFS, HFS+, and even exFAT are even supported.

This means you can recover old documents, videos, images, audio, and deep archival information.

If that wasn’t enough, it also supports every storage device type that we know about it. That includes SD cards, USB/Flash Drives, and even corrupted partitions. This is on top of the obvious hard drives it clearly has to support to even be worth your time.

While it can help you find some deleted content, this is not 100% successful. The most common things it finds are files deleted by random issues with programs or those accidentally deleted. However, if you purposely put something in your recycle bin and delete it…EaseUs will likely be unable to find that.

If there are traces of it left, they could find those, but not the full file. This is understandable, otherwise, what would your recycle bin or trash be worth if nothing was ever truly deleted, right?

How To Buy

Buying with Card

As mentioned, EaseUs is a software that can be used on Windows and Apple products. The prices for the tiers they use can vary. The types offered are also dependant on what type of computer you’re using.

For example, there are three Windows options. Those are:

  1. The Pro = $70
  2. The Pro +WinPE = $100
  3. Technician = $300 to $500

The Technician version for EaseUs has options of a 1 to 2-year subscription as well as a Lifetime subscription. This option is more for those who have a large business and a person on staff to help with random issues employees might have. This would likely not be for the average consumer.

The real charge in this is that it offers technical service to clients, which most won’t need unless they are using this for an office. It may also be something they might need if they have a technical type of job in which data and files are of major importance more than for others.

For the Apple/Mac side, there are two options to choose from

  • The Pro = $90
  • Technician = $300

Again, the technician is the one most consumers won’t need but it’s an option. This could also be useful for those with little computer experience.

If you think this could be a great way to find your lost data, why not try it out? EaseUs has a free trial without any catch. Simply try it and if you like it, go ahead and buy.

The best part about this is that we are able to give you a great link for 50% off of the software if you choose to buy it. That takes the price down on either version over half, thus making it more affordable for everyone. There are even popular bundle options available too. To buy the EaseUs software, click on the button link below.


If you would like your product reviewed and featured on Men’s Gear as well as its vast social media channels, e-mail today!

20 Best Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is an interesting time of year for many men and women alike. Some of our fathers passed away or we may have never known them. Meanwhile, there are others that were cruel and terrible at the job. However, for those dads that were amazing and the ones that still are, it is always great to honor them with Father’s Day gifts.

Your biological father does not always have to be the one that you can consider a dad. There are step-fathers that are amazing out there, as well as uncles and grandfathers. Perhaps, there is a friend of the family that is like a dad to you or maybe even a teacher and a coach.

Whomever you consider a father or like one to you, it is great to do all you can to honor them as well. While just calling to tell them how you feel about them is nice and even seeing them, it’s nice to buy a little something too.

You’re no longer a boy so buying him a tie or socks isn’t enough. However, we are not asking you to break the bank with your purchase either. Men’s Gear thought long and hard about what we’d like to buy our fathers and came up with this list.

While some of the products may come off as weird, others are absolutely awesome! We found perfect gifts from the outdoor, tech, entertainment, and style worlds that every dad will love!

That said, check these out and let us know which of these Father’s Day gifts you’ll want to buy!

1Osprey Hydration Pack

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

The Osprey brand has provided some absolutely amazing products over the years. However, they are most known to the outdoor world as one of the best backpack companies out there.

One of the most common things we at Men’s Gear hear about the brand is that they can do no wrong with their bags. Yet the best thing they offer is a low price and/or reasonable price for everything they add to make them.

At the top of this list is their hydration backpacks. What are they? These bags are specifically made for things like climbing and hiking. They have a water sleeve inside the backpack that you can fill with water or whatever else you might want.

Special tubing is added within the bag and through the shoulder straps, with an endpoint being a straw that you can drink water from. The sleeves are usually capable of holding at least half a gallon of water.

Osprey usually has 2.5L or more in their specialized Osprey Hydraulics® reservoir sleeve. This is more than enough to use for a nice hike, and it won’t be too difficult to carry.

The sleeve fits inside the backpack quite well too, with its own dedicated hook to keep the water safe from other things you might be carrying.

Most of these backpacks from Osprey are under $120 too! Best of all, Osprey’s warranty policy is one of the best in the business. All in all, this is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you could buy for your dad.


  • checkAll Mighty Guarantee Warranty
  • checkEvery Osprey Hydration Bag Is $130 And Under
  • checkCan Buy Online Or At A Local Outdoor Store
  • checkMost Offer Dual Zippered Side Hip Pockets


  • cross-altMost Hydration Backpacks Are Small In Space. Many Are Under 30L
2Gerber Off-Road Survival Kit

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Gerber is one of the absolute best outdoor brands in the world. If we even thought for a second that we could ignore them on a list of Father’s Day gifts, we wouldn’t be a real men’s website. Gerber has a ton of great products.

However, if you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts that will fit most any man, you cannot go wrong with their Off-Road Survival Kit. This kit is literally designed for those certain moments when everything goes to hell and dad needs to stay alive.

The reason it is called an off-road survival kit is two-fold. Clearly, you are not going to be driving when you need something like this. On top of that, if you run out of gas or have a bad accident and your car cannot run, you still have to survive.

What happens when the phone is broken, you’re on a dark and unpopulated road, and you’re injured? Gerber wanted to prepare you with a kit for this situation. Everything in the kit is perfect for emergency situations, such as the example we gave above.

It comes with an MP 600 Multi-Tool, Back Paxe Axe, Maglite Pro+ Flashlight, Exchange-A-Blade Handsaw, Concertina Wire Cutter, E-Tool, and a small/basic First Aid Kit.

This fits inside anything dad might drive from a Truck or SUV to a Porsche. It’s compact at just 12″ x 11″ x 3″ in the complete dimensions,

The best thing is that all of this when bought separately from Gerber will cost you quite a lot of money. A few items in this kit can easily be near $100 or beyond it. Yet this survival kit comes in just under $500.

As far as Father’s Day gifts go, it is one of the best you’ll find for what it offers.


  • checkConcertina Wire Cutter/E-Tool/Handsaw Easily Add Value To The Price
  • checkSmall And Compact, Works For Any Vehicle
  • checkGerber Guarantee
  • checkLimited Lifetime Warranty For North Americans, 25 Years Outside North America


  • cross-altPrice Tag. Though It Makes Sense, Some May Not Care For It

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Wilson’s Leather may very well be the absolute best leather jacket company that we have ever seen. They have multiple jackets with terrific styles across all fields a leather jacket could be used.

Some men and women may not care for leather itself, so Wilson’s offers other options for those people. They have several jackets from their faux-leather line that are terrific for those looking to feel less guilty.

However, men are usually not going to care about this sort of thing. That is why we direct your attention to one of the company’s best leather jackets. They call it the Wilson’s Classic Leather Jacket.

It comes in brown, which is said to be “Cognac” apparently. As you can see, this jacket is absolutely terrific. Brown tends to match with a lot, but for men, it seems that anything leather can work with their outfit in the casual or business casual department.

Every man has a nice leather jacket in their closet to work for several different functions they might attend.

This specific jacket is quilted to perfection with everything you need to have both a comfortable AND stylish fit. It looks great both open and closed and even has zippered pockets for perfect insulation and an assist to the style.

Although this jacket normally sells for $600, they cut this down by nearly 50% to get right at the $330 price tag. It appears they also brought down the price again for a special sale, meaning this item could be yours for a steal currently!

This falls under Father’s Day gifts that fit nearly any budget.


  • checkZippered Pockets
  • checkFully Lined, Using 100% Polyester
  • checkGenuine Leather
  • checkSizes Offered XS to XXL
  • checkFree Shipping On Orders $50 And Up
  • checkCurrently On Sale For 50% Off


  • cross-altMade In Pakistan
  • cross-altNo True Warranty To Speak Of
4Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Considered by many to be one of the greatest self-help books for men ever written, Meditations is completely brilliant. It was written by former Roman Emperor himself, Marcus Aurelius.

Yes, THAT Marcus Aurelius.

While the movie Gladiator completely disregards mostly all Roman history when using Marcus, they were not wrong about a few things. Marcus was a tremendous General and brilliant tactician. His ideology was considered to be so impressive that no one questioned his moves.

The biggest issue that Rome dealt with at the time was that Roman Emperors rarely used their children as rulers after they served. They’d name someone to the position and then take them on as a son of sorts. Marcus had this honor yet fought in wars anyway.

The reason Marcus was so well-liked was due to the army believing in him. He never could have ruled without this. Respect from the Roman Army was worth gold to an incoming Emperor. If they questioned you, it could result in a bad situation.

This was something Marcus did not consider in his later life, resulting in his son being killed when he took the throne.

Yet this was the only true mistake Marcus made. The Meditations book was officially formed after his death yet uses all of Aurelius’ stories and thoughts. He was considered to be an impressive Stoic Philosopher due to his writings. Yet his wise nature impressed everyone around him, especially the jackals of the Senate.

However, he never wrote his thoughts down with the intention to publish them. People simply read what he wrote and thought it was just too impressive for the world to never see it. In his writings, he describes the numerous things he dealt with during his time. He does this by making his work into philosophical material.

Marcus’ philosophical writing was written mostly for himself. This is why it feels like he is writing as if he did this for others to enjoy. Yet that simply wasn’t his intention. If anything, Marcus would simply say to people what he thought rather than have them read it.

Due to his impressive writings being read by Generals, Kings, Queens, and your average Joe…the book has remained popular for hundreds of years. Officially, it did not become a major published book until the late 1700s yet the writing itself is nearly 2,000 years old.

When you’re considering Father’s Day gifts for the dad that reads, Meditations is absolutely perfect.


  • checkBrilliant Thoughts And Stories
  • checkMost Of The Versions For The Book (Paperback & Hardcover) Are Under $10
5MVMT Classic Black Watch

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

MVMT is one of the best watch brands in the world, yet they are also among the newest of the major brands. Like others, they sell more than just watches at MVMT, yet that is what made them famous.

Officially, most of their watches are used for fashion purposes and not really proper for use outside in the elements. Yet they have several watch lines and every version of them are made for specific purposes. Some of which are made so that you can use them for more than just fashion.

It is impossible for a man to not find a watch here that he’ll love. Seriously, take any man and put them in front of all of their watches and we’ll bet you all the money in our piggy bank that he’ll love something.

This is due to what MVMT brings to the table. They have a ton of different minimalist options, which works for the older and younger father alike. However, they also have watch types that certain fathers may love more such as their Voyager, Odyssey, and Revolver options.

These options are also made to use outdoors and are often water resistant. Their Modern Sport line is the most durable, however. These will be the type you’d want to use on a hike or when you’re going camping.

However, their Classic series is truly what made them famous originally. This mixes in a great look that is both old and new. It’s a hybrid of both styles and looks absolutely terrific. You often have a minimalist appearance with the band and outer-watch contents.

Then they go new school with the watch look underneath the cap. The model in our image above shows you this the best, however.

Father’s Day gifts like this are perfect for the dad that likes to be fashionable. The best part is that MVMT watches work for fathers in any age-group.


  • checkUniversal Designs To Fit Any Father From Any Age-Group
  • check90% Of The Watches Are $200 And Under
  • checkFree Shipping Worldwide On Online Orders Through MVMT Website
  • check2-Year Warranty


  • cross-altSizes Only Go Up To 24MM
6Yamaha EAD

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Yamaha has been a huge name in the world of music for years, however, they are most prominent for their drums. A lot of fathers out there may be huge fans of music and they may even want to share that love with others.

Yamaha gives them that option with their Electric Acoustic Drums. This is a hybrid of the Electric Drums and your regular Acoustic Drum set that has been around for decades.

They simply take your acoustic drums and have you put the product on them. This allows your acoustic drums to become electric as well!

This is something you’ll see in a music studio today, as it gives the band the sound they need while not compromising with the sound quality. The ability to switch up sound like electric drums is efficient yet classic drummers will love the appeal of the normal design and set up.

You can easily record your play too. All you need to do is download their application, plug in your phone to the system when you’re ready to record, and you’re all set. It is literally that simple.

This app even allows you to record yourself playing live, and not just record the sound. Of course, that only gives you the ability to see yourself play and notice any mistakes you might make. Thus, this is also a good drum set to learn on.

Best of all, unlike normal electric drums, you do not need anything to be “turned on” for these drums to work. The drums are still acoustic, as you’re either buying a normal set to play on from Yamaha or you have your own that you’re adding the product to.

They can be unhooked from any electric properties and still operate like normal acoustic drums.

This is a huge asset that makes them well worth getting for ALL drummers. Of course, the electric part only works when they are plugged in, naturally. Plus, you’ll get a better quality overall sound with them being plugged in too.

When one considers Father’s Day gifts, this may be out of the budget. Yet it’s really awesome, so maybe you can have fun with this along with Dad.


  • checkGreat For Learning Drums On
  • checkCan Record Using Various Sounds
  • checkCapable Of Use Without Being Plugged In


  • cross-altPrice, As It’s $630
7Icemule Boss

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

The Icemule Boss™ backpack is quite unique and well worth your investment. What is it?

While it acts as a regular backpack, 30L of space we might add, it is sooo much more. The Icemule brand makes coolers, which are world renowned for their ability to handle the heat.

Unlike some coolers that end up getting hot and melt the ice inside of them, Icemule holds up well enough to last numerous hours within it. In most cases, the Icemule Boss™ is the best among them and can last days keeping things cold.

Seriously, put ice in this thing and leave it outside a day or two. You’ll be shocked to see that nothing has truly melted in that time.

Of course, this depends on the temperature outside. Yet regardless of 100-degree temps, it can still manage at least a day before it starts to have trouble.

The way Icemule manages to do this is through their own genius designs. They use their PolarLayer XT™ Insulation foam and IM AirValve™ to keep things cool.

Essentially, the insulation helps to prevent anything from getting out. Meanwhile, the air valve keeps everything from getting in, including warm air. They manage to triple their protection of the inside contents with their Tri-Fold DriTop™ too.

This opens up to allow the user to put ice and contents inside. You merely fold it and put it into the bag. This foldable top ensures even less warmth gets in. With all of this in play, it is not shocking to see it hold up so well.

This is not where things end with this cooler either.

Due to being a backpack as well, it is truly meant for portability. You can carry cold stuff as well as other things you might need to take along with you. It even uses PakShield™ zippers to keep things together.

It is capable of easily handling 60lbs too. On top of all of this is Icemule’s specialized MuleSkin™ fabric. This fabric allows the bag/cooler to be 100% waterproof. That means you can take this into rainstorms and you’re ensured a dry inside when you arrive at your destination.

This is something that can work for both a young and older father, in our opinion. It is perfect for camping or outdoor get-togethers. Father’s Day gifts like this are special and well worth the investment you make. It is something your dad can use over and over for numerous things.


  • checkWaterproof MuleSkin™ fabric
  • checkPakShield™ Zippers
  • checkTri-Fold DriTop™
  • checkPolarLayer XT™ Insulation
  • checkIM AirValve™
  • checkExtreme Portability
  • check30L space & 60lbs handle
  • check$300 Price Tag Is The Best In The Industry For Such A Bag


  • cross-altOnly a 90-Day Warranty
8Columbia PFG

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Columbia is considered by many to be one of the best outdoor clothing brands in the world today. It is not hard to see why, as they have managed to do quite well with men and even women with their clothing.

They sell better than most brands, which has ultimately allowed them to specialize their clothing items. This is where their Performance Fishing Gear comes into play. There is a ton of gear in this line to be excited about if you’re a fisherman.

Although it depends on your interests and needs, they seem to have a perfect line that can work for every man. Here are some of the things you can buy:

  • Terminal Deflector Zero™ Hoodie
  • Super Terminal Tackle™ Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Force XII Zero™ Long Sleeve Hybrid Shirt
  • Slack Tide™ Camp Shirt
  • Bahama™ II Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Tamiami™ II Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Bahama™ II Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Low Drag Offshore™ Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Terminal Tackle PFG Americana Fish™ Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Fish Series™ II Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Tamiami Hurricane™ Jacket
  • Force XII™ Pant
  • Half Moon™ III Short—Big
  • Backcast III™ Water Short
  • Super Harborside™ Chino Short
  • Harborside™ Chino Short
  • Brewha II™ Short
  • Harborside™ Chino Pant
  • Blood and Guts™ III Convertible Pant

They also have specially designed shoes that will be perfect for fishing nearly anywhere. Since most can handle water pretty well, you won’t have to worry about the issues normal sneakers might provide. Here are a few of the shoes you can get from Columbia:

  • Force 12™ II PFG Shoe
  • Bahama™ Vent PFG Shoe
  • Dorado™ CVO PFG Shoe
  • Bahama™ Vent Relaxed PFG Shoe
  • Bahama™ Vent Loco Relaxed II PFG Shoe
  • Delray™ CVO PFG Shoe
  • Bahama™ Vent Marlin PFG Boat Shoe
  • Bahama™ Vent PFG Shoe – Wide
  • Delray™ PFG Shoe
  • Bahama™ Relaxed Marlin PFG Boat Shoe
  • Dorado™ Slip PFG Shoe

This is only a small portion of the gear line too. They have plenty of hats, gloves, and much more clothing on top of that. We recommend you check them out whenever possible.

If the selection depth wasn’t enough for you, the price sure could be. Most of the items listed above are $75 and under. The shirts average $25 to $50 alone! That means you could easily buy dad an entire outfit of sorts with these prices for $100 or less!

When we think about Father’s Day gifts that dad will love, our first thought is how universal the choices will be. It is clear that most men will love gear like this either to fish in or to use outdoors.

That said, you cannot go wrong with picking something from the Columbia Performance Fishing Gear line.


  • checkFree Shipping Through Free Greater Rewards Program
  • checkAll PFG Is Considered Water Resistant or Waterproof
  • checkLong 60-Day Return Policy
  • checkAll Gear Is Multi-Use
  • checkAll Items Presented Are $75 Or Under


  • cross-altWarranty Isn’t Clear Enough And Changes Up Depending On The Item
9Filson C.C.F. Utility Jacket

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

Filson has been one of the best work jacket brands in the world the last number of years. However, they really took a shot at other companies when they introduced an affordable line of utility and work jackets.

The reason companies took it as a shot at them was due to Filson making these jackets and the entire line of gear insanely affordable. The biggest example of this in their entire line is the C.C.F. Utility Jacket.

You can purchase this impressive jacket for just $150. You may assume that this is a bit pricey, but it’s actually not. In fact, an average jacket just like this will cost you $300 to $400 elsewhere.

Carhartt among other brands sell the same type of jacket for that price, so Filson knew they could beat that with an affordable price on their items. While most of their clothing items are fairly priced, something bigger comes out of this.

Filson makes everything in North America, with most items being made in the United States of America. Their C.C.F. Utility Jacket happens to be made in Canada.

This jacket is made using cotton duck canvas, and it is filled with lightweight polyester insulation. The hood on the jacket is also insulated and even adjustable. The jacket also has two chest pockets, interior security pocket, and handwarmer pockets.

These pockets are also made larger to accommodate when you’re wearing gloves.

They are made for work, being out in the field, and even everyday use. It’s truly a universal jacket that is affordable for nearly anyone. This jacket is great for Father’s Day in our book. Father’s Day gifts like this may not be used right now, but it’ll certainly be used down the line.


  • checkMade in Canada
  • checkAffordable $150 Price Tag
  • checkLarger Hand-Warming Pockets
  • checkFilson Lifetime Guarantee Warranty
  • checkMachine Washable
10Jack Daniels Whiskey

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

If you’re looking for something that’ll be perfect for any father at any stage of their life, it’s gotta be Jack.

Trust us, every dad needs a drink every once in a while. You were quite a handful and likely still are for them. Due to this, they always needed something strong to drink to help them deal with it all.

Heck, they may still have your mother to deal with on a regular basis. We all know that she makes him deal with a lot more than he’s capable of at times.

That said, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is a perfect gift for him.

While in America one must be 21 years of age or older, you can always find a bottle that you think he’ll like and give him the money to buy it for himself. If you’re of age, go ahead and buy it for the guy. If not, try that option and either way, he’ll be good with the decision.

What can you choose for him?

Jack is known as one of the best Rye Whiskey companies in the world and especially the United States. That said, their Tennessee Rye may be the best option if you know your father likes this type.

Maybe you’re not sure what dad likes.

That means you may need to guess the best possible option, but you won’t need to search too hard on this. There are a few you cannot go wrong with. That’s the Gentleman Jack & Old No. 7.

These are some of the top whiskeys in the country, period. They also can be used in various food dishes. Old No. 7 alone has a mellow taste that isn’t really very strong. The alcohol isn’t too overbearing, so it tastes good and still gives you the buzz a normal whiskey offers.

This is also the type of Jack Daniels whiskey most people use for the infamous “Jack & Coke” option.

Meanwhile, the Gentleman Jack is both mellow and smooth. This smoothness is a big deal for men who do not drink very much. A lot of men prefer to have something that goes down easy even if they do have a drink on the regular.

This is why the Gentleman Jack is so useful. It is a universal whiskey that isn’t too much for any man to deal with. Plus, it tastes very good. It has an oaky taste due to the barrel it was in and they add vanilla & caramel to the drink mix to give it a small sweet taste too. It’s a terrific combo.

Most Jack bottles are going to be 750ML or 1.75L in size. That means you can get a good bit out of one bottle that dad can return to a lot when needed. The prices are pretty easy to handle for all the versions we mentioned too.

You’ll spend anywhere between $25 and $50, depending on the size you get and where you buy it from. Father’s Day gifts like this are cheaper and in every budget. Plus, we all know Dad needs a drink almost every day.


  • checkOne Of The Best American Whiskeys
  • checkAverage $25 to $50 Asking Price


  • cross-altMust Be 21 Or Older To Buy In America
  • cross-altHarder To Get Outside North America
11KEEN Dover Utility Boots

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

KEEN is a brand that Men’s Gear absolutely loves. We have written on their products many times and have added them to our best brand lists when it comes to work & outdoor boots.

They are a friend to the site, so we could not avoid adding them to the list. We truly believe in their boots and shoes and we feel the Dover boots are some of the best KEEN has to offer.

They are among the newest in their line of utility boots.

The best thing about KEEN is that they make utility boots look like something you’d wear to work our out in public. At the same time, you’re getting an amazing pair of boots that keep your feet safe and help you from having any major issues.

The Men’s Dover boots have a carbon fiber toe, which allows for the boots to be more mobile while also protecting you from most falling objects. That could be something as simple as a wrench falling or even something more serious, like a knife.

This won’t protect like a steel toe boot, keep in mind. Yet for your basic needs, your toes are safe from major issues.

KEEN puts ALL of their utility boots through extreme testing in not only their own testing center but also with safety companies. This allows them to make a pair of boots that meet all safety regulations,

The Dover meets the following safety ratings:

  • The ASTM F1677-96 MARK II Non-Slip Testing Standards
  • The ASTM F2412-17 and F2913-17 F I/75 C/75 EH Standards
  • And the ASTM F2913-17 SATRA Non-Slip Testing Standards

Some of you may not know what that stuff means. However, for the man who may work outside or in a factory…you’ll know all about these regulations.

The Dover also uses special KEEN technology. The Dover is capable of a lot, which is why so many seem to love it already. Here is what you can look for in the KEEN Dover boots:

  • 90° HEEL (5/8″ HEIGHT)

Best of all, the Dover boots are made in the United States. You’ll be supporting working Americans by buying them, so why not?

The Dover boots are lightweight despite all the safety they have, and they’re insanely comfortable. Shoes made for people to work in must be comfortable, otherwise, it would be difficult to get a job done, right?

To get some discounts, all students can use their Student Program and get a little bit off of the cost. The same can be done for people who sign up for the KEEN Pro Program.


  • checkFree 3-Day Shipping On All Orders $150 And Up
  • checkKEEN Guaranteed 1-Year Warranty
  • checkBoots Are Virtually Waterproof
  • checkCapable Of Multiple Uses
  • checkCan Be Purchased For Both Regular And Wide Foot Needs
  • checkMade In The United States of America
  • checkComfortable, Breathable Fit


  • cross-altLimited Sizing, Only Goes From Size 7 to 15
12SOG Flash II Serrated

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

SOG is one of the best knife makers we’ve ever seen. The best part is that they offer all of their knives at affordable prices that anyone can afford. Although they do have specialty knives that can be a bit expensive, around 90% of them are less than $100.

This brings us to one of the best Father’s Day gifts one can buy, the SOG Flash II.

This knife is part of a line of knives from SOG under the Flash II banner. All of the knives are assisted open, however, they also differ mostly when it comes to the blade. We prefer a certain one in the line called the Flash II Black Tini.

It comes with a serrated blade that takes up half the overall blade. The remaining portion of it is a straight fixed blade type. This allows the overall blade to be capable of cutting nearly anything.

To top it off, it is a great knife to have for protection.

As mentioned, it’s assisted open. This is actually legal in all 50 states across America and even legal in The UK. Switchblades are often banned in several countries as well as many states in America.

Meanwhile, assisted open knives are not considered as dangerous. Yet they can still open fast enough to give you the proper speed when you need them most.

To further add to its usefulness, the knife also comes with a clip that allows men to attach it to a belt or on their person somewhere else.

If you feel another from the Flash II line is best, then, by all means, buy it. You cannot go wrong with any SOG knife, in our opinion.

SOG puts a lifetime guarantee on their knives, so they are well worth the buy. On top of this, every knife from the Flash II line is under $100. Currently, a sale is going on to get one for less than $60.


  • checkSOG Lifetime Guarantee
  • checkClip For Easy Portability
  • checkCurrent $57 Asking Price, $71 Normally
  • checkPartial Serrated Blade
  • checkLegal Assisted Open System
  • checkStainless Steel Blade
13Cloudstyle Suit

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

You may not know a lot about the Cloudstyle brand, but they are one of the most affordable suit companies we have seen. To top it off, they also bring quality to their work and therefore their clothing does not come off cheaply made.

Established in 2014, Cloudstyle became an international trade company. This means they are capable of getting a product to anyone nearly anywhere in the world. Currently, they export suits and other clothing to over 100 countries around the world.

Based in Canada but have clothing made all over the world, they set out on a mission to make quality suits affordable to the masses. So far, Cloudstyle has lived up to their concept. For Father’s Day, it makes total sense to buy one of their best suits.

For us, it’s their 2-piece Slim Fit Business Suit. This suit comes in 10 different colors, so you’re bound to find one you like. The current colors offered are green, black, maroon, pink, purple, blue, navy, khaki, and dark cyan.

One thing we like about Cloudstyle is that they are very open about their sizing and what is in their suits. For example, their Business Suit is made with 67.9% Polyester, 31.2% Viscose, and 0.9% of Spandex.

We recommend you check the sizing chart that they clearly put on the screen before you buy. Their sizing slightly differs from American sizing. This is very important.

Father’s Day gifts like this may be best for the younger father. Yet it could also make a slightly older man look damn good too. We’re sure he’ll love it.


  • checkAffordable Suit Option At Less Than $100
  • check10 Colors To Choose From
  • checkFree Shipping Option
  • check15-Day Return Policy
  • checkFree Returns Due To Shipping Damages
  • checkCan Pay Using PayPal As Well As Standard Methods


  • cross-altSizes Are Only XS To XL In Different Sizing Compared To American
  • cross-altSlim Fit May Not Work Well For Some Men
14OMEN Mindframe Headset

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

One of the best Father’s Day gifts this year might very well be the Omen Mindframe Headset by HP. This headset is purposely made for gamers but it can be used for multiple purposes like podcasts, listening to music, and much more.

The coolest part about these headphones, literally, is the frost cap technology.

Do you know how after your use of them for a while, the headset can end up making your ears kinda hot? Gamers especially know this feeling. That is why the Omen added the frost cap, as it’s quite literally designed to keep you cool.

Inside the headphones, you’ll see a metal-looking cap. This is where the cooling comes in while you’re wearing them. If you feel like you’re getting too warm at any point, you can always just push them close to your ear to get cooler quicker.

This is not all the Omen offers.

The sound quality is extremely effective, capable of delivering full immersion in the game or the music. This allows them to be noise-canceling while also delivering quality sound at the same time.

The sound can be insanely loud or very little. It is fully adjustable on the headset. It also uses realistic positional audio. Meaning if you hear gunshots in a game from the right side, your right ear will hear it and not the other. If something is far away or close, you’ll hear it based on the volume it would realistically be heard.

In order to use the mic on the headset, you merely need to just pull the mic down. To turn it off, you just push it up in the original position it came in.

The fit is also perfect for most heads, even those with larger heads. You know who we’re talking about…Gerald.

They took the price down from its normal $200 to only $130. That means it’s the perfect time to buy!


  • checkFrost Cap Technology
  • checkPrice Cut To $130
  • checkRealistic Sound Quality
  • checkNoise-Canceling Headset
  • checkDropdown Microphone Feature
  • checkUsual 3-Year Warranty


  • cross-altThese Are USB-Corded Headphones
15UA RUSH Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

The RUSH™ line by Under Armour is the newest line from the company. A lot of the time, new lines mean higher prices and thus less affordable options. However, that was never the idea for Under Armour.

They wanted to make a clothing line that could fit the average man’s needs while also making a profit that the company could benefit from. There are some products from Under Armour that might be higher in price than needed, but not the RUSH™ line.

One of the best products from it is their Compression Long-Sleeve Shirt.

This is perfect for the athletic father as well as the one who just likes to go to the gym. It’s also for the type of guy that wants to look a bit better. Since this is a compression shirt, it smushes the fat in. Therefore, it can be worn underneath normal clothing and make a man look slightly slimmer.

This shirt is ultralight according to UA. So much so, it’s called a “second skin” by those who have used it. The shirt also helps to improve endurance and strength. The way it does this is by using the clothing to absorb energy and reflect it back into the muscles and tissues.

All of the RUSH™ gear offers anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. The compression shirt offers mesh panels, providing tremendous ventilation.

Powered by Celliant, the body of the product is made of 82% of Polyester as well as 18% Elastane. Meanwhile, the mesh panels are made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane.

The UA RUSH™ line is athlete tested and athlete approved, so we’re pretty sure dad will love the gear. We feel even stronger about the compression shirt, as it is perfect for any man who chooses to buy one or take one on as a gift.

Father’s Day gifts like this can be used throughout the year, so it’ll more be worth the investment.


  • checkTremendous Breathability
  • checkFairly Priced At $60
  • checkWide Sizing: SM to XXXL


  • cross-altComes In Only Two Colors-Black & Gray
16Victorinox SwissTool Spirit XC Plus Ratchet

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

A multi-tool is really hard to find when you think about it. At least, a good one is hard to find. There are plenty out there with a few interesting things in them. However, they are usually cheaply made and from a random business in China or something.

We did not want to guide you to one of those, but we knew we wanted to mention multi-tools in this piece. Men love multi-tools, especially fathers. You know how much crap we have to put together, so having something that can work for any need is incredibly useful.

The best at making them, in our book, is Victorinox. The Swiss masters are obviously a top company for the infamous Swiss Army Knives. However, it does not take much for them to merely adjust things and make an amazing multi-tool.

They’re clearly Swiss enough to make this sort of thing work out well for themselves. That said, their clear best is the SwissTool Spirit XC, the Plus Racket version. What does it contain? An impressive 29 tools!!

Those tools are:

With so many tools and useful material in this multi-tool, it is something every man can benefit from having. It is quite clear that your father will obviously have a use for it, which means you won’t be wasting money on something you know he likely won’t use.

Fathers are nothing if not always in need of more tools, at least the ones that we’ve known.

That said, Father’s Day gifts like this are obviously going to be well worth it. On top of this, buying from Victorinox offers some big perks. Not only are you getting quality but also a company that stands by their products.

Their multi-tools have a lifetime guarantee. This means that you never have to worry about getting value out of your purchase. It’ll clearly be worth it or the company will fix the problems that prevent it from being just that.


  • check29 Tools For Ultimate Use
  • check38 Total Functions
  • checkVictorinox Lifetime Guarantee
  • checkGreat $150 Asking Price
  • checkFree 2-Day Shipping On Orders Over $30


  • cross-altThe Knife Could Be Sharper
17CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

The Kangee™ T-Hawk is one of the absolute best tactical tomahawks in the world today. If nothing else can be said about it, the Kangee™ has managed to stand out over other tomahawks due to how impressively it’s made.

It was originally designed for Columbia River Knife & Tool, CRKT, by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical. He has made several different products involving blades over the years, but he’s one of the true best when it comes to tomahawk designs.

The Kangee™ T-Hawk is incredibly well-made and designed. It stands out due to its versatility and how durable it happens to be.

This tomahawk uses the incredible SK5 Carbon Steel for the sharp side of the product. It then uses tremendous glass reinforced nylon handles, with an additional textured grip. It also comes in a Boltaron® Sheath, which includes a buckled strap.

This makes the sheath MOLLE compatible.

Due to the nylon handles and gripping, this tomahawk can be used in the rain and snow without the risk of it slipping from your hands. The coolest part is that you could drop this in a puddle of mud or a lake and then be capable of using it without an issue.

The actual blade is made with durable carbon steel, which makes it nearly impossible to destroy. The Kangee™ actually comes with a spike end, which allows you to use the T-Hawk for protection from animals as well as other humans, and even fishing.

If that wasn’t enough, it comes in at a price that is affordable and among the best in the industry for tomahawks of this value.

We love Father’s Day gifts like this because it can be used for so much. On top of this, you’re getting a product that’ll last for a very long time.


  • checkCan Use Wet Or Dry
  • checkMOLLE Compatible
  • checkUse Of SK5 Carbon Steel
  • checkSpike Addition Makes It Multi-Purpose
  • checkIndustry Standard $185 Asking Price
  • checkDesigned By Master Tomahawk Maker Ryan Johnson
  • checkCRKT Limited Lifetime Guarantee Warranty Included


  • cross-altOrange Design Discontinued, Offering Only One Kangee™ Design
18Apex Pants by 5.11 Tactical

Editors Rating

  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

5.11 Tactical is clearly a company known for its tactical products. You don’t need us to tell you that, but they also have several impressive outdoor products overall. We could not recommend them enough for your needs in this area.

The company often makes products that can be considered universal or great for use every single day. This is especially true about their Apex Pants, which are some of the most comfortable and useful tactical pants on the market.

The biggest issue with pants and jeans is that you cannot move well in them. Men usually have to go to sweatpants to get that kind of freedom. Even shorts are better for this.

5.11 wanted to end that problem, which is why their pants overall are very impressive. You can move easily in them due to the material in them being capable of stretching. This allows you to move up, down, left, and right without an issue.

The Apex Pants are useful due to all they provide the wearer. Due to so much being involved in these pants, we felt we needed to just show you the list of special additions you’re going to be getting out of them. Check all of this out:

  • Internal cargo pouch magazine pockets
  • Twin back yoke magazine pockets
  • Flex cuff pocket inside waist
  • Two-way Flex-Tac® mechanical stretch
  • Handcuff key pocket inside rear waist
  • Teflon® treated to repel stains, soil, and moisture
  • Gusseted construction
  • Comfort waistband
  • Articulated knees
  • Deep cargo pockets with clean interior finish
  • Reinforced knife clip area
  • Seven reinforced belt loops
  • Bartacking at key stress locations
  • Genuine YKK® zipper hardware
  • Made with 67% Polyester/ 33% Cotton

It’s clear with all of this in the pants, they’re going to be quite helpful to any man who decides to wear them. This makes them perfect for Dad, who could truly get a lot of wear out of these pants for sure.

They even come in 10 different colors. Those are:

  • Ranger Green
  • Black
  • Khaki
  • Storm
  • Volcanic
  • Battle Brown
  • Burnt
  • TDU Green
  • Tundra
  • Dark Navy

They come in a ton of different sizes to meet most men’s needs. In fact, they offer waist sizes 28 to 44. Although they only have 4 length sizes, those are 30, 32, 34, and 36.

That could be problematic for taller men, but it likely covers the vast majority of them.

We love Father’s Day gifts like this, as it certainly makes sense for Dads. It fits what they’d want and need, so you’re getting a present that you can be sure they’ll get a lot of use out of. You may need to speak with your mom or him about sizing first, however.


  • check10 Color Options
  • checkWide Variety of Waist Sizes
  • checkComfort Waistband
  • checkTwo-Way Flex-Tac® Mechanical Stretch
  • checkYKK® Zipper Hardware
  • checkTeflon® Treated
  • check$80 Asking Price


  • cross-altOnly 4 Lengths Offered
19Justin Original Pulley Steel Toe Boots

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

While we always like KEEN due to their versatile line of shoes and boots that can be used for work or casual activity, it’s hard to hate a good pair of boots specifically made for work. Justin Original is a terrific brand that knows how to make a solid pair of work boots.

While they can make a casual pair too, they are known for their affordable work boots that are extremely well-made. One of the best pairs they have is their Pulley Steel Toe option that is exactly as it sounds, steel toe boots.

These are part of their 8-inch lace-up boot line, which is extremely popular with the brand.

You get a lot with these boots, so let’s go over what you’ll be getting for Dad here.

The boots are “distressed brown leather.” This gives it a slightly older yet vintage look. As with every pair of Justin Original boots, the patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® insole comes with this pair of boots too. This helps protect your feet with a comfortable inside.

While the comfort system will help you well throughout a given day, the Stampede™ Rubber and EVA Combination is insanely helpful to the boots overall. This makes them resistant to abrasions, chips, slipping, and marking.

This allows for the wearer to move about any surface without the risk of any major issues.

The inclusion of this also allows these boots to be worn in Electrical Hazards up to 18,000 volts. Meanwhile, the steel toe in the boots allows men to wear this pair in most factories across the United States.

On top of this, the impressive insole allows for men to wear them on a ranch without the risk of any discomfort throughout a given day.

While many products made by Justin Original are made in America, they do not tend to have a great warranty policy. They do have a good 60-day return policy in place but the 1-year warranty they offer is quite limited, unlike that of rival companies.

Many of which offer a lifetime deal or fully cover shoes and/or boots for the 1 to 2 years they are under warranty for any reason.

Outside of this, there really isn’t a bad thing to say about the boots. Typically a warranty or return isn’t needed because the boots are so impressive. Most men get years out of their boots before any repairs or replacements need to be made when they buy Justin Original.

Father’s Day gifts like this are practical and well worth the investment.


  • check60-Day Return Policy
  • checkJ-Flex Flexible Comfort System® Insole
  • checkStampede™ Rubber & EVA Combination
  • checkElectrical Hazard Protection Up To 18,000 Volts
  • checkSteel Toe
  • checkDespite Size, Not Heavy To Move In


  • cross-alt1-Year Limited Warranty
20Queen Band

Editors Rating

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  • star
  • star
  • star
  • star

With the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody film, the band known as Queen has become a big deal once again. They’re now even traveling, doing several big concerts with Adam Lambert stepping in for the brilliant Freddy Mercury.

While Queen is not making any new music truthfully, they are still known for their amazing work. It’s pretty obvious that your Dad will love a great Queen CD to listen to.

Luckily, Queen has a great way for you to listen to them. There is a “Best Of” CD right now that will cost you less than $30 to buy. It costs around $20, which makes it a cheaper option for your old man.

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive. While most of us may buy a CD via iTunes, it’s likely your Dad will want something to listen to the old fashioned way. To do this, he’ll need a CD, despite their uselessness in today’s medium for most of us.

That said, we’ve managed to find a “Best Of” CD for Queen that includes most of their biggest hits. It’s under what is known as the Queen Platinum Collection. That means you’ll see songs on here such as:

  • Another One Bites The Dust
  • Killer Queen
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Somebody To Love
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • Fat Bottom Girls
  • We Will Rock You
  • We Are the Champions
  • Under Pressure
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Play The Game
  • The Show Must Go On
  • These Are The Days Of Our Lives

These major songs and many more are in the collection, making it terrific for the biggest Queen fan. Father’s Day Gifts like this are cheaper, yet perfect for the Dad who loves music.

When you think of Father’s Day gifts, it’s hard to not consider a more expensive option for your Dad. However, it does not matter if he’s 30, 50, or 70. Every dude loves Queen!


  • checkThe Collection Includes The Best Queen Songs
  • checkCosts Only $20

Bespoke Post: The Monthly Themed Box Service For Guys That Give A Damn

Men’s Gear has an exciting company to tell you about. What if you could get a ton of cool stuff delivered to your home every single month? With Bespoke Post, this is a reality. The coolest part is that the cost of the service is dwarfed by the contents inside the box.

As weird as it might be to believe, Bespoke Post stacks the boxes with products that are valued at $70 and up. Yet the cost of the service is only $45. Imagine that, you’re actually able to get a box that costs less than the products inside it if bought elsewhere.

Some may assume that this is just blowing smoke. You might even assume the contents of the box are clearly not that good for such a value and that the $70 cost is just a random number. However, that is not even close to true.

The boxes are made for men who love life and want to get the best possible fun a subscription box service can provide.

That means Bespoke Post could never attempt to offer a lesser product once you open the box. In fact, the company is quite open about how they are able to accomplish this. It comes down to a supply meeting the demand type of thing.

That said, what can you actually get with Bespoke Post every month? Plus, how does all of this work?

How Bespoke Post Actually Works

Bespoke Post Feature

A common issue that subscription boxes tend to have is that they do not think about the person. They have a simple box that they throw together every month that is the same for every person.

Since Bespoke Post is made for men, they knew that they could not be another cookie cutter subscription box service.

Smart men will see right through something like this. Before you even get the box, they ask you a series of questions to get to know you. This allows the company to make a box that fits the person.

While this can be similar to another guy who gets the service, it won’t be the case for everyone.

Some men like things other men do not, which means you need something that best fits your personality. The coolest part is that you know what comes with your box. Of course, there might be some things they add in that you may not know about.

However, the moment you sign up, you’ll know what box you will be getting.

Best of all, you can always swap things out and go with another box in the service. The boxes are then delivered mid-month, every month.

Let’s pretend there is an issue with a product in your box or perhaps you’re not happy with something. Bespoke Post offers free returns as well as free exchanges!

Perhaps you want to cancel the service or hold off on another box for a while. You can do this with ease as there is no yearly commitment. You can cancel or skip any time, and Bespoke Post will not penalize you or charge you a dime for this at any point.

What’s In The Box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?

Bespoke Post Sample Box

A lot of people wonder what Bespoke Post has in their boxes made for men. However, they are quite open about things and let you know upfront. They have something from these categories:

  • Barware & Mixology
  • Style Accessories
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Kitchen & Cooking
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Camping & The Outdoors
  • Travel & Bags
  • Music & Tech Gear

This is what their quiz helps them determine too. For example, you may not really care for grooming supplies. This allows them to form a box that may contain things from the other areas to make up for the removal of this. Truly, it’s all in how the box is formed by you, the user of the service.

Over 100,000 men have bought in and have seemingly loved their boxes from month to month.

Commonly the boxes will have things like a skillet with pancake mix included, knives, axes, travel bags, pens, matches, beard balm, shoes/boots, unique alcoholic drinks, and much more.

The Bespoke Post boxes are themed and perfect for guys who just love exploring new things. The products in these boxes are often unique with many of them coming from newer companies you may not know much about.

That means you’re discovering new and exciting companies every month with this service as well. How cool is that?!?

Join Free Today!

Bespoke Post Barebones Knife

Bespoke Post offers something special to all new subscribers to their box service. You can join and take your quiz today for absolutely free!

Each month, you’ll get an email that allows you to know what is in the box. This is done for a few reasons, the first is to allow you to change things as mentioned above.

The second is that they may include things like clothing that will need your sizes and even the color you might want.

This can sometimes differ for men off and on, which is why they do it. As men, we know body changes happen. However, you may want to give a shirt or something to a friend. This allows you to change up sizes to fit that friend too.

This is a box service made for guys that give a damn about life and luxury at the same time. Yet despite the luxury it offers, it does not come at that type of price. Again, you’re only spending $45 a month for this amazing box service.

$45 for a service like this is an absolute steal!

Don’t take our word for it though. Check it out for yourself right now. Click on the button below and go straight there. Tell them Men’s Gear sent you!

Click To Check Out Bespoke Post

TwowGo Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Have An Interest In

When we at Men’s Gear started to consider Father’s Day content, we ran into quite an ordeal. We love showing off tons of cool stuff that men will want, but how could we ever find something perfect for the dads in our lives? Then TwowGo contacted us and wanted us to know about some of the cool stuff they were selling.

We are contacted by dozens of people seemingly by the day about products they want to sell or show off. It’s not uncommon to see things pop up near Father’s Day as a result. We do not feature everything that we are sent, however, we often give the best stuff a spotlight. This is why TwowGo stood out.

They have some stuff up for sale through their website that you’re certainly going to want to know about. We decided to feature the top 5 from the guide they sent us.

If you decide to buy one of these items before May 23rd ends, you’ll be able to get 12% off of any purchase. All you need to do is use the code: DEARDADDY12%. Upon using it, this will automatically lower the prices of the items and that is clearly useful.

They also have a current special on their site that allows customers to get 15% off. To get this, all you need to do is sign up with the website. You’ll need to do this to make any purchases, to begin with, so why not add this to your purchase opportunity? This can only work for new people signing on, however.

That said, let’s dive into these awesome products from TwowGo!

5.) The TwowGo Zenlet 2+

TwowGo Zenlet 2+

We are big fans of the Zenlet 2+ by TwowGo. In case you may not be aware of what exactly this product happens to be, it’s an aluminum wallet. We have featured several of these wallet types on Men’s Gear in the past. However, we are very impressed by what the Zenlet 2+ brings to the table.

It’s a double compartment, RFID blocking model that has a swipe open design. It can store up to 11 cards and some partial amounts of cash, coins, and business cards. The make of the Zenlet 2+ gives you an opportunity to have an auto-card arrangement, with simple single-hand slide access.

It even has a unique tilt angle to allow quicker access for the user.

The Zenlet 2+ is made up of CNC Aluminum, which is sandblasted with mine carving and anodic treatment. All of this makes an incredibly durable and strong wallet that dad will love. TwowGo really got it right with this model and we highly recommend it. To check out the product further, click here.

4.) Monitormate ProBASE HD USB-C Stand

ProBASE USB-C Laptop Stand

One of the biggest struggles we deal with when we’re trying to do work at home is the absolute nightmare it can be attempting to have a laptop on our actual lap. Sure, that may have been what it was designed to do, but that is uncomfortable, and we do not want to sit at some weird table.

Plus, what if we need to use our laptop in our bed or on a work trip? A proper stand is best, yet we may also need to charge things or even keep our laptop from dying. That’s where the ProBASE HD USB-C Stand by Monitormate comes into play.

TwowGo knew this was something men would want, which is why they couldn’t resist adding it to their official Father’s Day guide. It’s quite unique, as this stand provides a cool 4K HDMI port, 3 USB3.0 ports, and a pass-through charger for MacBook Pro laptops. However, it uses USB-C data only with its equipped charging station.

All of this comes in a great stand that you can take anywhere. It weighs just a few pounds, comes in a cool silver look, and it’s reasonably priced. To check it out, click here.

3.) Tool Pen Mini Multi-Tool

Tool Pen Mini

We do not know about you, but at Men’s Gear, we love a good multi-tool. It is truly difficult to find a perfect type yet they rarely come in the form of a pen. We often see multi-tools out of knives or even cards. However, pens tend to be made for tactical material if anything other than their normal job.

Unlike the standard tactical pen or even many multi-tools, this pen model is an actual tool. It’s meant to fix numerous objects that are for both the indoors and outdoors. They even sell two different models, the Aplus and Deluxe Editions. The first comes with 22 small tools and the second comes with 27 of them.

These tools are mostly made for fixing things that contain screws of several types.

The Aplus Edition uses the following tool bits: SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, SL3, PH00, PH0, PH1, H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2, T5, T6, T7, TR8, TR9, TR10, SIM Eject 0.8, S1, P2, P5, P6

The Deluxe Edition uses the following tool bits: SL1.5, SL2, SL2.5, SL3, PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, H0.9, H1.3, H1.5, H2, T5, T6, T7, TR8, TR9, TR10, SIM Eject 0.8, S1, P2, P5, P6, Y000, Y00, TA18, TA20″

This is the perfect gift for the dad that considers himself to be a handyman, yet is consistently losing tools for the several projects he puts upon himself. Having all the bits you need in one small and easy to carry pen is perfect. To find out more about the product, click here.

2.) X-PAK Pro Tourer Bag

XPAK Tourer Bag from TwowGo

The X-PAK Pro Tourer Bag by Code of Bell is terrific. The maker teamed up with TwowGo to make sure the world can see something incredibly unique. There are two different models of this bag, one made for 11L that happens to be a folded option and the other is an expanded bag that has up to 23L of space.

It is capable of carrying your average 13″ laptop in either design while the biggest is capable of carrying a 15″ laptop and much more. The style of the bag helps it stand out, as it’s truly something you can take to work, travel with, or just have when you’re outdoors.

While it may look good, it’s quite useful at keeping its contents safe too. Both models are made from waterproof cotton duck fabric. This ensures you won’t deal with any wet contents, which is why the bag is great for storing important papers. It seems like a natural bag for the outdoors but that great style allows it to fit in anywhere.

This is why TwowGo feels it’s a perfect bag for fathers. Most men like to deal with one bag for all of their needs and not 3 to 4 for several tasks. With the ability to only need one for everything, it makes things much easier. What dad could turn down the X-PAK Pro, right? To learn more about this backpack, click here.

1.) 4D Concrete Automatic-Minimalist Watch

4D Concrete Minimalist Watch

It seems that for years the fashion for watches was geared to the fancy look. If you did not have a sleek and impressive-looking watch on, then there was no point in wearing one. However, that all changed eventually and watches that looked a bit older became a popular trend.

To top it off, minimalist watches did not have all the bells and whistles that some of the fancy watches had. They also do not have to deal with any issues about being made from gold, silver, etc. They are all made to hold up well, but they are never going to look overly valuable. This is sort of the goal of the watch, of course.

The 4D Concrete Watch by 22Studio is tremendous. It uses three-dimensional watch hands across a look that is said to be “cured-concrete.” The unique light play and shadow give an impressive additional look. The movement of the hands in the darkness below the spiral stairs on the watch serves as a constant reminder of the 4th Dimension, time.

Well, that is according to TwowGo, who felt that this was the perfect Father’s Day watch. We cannot say we blame them. The staircase dial on the watch is pretty cool, and this even has a date atrium that allows you to know the day you’re in.

The movement uses Sellita SW200-1 tech, it comes with a sapphire glass lends, and the case material is made out of durable 316L Stainless Steel. You cannot get much better than this, we feel. If you want to find out more about this watch, just click here to do so.

[Featured Image via]

Meet Nauto: A Device That Offers Innovative Safety Features For Drivers On The Road

The ownership of a big fleet of vehicles that transport goods or passengers is a great business. Manufacturers and suppliers often rely on these platforms to move their products. Being the owner, it is understandable that some challenges will pop up along the way. One of those concerns driver and passenger safety, which is the main highlight of the Nauto intelligent driver safety system.

With the rising cost of air travel, you can just imagine the amount that airlines charge for cargo. Therefore, companies opt to distribute their items via land whenever it’s possible.

Accidents on the road are unfortunately something that we cannot control. A lot of factors are in play that can cause these unwanted instances that can cause damages and even fatalities. This is the reason why owners should invest in all the possible safety measures that can get their truck or vans to their destinations in one piece.

Proper vehicle maintenance and hire qualified experienced drivers are good starting points. Nevertheless, once the ball starts rolling everything depends on the driver.

Studies show that almost 68 percent of road mishaps are typically the result distractions. So far, the number one culprit is the usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It has been reported that at least one in four collisions are due to the operator using their handset while in transit. Numbers likewise show that there is a 14 percent increase in traffic fatalities since 2014. Ultimately, these avoidable situations can cost businesses tons of money in damages and other expenses.

Thus, Nauto claims that its platform will give fleet owners a peace of mind and a viable return of investment.

What Does It Do?

Nauto Overview

Comparable to advancements in autonomous driving vehicles, the platform uses several sensors to prevent accidents. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence gathers different data to determine if the driver is currently not paying attention. Facial recognition software detects if the operator’s eyes are not on the road.

Furthermore, the device can emit an alarm when it notices that there are potential hazards on the road. The product page notes that the system will emit an alarm when drivers remain distracted for a pre-determined period. Hence, they can immediately return their focus to their task.

Factors such as speed, proximity to other vehicles, and the total length when the operator’s attention is not on the road are all analyzed by the machine. The manufacturer offers an overview of how it generally plays out.

For example, if you’re on the highway cruising at 60 miles per hour and you look at your smartphone, after five seconds a voice notification will sound off. If you continue to ignore the warning, an alarm will eventually trigger.

Stefan Heck, the CEO of Nauto, explains that the product’s core function is to promote driver safety. The company hopes to have the device installed on ride-sharing services, rentals, taxi, buses, courier delivery vans, and more. Commercial fleet owners can take advantage of its features to successfully monitor driver behavior.

Equally important is the reduction of possible road mishaps via its advanced AI and alert functions.

Protecting Business Owners, Drivers, And Passengers

Nauto App

The device is designed to be inconspicuous as it sits behind the rear-view mirror. You have two cameras on board with one facing forward and the other toward the driver. The former monitors the path ahead using artificial intelligence alongside special software to analyze hazards.

Meanwhile, the latter is designed to keep tabs on the driver. Sensors and a special algorithm determine the operator’s attention and issues the appropriate notification whenever the need arises.

These are its real-time nuances, but you should know that it also comes with other features to help the owners. The Nauto system records footage that becomes quickly accessible in the event of a collision. You will receive an email or SMS notification when it happens.

The name of the driver, location, and other important information that your insurance provider needs will be available almost immediately. Additionally, your employees can also manually notify you and upload the recorded video if something is amiss. This keeps you and your commercial fleet protected from potential fraudulent claims.

Using the data collected, you can properly coach your drivers regarding their performance. This ensures that your employees are given accurate feedback in order to curb unwanted behaviors early and keep them on their toes.

The company points out that their product is not intended to be invasive to drivers but help them realize their areas for improvement instead. The device reportedly costs $499, while the monthly service rate starts at $39.95.

Improving Artificial Intelligence To Make Autonomous Vehicles Even Safer


The tech inside each Nauto device collectively sends data to the company to improve its system further. This assures owners that the software and sensors continue to receive upgrades that will prove beneficial for all parties. Sources likewise reveal that the Palo Alto-based startup wants to help innovate driverless transportation.

We understand that most of the available autonomous vehicles are still in the concept stages with a lot of kinks to work out. Sadly, there were instances wherein various self-driving cars caused figured in fatal accidents during testing.

These unfortunate incidents prove to be a major setback to the adoption of the technology. Hopefully, all of it will soon change as the wealth of data on offer exponentially increases in the next couple of years. According to sources, the driver monitoring platform collects all the information from various users.

The startup compiles everything into valuable statistics and numbers that can innovate the autonomous car market sooner than we think. These will ultimately make driverless vehicles safer and smarter for public use.

A lot of automotive analysts seem to agree that the market for self-driving transportation will grow. Nauto is currently in use by commercial fleets in several countries and various carmakers rely on the device to keep owners safe. Several studies have been performed to check the efficiency of the system and the results appear to be promising.

It appears that the number of benefits on offer makes it a very attractive product for driver safety and the advancement of autonomous vehicles.

Combat Airborne Pollutants With The MoLEKULE Air Purifier System

Generally, the majority of the population can go about their daily routine without any problems. However, if you’re part of the select few that suffer from allergies, then it most likely has a big impact on the quality of your life. If you’re one of the unfortunate few who struggles with all of the nasty after effects of an allergy attack, then the MoLEKULE air purifier might just be what you need.

Depending on how severe the reaction to the nasty issues of the day, individuals might have trouble completing tasks or functioning on a normal basis.

We’re pretty sure that most sufferers agree that the after effects are less than desirable. Everyone does not want to spend their time in a slump with a runny nose, itchy eyes, an irritated throat, and other unwanted symptoms.

Health experts suggest the use of HEPA filters to minimize the pollutants that cause an attack in the first place. However, extensive research shows that it might even contribute to the problem.

Tiny particles such as dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, mold, and others are essentially just trapped in between these filters. There is a possibility that the machine can just redistribute these pollutants as the air cycles throughout the room.

Moreover, there is a likelihood that the trapped bacteria and mold can multiply and circulate all over again.

Unlike the conventional HEPA filters used by households, the MoLEKULE air purifier apparently destroys these instead. Using advanced nanotechnology and as the name suggests, this air purifier obliterates these unwanted pollutants at the molecular level.

So, How Does It Work?


According to the official product page, the device claims to stand out from conventional air purifiers through a unique patented system. The company calls is PECO, which stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. Unlike regular HEPA filters that are designed to trap minute particles in the air.

The futuristic tech inside the MoLEKULE air purifier breaks down these air pollutants into something harmless.

It took a team of researchers an estimated two decades to develop the remarkable technology that sits within each device. The company describes it as something similar to how medical experts target cancer cells. It apparently relies on free radicals to encourage oxidization, which eliminates airborne pollutants.

Compared to HEPA filters, it can target particles that are 0.1 nanometers over the 300 nanometers, which is about a thousand times smaller than what the former can handle.

The process starts off with the 360-degree intake that sucks in the air into the machine. It then passes through a pre-filter that captures dander, dust, pollen, and other bigger particles. This leaves the remaining volatile organic compounds.

The air then goes through the nanoparticle-coated filter wherein the MoLEKULE air purifier and its innovative PECO system break everything down on a molecular level. So, what comes out on top is pure air that circulates throughout your living space.

Test Results And Operation

Molekule App

To back up its claim, the manufacturer enlisted the help of third-party experts to properly test the product. The results show that the device is capable of removing all potential pollutants within a given area.

Moreover, a trial was performed with the participation of 28 individuals who are prone to allergies and asthma attacks. The outcome was reportedly very promising, potentially improving the quality of life of these individuals.

One MoLEKULE air purifier can reportedly filter a 600 square foot room once every hour. It operates quietly and on its Turbo setting, manages to output around 55 dBa of noise, which is as loud as a normal conversation.

There a total of three settings: Silent, Turbo Boost, and Auto.

Design And Versatility

Molekule Air Purifier

Given the above-mentioned information about the MoLEKULE air purifier, it already seems to be a worthwhile gadget to have in your home. However, it should be noted that its appearance is equally impressive. Majority of products in the same category often sport serviceable designs.

Sometimes, these items are visibly unattractive and stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise pristine area.

You’ll be glad to know that this one is one stylish piece of technology. It measures 23 inches with a diameter of 8.25 inches. The whole thing clocks in at 18 pounds and can be easily transported around thanks to its leather handle. It touts a premium look with its machined aluminum body alongside a brushed texture finish.

The cherry on top both figuratively and literally is its touchscreen display that controls its operation.  For added convenience, the intuitive interface can be controlled wirelessly using the companion app available on both iOS and Android.

Price, Cost Of Maintenance, And User Opinions

Molekule Purifier

The price might be a determining factor to figure out if the machine is worth your purchase. Top-shelf HEPA technology air purifiers cost anywhere between $100 and $200.

Meanwhile, the high-end build quality and advanced nanotechnology of the MoLEKULE air purifier costs $799.

Additionally, the pre-filters, as well as the PECO filter, need to be replaced every 3 and six months respectively. The company provides a set of these after the initial purchase. The second set will be shipped to the consumer before the system needs replacement.

After the first year, owners can order each filter separately or grab a yearly plan to keep their air purifier working as intended. Replacing them is designed to be a foolproof process. Users just need to twist the device open, change the filters, and twist toward the opposite direction to close.

A yearly subscription service costs $129 and is evidently a little steep in our opinion. Overall, the price is understandably prohibitive for a lot of consumers, but its promise of next-generation purification functions is an attractive option for those who want relief from allergies and more.

The company reveals that its engineers continue to research new ways to improve its filters. Therefore, owners can look forward to the most modern technology in air purification with every replacement package they receive.

For those who are still on the fence regarding the MoLEKULE air purifier, it is apparent that the majority of user feedback sounds positive. The high-end price point is clearly its biggest downside, but its reported benefits seem like a worthwhile compromise.

For people who are ready to improve their quality of life minus the allergies, this might be just what you need.

Meet Earny: The App That Helps You Save Money As You Spend

We inherently associate credit cards with debt, but you might be surprised to know that they’re actually pretty great for saving money, too. Yes, they’re mainly used for making large purchases and building credit. However, credit cards also come with a bunch of benefits that aren’t always about spending.

The problem? These benefits are usually hidden in the fine print of agreements. Unless you’re combing through the card’s documentation like a hawk, you’ll need a lot of luck finding anything.

Among these features is something called “price protection,” which helps you save money by rebating certain credit card purchases.

If you’re a vigilant customer like most other shoppers online, the next few sentences will sound familiar. You know that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting for so long? Good news, Amazon finally has them in stock. It’s a tad bit pricey. However, you then notice it listed at a much lower price point.

This means you’ll want to hold out and decide to wait a few days for the price to go down.

That “waiting” game involves a number of things. First, you have to keep a list of every retail store that sells the item you want to purchase. Not only that, but you must track every single item for price drops in all those stores, too.

You see where this is going?

This is a grueling and complicated process. Even if you do end up getting the best deal, you will have already wasted so much of your precious time cross-checking deals.

Here’s How Earny Lets You Save Money

This is where Earny comes in.

It’s an app that automates the entire process we mentioned. This allows you to buy an item and never have to think twice about a sudden price drop or missing out on the best deal.

Earny works by automatically looking at the things you’ve purchased using your credit card. Then it determines whether a particular item costs less from another merchant. If so, you’ll be rewarded the price difference.

The refund comes in the form of credit, check, or a bank deposit.

It’s as simple as that.

Earny does the chore of constantly monitoring retailers for the best price. Perhaps you just bought the latest Samsung phone using your credit card. A few days later, you might find out the price has suddenly dropped. Earny will automatically take that price drop into account and refund you for overpaying.

This essentially makes Earny a “free money back” service — saving by doing nothing at all.

If you’re concerned about security, fear not. Earny’s Chief Executive Officer Oded Vakrat wanted to put people at ease, as he claimed:

We do not have access to your personal information. We only have access to receipts.

Basically, Earny looks at Amazon receipts inside your inbox then immediately begins tracking the price.

Earny works with a bunch of online retailers, not just Amazon.

Among them are Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Costco, the Gap Group (including Gap), Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, JCrew, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Newegg, Nike, Nordstrom, Overstock, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot.

The company says it’s “always expanding” the list of retailers covered by price protection. Customers can also recommend stores Earny could add next.

Earny Supports These Credit Cards

Earny works with most major credit card issuers. This includes all Citibank cards but only select Mastercard cards from Capital One, U.S. Bank, Barclays, Bank of America, and First Premier Bank.

Earny says customers who use their price protected credit cards when they shop, provided they’ve linked their cards in the Earny app, will be able to benefit from price protection right away.

You can also visit this page to see a list of cards that, when paired with Earny, will help you maximize refunds.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides.

The main thing is that Earny doesn’t do all this money-saving for free. For each refund, the company takes a 25% cut. That might seem a bit steep, sure, but you’ll still end up with money you wouldn’t have acquired anyway.

Keep in mind that this does not cost you anything until you save money, then it takes a cut from the top. It’s also worth noting that price protection doesn’t last forever.

The average price protection time is 90 days,” according to Dori Yona, co-founder of Earny. It can be far less at individual stores, though, usually anything between 7 and 14 days. “If anyone else sells it cheaper in the U.S. during that time, you are owed the money,” she says.

You might think that this window is a bit too small. However, you must also consider that price protection is something cards have never been able to get customers to use.

This is due in no small part to a simple lack of awareness about the feature.

Earny, however, puts price protection front and center. Plus, if more people begin using it, we have no doubt it’s going to be the future of smart and savvy online shopping.

The Future Of Online Shopping

Earny Application

Just imagine, there’s no need to wait for Wednesday to shop at Wal-Mart and Best Buy, as the best day for buying items from both stores. No need to wait until Sunday to shop at Target, when prices are usually better. Nor will you need to wait until Saturday for the Banana Republic or Wednesday for Gap.

These random days when they usually have the best deals available are no longer going to be an issue with Earny around. You’ll get the best deals throughout a given month and week.

What’s amazing is they don’t even have to come from the same store. If the item shows up with a better price on a different outlet, Earny will still refund you the price difference.

Vakrat and Yona’s future initiatives for Earny include making it the ultimate personal assistant for everyone’s shopping needs. They told TechDayHQ:

We are building the ultimate consumer advocate personal assistant. Our goal to is to protect every customer’s purchases and give consumers the confidence to shop knowing they will never overpay for an item again.

To try it out for yourself, you can do so for 100% free. It costs nothing to download and use, and we’ve already informed you about how they profit. This means that in order for them to make any money, you first have to make some.

That is a good business model if you’re asking us!

Start earning money back now instead of taking the lesser deal. Earny is available right now on iOS and Android.

[Photo Credits: Earny, Inc.]

The Mira Prism Proves AR Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

When people hear “augmented reality,” most likely they’ll think of Pokémon GO — and not much else. The hit game from the people at Nintendo has you physically roaming around different places to find and catch all sorts of, well, Pokemon. The AR comes in the catching part, as Pokémon GO overlays graphics on top of the live feed of your surroundings,

This makes the characters seem like they’re actually in the real world. Whether it’s grassy plains, a pavement in New York City, or on top of a skyscraper in London.

Other than Pokémon GO, what other Augmented Reality apps can you name? You’re probably blanking right now, and that’s a totally fair reaction.

While AR has been a proven concept in major industries like surgery and mechanics, nobody has made a pair of AR glasses for regular, mainstream use.

A number of things have hampered the adoption of augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, AR isn’t a cheap endeavor. VR is still certainly a luxury, of course, but it’s not something that costs an arm and a leg to fully experience.

This is mostly due to the idea that it takes you out of normal reality, into its own universe. Therefore, it was only a tech invention away.

The cost for augmented reality often results in the lack of development. Plus, AR glasses are simply not sleek enough from a design perspective. The design of VR headsets has been steadily improving since manufacturers are now ultra-conscious about them.

This is not just about the performance of these things, but also if they make a person look silly.

Several years ago a picture of a person wearing a bulky headset would be ridiculous. Now, it’s commonplace. The same thing simply can’t be said of augmented reality. Finally, there’s the ultimate, main problem. There is simply not much you can do on AR. Not right now, at least.

A startup company called Mira, with its $99 mobile headset is trying to change that.

Mira Prism, The Plug-And-Play Augmented Reality Headset

Mira isn’t just another company who prize on steeping its latest product with buzzwords and vague adjectives. It’s not another illusion factory making faulty promises about a product that’s no more than a blemished proof-of-concept.

The Prism, its flagship AR headset, is actually something fairly easy to understand. It still looks kind of weird, like some prop from a sci-fi B movie. However, it’s the first AR headset that doesn’t cost a fortune just to experience.

Like Google’s Cardboard VR headset whose material is its namesake, the Mira doesn’t have any electronics. It’s a mere shell similar to the Samsung Gear VR, but for AR.

Using it is straightforward. You just open a Mira-enabled app on your iPhone, then slide it into the prism’s phone compartment. The screen is positioned toward the transparent visor, which reflects the images back across your vision.

The resulting effect is that objects seem to float in front of you, and they’re rendered in stereoscopic 3D, making them feel even more real.

The Mira Prism comes with a Google Daydream-style remote, which includes a trigger for your index finger, just like the Gear VR’s remote. The remote is particularly useful for interacting with objects.

It also features a touchpad on top, in addition to home and menu buttons.

Software-wise, the system has plenty of room for improvement. Some demos are fairly impressive, especially considering they’re essentially just running through a $99 plaything.

However, a number of them proved laggy and unpolished. Luckily, because the Mira Prism relies on the iPhone to work, the hiccups are entirely mendable through improved programming.

Moreover, Mira can leverage Apple’s ARKit platform, but more on that later.

The Downsides Of Mira Prism

Like any concept, there are some inevitable caveats. For one, the Mira Prism uses a printed marker instead of detecting edges and planes, which is traditionally how AR works.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the objects overlaid on the visor are far less solid than that on other, more sophisticated AR systems, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens.

That being said, the Mira Prism isn’t a thousand-dollar system. It also doesn’t require the latest CPUs and GPUs. It’s a barebones AR platform that costs $99, which is insanely cheap for an AR headset.

Most importantly, because it runs on iOS, it could, at some point, take advantage of the aforementioned ARKit platform.

That’s the Cupertino brand’s first serious attempt to give developers a broader toolset. With it, they can deliver more polished AR projects. Down the line, this might solve Mira’s initially rough software experience.

Mira says that, eventually, developers will be able to build both single and multiplayer experiences with its software development kit. Your friends will also be able to see your AR shenanigans on their own phones through Spectator Mode.

They can also take pictures and videos of you while interacting with virtual objects. In that regard, the Mira Prism offers slightly more social experiences than comparable headsets.

At the end of the day, the Mira Prism will only be as good as the things it can do, it can only do things with the help of software. That means developers must continuously build apps for it.

Before they can do that, however, the Mira Prism must have a large user base. After all, why should developers make apps if only a few will use them?

As you can see, there are hierarchical problems at play here. Mira must first complete one before proceeding to the next challenge.

The Challenges Ahead

On its own, the Mira Prism is an immensely promising device. It’s cheap and it’s easy to use. On top of this, it delivers the best elements of AR without exerting a fortune from its users. With so many people playing Pokémon GO in the past, and many still playing, millions already know what augmented reality is.

Right now, though, it’s a mere novelty. Something impressive the first few tries until you realize you can turn it off to save battery life.

Mira’s challenge is to evolve augmented reality beyond gimmicky terrain. Or at least coax us out of that perception. People must see AR as something that’s needed and necessary because right not it’s like a smartwatch. It’s cool, but you can live without it.

The Mira Prism’s low price point is an excellent start, surely.

Depending on how enthusiastically developers take to the headset, Mira stands to play a huge role in the incipient AR industry.

[Photo Credits: Mira VR]

The Folomov 18650S Is One Of The Best Unsung Tactical Flashlights In The World

At Men’s Gear, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to review tons of products in a given year. This includes products of all types, including terrific flashlights. Yet one of the best of the flashlights we’ve seen is the Folomov 18650S, and it really needs to be discussed more.

If you’re a follower of impressive flashlights, especially the tactical type, this is one of the best you’ll find. One of the best things about it is that it is nearly indestructible. Trust us there, as we purposely tried to break it to see if this claim was true.

Yet the Folomov 18650S model seemed to hold up, regardless of the conditions we put it through.

We threw it, stomped on it, hit the dang thing with a hammer, yet nothing fazed this beast. The thing, it is meant to be tough and hold up to any conditions. Like most, it is capable of working in any major conditions you find yourself in, which only serves to make it more valuable.

The company, Folomov, wanted to make sure they delivered a proper flashlight that could be used by anyone for any reason. Founded in 2009, they have made several products. However, a proper flashlight is always needed and they knew they could deliver the best possible version in the 18650S.

What makes this thing so valuable and worth your time? Let us dive into it!

Folomov 18650S Features

When we were looking at the Folomov 18650S, the first thing we noticed was that the directions claimed it could do a bunch of things. If this is a reality, it clearly meant this flashlight had the capability to be useful. There are 7 main settings and uses for this flashlight.

Those 7 main settings are:

  • Moonlight
  • Ultra Low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Turbo
  • Strobe

You can access the moonlight version by holding down the power button as it is turned off. The moonlight light will come up and each click you use will get it progressively brighter. This, of course, goes all the way up to turbo.

Of course, the low lights are still bright as it is meant to be a smaller light that is more directly focused. The large light versions manage to show the brightest lights and shine in everything in their path. Basically, they are both able to light up entire rooms on their own. That is insanely bright for sure!

The strobe works by merely clicking the power button twice in rapid fashion. Once done, it’ll use the brightness of the last light setting you had it on from Moonlight all the way to Turbo.

SOS and Beacon modes are also added in that take time to set up for your own set-up of them. Meanwhile, you can also limit the amount of time the light it on by setting up a countdown. You can do this by pressing the power button rapidly on the minutes you need it to be on.

So for 3 minutes, click three times rapidly. It’ll automatically go into a countdown mode. You can do this for every minute all the way up to 9 minutes. Just be sure the light is on.

The Technical Jargon

The Folomov 18650S flashlight is quite impressive as you can see by the features it has. The light is 900 Lumens, which seems like it’s much more based on how bright it gets. As mentioned, we tried to do our best to break the thing but it was incredibly tough. The directions from Folomov is that it is only impact resistant for up to 1 meter.

The Folomov 18650S is also waterproof and can work in up to 2 meters in the water, which is pretty amazing. For any flashlight like this to work for 2 meters or a little over 6 feet is impressive. This also makes it perfect for the outdoors and especially for muddy places.

Officially, the flashlight is IPX-8 waterproof.

The flashlight also weighs next to nothing, as it is meant to be light and compact. It even has a clip on it to hang your shirt or jacket without weighing either down much. According to the Folomov brand, it’s only 50g in weight.

The light itself gets all the way up to 6940cd maximum intensity. This is simply a lighting scale, in case you were curious.

It also uses a 2600mAH Lithium-Ion battery to power it. The coolest part about this is that the battery is rechargeable via USB. Seriously, they include a USB cord for you to use and you’re able to charge it up this way tons of times. This gives you the ability to never need another battery as long as you take care of the one included.

How To Buy The Folomov 18650S

Buying the Folomov 18650S tactical flashlight is quite simple. All you have to do is head to Amazon and buy it from their website. Currently, the Folomov brand does not sell anything directly from their website. This is not uncommon with brands, which is why Amazon is so useful.

To buy, simply click the link below.


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McLaren Senna $13K model by Amalgam has a remote that operates doors and lights

Headquartered in Bristol, England, Amalgam Collection makes some of the most detailed (and most expensive) automotive scale models on the planet. After releasing a static McLaren Senna in 2018, the company thought it could do the car even better justice. So, Amalgam created a remote specifically for the 1:8 model that controls a variety of features, including the lights and the doors.

Amalgam has an incredible lineup of models. We could gush about every car on the site, but some of the most notable recent examples have been a chrome Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a 1:4 Bugatti Chiron engine, a Ferrari 488 Pista, and a Lamborghini Miura P400 SV. Amalgam is currently working on a McLaren Speedtail, a Porsche 917 Martini, and the Ferrari SP twins. Unlike Hot Wheels, however, these are not the types of models one can pile up. Buying just one requires a separate savings account.

Originally, Amalgam’s first Senna model cost $8,324. The new-and-improved model is listed at $13,444. This is mainly due to the new remote that comes with the model. About the size of a smartphone, the branded remote has eight different buttons. It can lock and unlock the doors, turn on the hazards, turn on the headilghts, turn on the reverse lights, open the left and right door, or turn on interior lights.

Amalgam McLaren Senna Model

The model comes in a black “presentation box” and is mounted on either a carbon fiber or leather base, all covered by a clear acrylic dust cover. Inspect the details in the gallery above and see the doors and lights in action below.

[embedded content]

The BENQ Business Projector Is Perfect Presentations, Movies, And More

One of our favorite things to do is to review products in person. We love getting our hands on the stuff and seeing how easy it is to use and how cool the features are. We particularly enjoy technology products that allow us to go into full investigator mode. Recently, we got our hands on the BENQ Business Projector and we were pleasantly surprised by it.

The first thing we wanted to do is check into the product online to see what other reviews from real customers said about the product. We do this with each and every tech product, because everyone may have different experiences compared to us. For the BENQ Business Projector, we were looking for some key things that an average customer may or may not know.

When it comes to projectors, we knew what to look for and how to fix any random issue. Meanwhile, others may not. Some are also new to projectors and do not expect some of the things that come with them. All of this is common with new users and even some veterans to the industry.

For the BENQ Business Projector, we put it through a few grading challenges. This came down to what it includes, how it works, how easy it is to use, and some unknown things that you find out when using it. Let’s get down to grading!

Ease Of Use: Grade A+

BENQ Business Projector Home

The BENQ Business Projector is designed to do as it seems, to use in business meetings. However, it has several settings we’ll get to later that removes that concept. In any case, the first thing we like to do is open the box and look at the projector to see certain signs.

We check to see if we can answer these questions positively:

Is it really light or heavy? Do you need to know much about it to start it? Are the directions easy to comprehend? Could you even use this without directions? Are there any unexpected things that make this product different?

We’re proud to give the BENQ Business Projector a passing grade on this. We were quite pleased with how easy it was to use. Since we know a little about projectors, we were able to open it up and turn it on right away. However, you don’t need to know a lot. Everything is given to you to succeed from step one.

You can see it all on the projector itself or the included remote. Meanwhile, the directions highlight exactly what goes into what and how you need to start it up. They even tell you what to do when you have it on. Partially the directions could use an update with more words around the images to give detailed direction to those that might need it. However, this was the only flaw in there to us.

From opening the box to the start of watching something took us less than 5 minutes. That is impressive for sure!

The Picture: Grade A++

BENQ business projector differences

One really big issue with projectors over the years is that they rarely looked good. We all still assume projectors will be like those we had in high school. However, this could not be further from how they operate and look today. The reason for this has to do with DLP and its Full HD status.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and this has a lot to do with why the picture looks so good. Basically, the brightness and overall look are improved over standard projectors. Essentially, it was as important an addition to the at-home projector as HD was to television years ago. In essence, it’s massively different.

Not every projector is the same in its use of DLP Technology, however. Some include more  impressive versions of the tech while others use lesser types. However, they can all look good. In the case of the BENQ Business Projector, we found the picture looked impressive from the start.

We decided to try it out on various surfaces to see if it could work anywhere. Not only did it work on randoms walls and floors, but just about anywhere else you could think of. It manages to be capable of this due to the brightness level it has. Truly, you could shine it onto anything and it can work perfectly.

Heck, you could use it for big backyard movies in the summer, on a camping trip, and obviously in-doors with your family on a Sunday evening. You’ll no longer need to worry about getting some fancy screen for your projector to shine onto. BENQ made it possible to watch anywhere, anytime you choose.

Due to what it brings to the table, it looks good no matter what. This is spectacular.

The Key Specs: Grade A

BENQ Business Projector Picture

The BENQ Business Projector has a lot of specs to keep in mind. We know BENQ is the #1 DLP Technology Projector company out there. However, we did not know they were capable of such amazing work.

First and foremost, you need to notice a few key things. It is capable of connecting to the computer, so whatever imagery your monitor or laptop screen sees, the projector can see the same. This gives it a picture appearance of 1080p most of the time, but also basic 4K as well. They even have a 3D mode if you’re feeling like using it.

The front of the projector is where the real magic happens. It is here that you can zoom and/or make sure to focus the picture. This will allow you to go from the blurry image you see initially to the perfect image you expect. While you can listen to the video via your computer speaker(s), you can also attach speakers to this.

The BENQ Business Projector is capable of attaching several speakers and can especially hook up to a nice surround sound system.

They give you a nice VGA cable with the projector’s purchase, but you can also use an HDMI cable as well as USB drives or connections. This versatility is something we love to see out of BENQ.

Also, remember that brightness adjustment we mentioned BENQ fixed up. Due to this, it adjusts to the room it is in. This means you don’t need a dark theater room to watch. It could be sunny out and you’ll get just as good a picture on this as you will on your TV during the same time periods.

The Temperature And Eco Control: Grade A

BENQ Business Projector Remote

We’re big fans of the BENQ Business Projector because it can do just about anything we want. It can be adjusted to fit wherever you might put a projector in your home. However, one of the key things to remember about this projector is its temperature control.

When it’s first coming on, it is not only adjusting to the light but it’s getting warmer and getting better in its picture. This is essential to the working of the device, so you need to keep that in mind. On top of this, it has an area where the heat comes out only on one side. This is useful for a few reasons.

The first is that you can always sit on the other side or away from the heat. Second, you don’t have to hear the loud dual fan system during your movie or TV watching experience. On top of this, the lamp is impressive as well. They even have an Eco-Control on the system that allows you to turn it off to save the lamp’s power.

Called the “Eco Blank,” the screen goes blank during the show or film you’re watching when you use this. It may not seem like much, but turning it off a few times during use of it can save you money long term. This is useful, as you’re literally saving tons of money over a long period of time.

The utilization of the SmartEco™ Mode allows you to save up to 70% of the lamp’s actual power while still getting the best possible picture. It also turns itself off when not in activity for around 20 minutes. All of this helps to eliminate unnecessary radiation or electrical waste, thus saving energy.

It’s hard to score the BENQ Business Projector any lower than an A! We give it such a score because we feel it is hard to make a perfect projector. Yet they achieved it, as we can get whatever we want out of this thing. We know what we’re watching WrestleMania on this Sunday for sure!

How To Buy

BENQ Business Projector

If you’d like to buy the BENQ Business Projector, you can CLICK HERE to go straight there. Upon arrival, you’ll have the option to pick through several different types. All of which has various portions of power behind them, all to make the image better.

They even offer a 3-year warranty on your device. When you get the device in the mail, it dictates to you what type of warranty you have based on the continent or country you’re in. If you want to learn more about the warranty for the devices and what to expect with your warranty regarding each individual project, click here.

The PorTable Might Be The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Fun

The PorTable might be the next big thing. We truly mean that, and you very well could be saying the same thing when you see what it can do. We’d like to describe it as “a party in a box.” Yet it does not come in a box, rather, a table of sorts.

The creators describe it as “a transportable all-in-one charging, power, and speaker table, with a lightweight design that can deliver the highest technical performance.”

The people behind The PorTable originally launched an IndieGoGo campaign that was hopefully going to make their dream a reality. They claim to be a team that lives and breathes the outdoors and liked to spend as much time out there as possible. This is what made them think up, “PorTable.”

The PorTable is a smart device that offers proper open spaces, power outlets, and more. It’s possible to take to parties, family get-togethers, and even camping.

It is simply a table that unfolds like any other. Yet beyond this, it opens up to give us several amazing things that make it quite compelling. We have seen tables that unfold to reveal stuff before. This is often used in the card playing game. However, we looked all over the place and have yet to find anything like The PorTable in the world.

This item officially launched for purchase this month.

For some of you, it’s becoming quite apparent that we’re hyping up this product and you likely want to know what makes it worthy of your time. Sit back and check out all the features that make The PorTable something you should look into even more.

The PorTable Is An Innovative Outdoor Table That Can Do Everything

[embedded content]

Simply put, The PorTable does anything and everything you need it to do. It comes together as a table but once it unfolds, it reveals concealed areas for multiple forms of technology to be. First, it opens up like a normal table and sits on 6000 series aluminum folding legs. These are heavily durable and capable of holding some sizable weight.

The table then has several multi-colored LED lights for visibility during the dark or darker periods of a given day.

One of the coolest features is the drawer with dual cup holders and a removable bottle opener. Do you know how hard it is to find a good bottle opener? Seriously, it’s annoying as crap at parties! They include a great version of one with The PorTable and that just exists us to no end!

A concealable storage drawer is present with a 10W wireless charging station. Meanwhile, there’s a Dual-USB A port that supports up to 10W power output as well as a USB C Port that supports up to 80W power output. They also included an Auxiliary Port that you can use for different types of devices.

The True Power Of Go PorTable That Made Us Fall In Love With It

Go PorTable Table Spot
[Image via Go PorTable]

It uses a 100W power bank with 12* 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries. The power bank is replaceable, so you can continue to use up the battery and swap it out with a fresh one to stay off the grid for multiple days.

Perhaps the most notable part of the Go PorTable is its Bluetooth Speakers with 5W/channel Class D Amplifier. You can sit by the pool or be on a camping trip with your buds and listen to you your favorite music, crack open a beer and don’t worry about spills.

PorTable has you covered with its IP54 certification. That makes it heavily durable and capable of handling your clumsy spills or the weather. If you’re at the beach or the pool there’s no need to worry about water, sand, dirt or dust!

The Important Takeaways You Should Know

Table with Van
[Image via Go PorTable]

Obviously, The PorTable is newer than most products out there. It is possible that little issues or bugs could plague the first launch of a product. However, from what we’ve seen so far, everyone seems universally happy with the product.

It is made for friends to hang out and have a place to put everything and a place for everything to be. It delivered on this mission quite well. You can take it quite literally anywhere, without having to worry about dropping it. This table can handle everything you throw its way.

Yet it is light enough for kids to carry, so dropping likely won’t even happen.

We feel that The PorTable might be the next big thing to have in outdoor fun. We wouldn’t want you to miss out, so go and grab yours today!

The last 1995 Bugatti EB110 SS is for sale

Throughout 2019, Bugatti is celebrating its 110th birthday by releasing several special cars such as the Chiron Sport 110 Ans Bugatti and the Atlantic-inspired Bugatti La Voiture Noire. In a similar fashion in 1991, Bugatti celebrated 100 years of Ettore Bugatti with the release a car that still impresses today: the EB110 GT. Bugatti went on to one-up itself with the release of the car seen here, the high-performance EB110 SS. Nearly 25 years later, the last production example is up for sale.

The numbers for the 1995 supercar are pretty bonkers. Where the GT made about 550-560 bhp, the SS was cranked up to more than 600 bhp. The SS used the same 3.5-liter V12 with 12 individual throttle bodies and four turbochargers as the GT, but featured larger injectors, an updated exhaust with fewer catalytic converters, and a better-tuned ECU.

Supercars were still in analog mode at this point, so the EB110 had a six-speed manual gearbox and put power down to the ground through Bugatti’s four-wheel drive system. According to the firm selling the car, Girardo & Company, it could do zero to 62 mph in 3.26 seconds and had a top speed in excess of 200 mph.

Part of the performance upgrade from the GT to the SS was done through weight savings, as well. Although Bugatti had been weight-conscious from the start by building the EB110 with a carbon fiber monocoque, it was reportedly able to cut approximately 350 pounds of weight off the GT. This came from making the hood, the engine cover, and the undertray carbon fiber and replacing the side windows with an air inlet cover for the engine. Furthermore, the SS had specialized BBS magnesium wheels, a new fixed rear wing, brake cooling vents behind the front wheels, a more aero-focused front bumper.

Bugatti reportedly only made 84 EB110 GTs, and the SS was more than twice as rare, with approximately only 30 examples built. This car, chassis. No. 39040 ,was finished in September 1995 and is said to be the last production EB110 SS ever made. With a Grigio Chiaro paint job, it’s likely one of the most coveted Bugattis on the planet.

Men’s Gear Awards: Best Tactical Flashlight Brands Of 2019


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If you’ve ever owned a Nitecore Flashlight, you know why we added them to our list of the best tactical flashlight brands. They are simply one of the best you’ll ever find, and this isn’t an exaggeration.

Everyone who knows the world of tactical gear knows Nitecore are serious contenders for the best flashlight makers.

This is for good reason. Nitecore reminds us of Streamlight, due to their set-up. Like them, their website is more about informing you about their product rather than telling you about their prices.

There are just so many that is can be a bit jarring, but this is kind of a good thing.

They are not specifically made for the likes of law enforcement like Streamlight often tends to be. Nitecore is also heavily influenced by their testing and actually puts testing in the hands of people like those who know the world well.

There are pros and cons to every single flashlight in existence, which should be heavily noted here. However, Nitecore actually seems to love getting both about their product from the likes of us, the media.

The reason? This testing helps them better their products overall, even if that means removing a certain type from their line to make sure it’s perfect.

This means you are not just getting testers that work with Nitecore only. Rather, you’re getting people in the real world that are putting these flashlights to the test.

Nitecore’s Proper Testing Led To Better Lights And Inventive Results

They make lights for just about everything. We always feel that great tactical flashlight brands must evolve with the times. Not only do their flashlights need to be made for certain activities, but those lights have to adjust to the very things those activities require from a flashlight.

Nitecore has headlamp lights, for example, that are made specifically for fields like cave exploration, climbing, etc. They have to be perfectly organized, of course, for this particular field.

That is not where their organized tactical flashlights end. They make your standard lights to have around the home for storms, of course. However, they have specific lines dedicated to exploration, as well as lights dedicated to search and rescue.

They also have a tremendous “Tiny Monster” series that combines lights to make a really cool, revolutionary flashlight.

One of them stacks 4 beams in one, offering 6,000 Lumen strength lighting. It seems insane, right? It isn’t, but whoever thought it up must be a genius if you’re asking us.

Another we absolutely love about Nitecore is that they sell their batteries separately as well as together. Many flashlights come with batteries when you buy them. However, places like Nitecore make specific types of flashlights that require batteries you won’t find at your regular, run of the mill store.

This is why they sell them separately so you won’t have to buy a brand new flashlight to get new batteries. Under this as well, they have power banks/chargers that are used to power other things too. This will allow you to charge a cell phone, computer, and much more.

They even sell lasers, the types that can be really annoying at theaters as well as those you can use on a gun to help aim a shot better. Seriously, this is flipping awesome!

Overall, there is nothing but impressive material here at Nitecore. Their prices vary, but most of their flashlights are under $200. This, of course, does not include any accessories or extra batteries you may want to buy along with it.

McLaren 720S Spider First Drive Review | Absolutely corrupted by power

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What English writer and historian John Dalberg-Acton said is true. I have absolutely been corrupted, completely and irrevocably, by the McLaren 720S Spider. And it’s all because of the power.

I drove the brand-new supercar on a route that took me from the urban sprawl of Phoenix to the more peaceful surroundings of Payson across some open stretches of highway in Arizona. I learned a lot along the way. But the one fact that overwhelms everything else is that the 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine installed in the McLaren 720S Spider feels almost otherworldly powerful.

With a dry weight of 2,937 pounds, the Spider weighs just 108 pounds more than the 720S hardtop. That’s going to have a very small impact on performance, but you won’t feel any difference from behind the wheel — 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque have a way of masking a few extra pounds.

Foot to the floor, there’s a brief moment right off idle where turbo lag almost makes the 720S Spider’s engine feel like it may be a disappointment. Almost. And then all hell breaks loose. McLaren says the 720S Spider will accelerate from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds on its way to a 10.4-second quarter mile (just 0.1 seconds slower than the coupe) and 212-mph top speed. Drop the top and terminal velocity falls to a positively pedestrian 202.

McLaren 720S Spider
McLaren 720S SpiderMcLaren 720S Spider

While we’re on the topic of stopwatch measurements, it takes just 11 seconds to raise or retract the electrically operated folding roof. The rear window glass also raises to minimize wind turbulence in the cabin or lowers to let in the elements and the wail of the engine’s exhaust note. I kept everything lowered as much as possible to fully experience the open-air nature of the Spider, but when a sudden rainstorm rolled in, the fact that the top can be folded up or down at speeds of up to 31 mph came in handy.

With the top in place, I was able to enjoy another cool new feature that isn’t shared with the rest of McLaren’s lineup of Spiders. An electrochromic glass panel can turn mostly transparent or deeply tinted at the touch of a button. The roof, which is paired with a translucent set of flying buttresses just aft of the passenger compartment, offers a feeling of airiness and visibility that is unrivaled among the Spider’s competitive set.

Not too long ago, terrible visibility, impossible ergonomics and disastrous drivability outside of full-throttle blasts went hand-in-hand with the slinky, low-slung life of supercar ownership. That’s no longer the case, and a lot of the credit goes to McLaren. The hardtop 720S has been praised on the pages of Autoblog for its approachable nature, and the Spider deserves those same accolades. The interior looks and feels luxurious, there’s plenty of room inside for two passengers, and, with the exception of absolutely maddening electric seat adjustment controls, everything is laid out logically and easy to use. At 15 miles per gallon city, 22 highway and 18 combined, it’s even (considering its stratospheric power output) relatively efficient.

McLaren 720S SpiderMcLaren 720S Spider
McLaren 720S SpiderMcLaren 720S Spider

There are three driver-selectable modes for both the powertrain and the car’s suspension. Out on the highway, Comfort feels just right. It makes for a ride that’s firm and well controlled, but never jarring. The electro-hydraulic power steering is quick but never darty. It all adds up to a car that feels like it could soak up hundreds of miles in proper grand-touring style.

Sport mode, as its name implies, firms everything up. The ride gets a bit busier, the throttle mapping changes and the turbochargers seem to respond more quickly when called into action. I didn’t take the 720S Spider to the track, which is where the appropriately named Track mode is designed to excel. But even if I never used that setting on public roads, I’d at least want to use it to show off to my friends how the instrument cluster spins around to present a trimmed-down set of gauges to the driver.

I actually happened to drive the 720S Spider back-to-back with another McLaren, the equally new 600LT Spider, and an interesting thought occurred to me as I exchanged keys. These two vehicles share a whole heck of a lot in common. In fact, all the cars in McLaren’s lineup share a single line of DNA. But the actual experience of driving these two Spiders is overwhelmingly different.

McLaren 720S Spider

They are both hardtop convertibles derived from already launched fixed-top models, they both boast twin-turbocharged V8 engines mounted right behind the passenger compartment, and both drive their rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Put simply, they are both eminently desirable supercars. But the 600LT Spider (above left) is clearly engineered for blitzing race tracks, and is therefore compromised on the road. The 720S Spider (above right) is primarily designed to be enjoyed on the open road. And since that’s where nearly all supercars will actually rack up the vast majority of their miles, it’s a better car because of it.

In the end, I walked away thinking that the 600LT Spider may offer the most fun you can have on a race track behind the wheel of a McLaren. But the 720S Spider is the best all-around McLaren that money can buy. There are very few downsides, other than the fact that, at $315,000, I can’t afford one. It’s comfortable, versatile, beautiful, and above all else, stupidly fast.

If this is what corruption feels like, I’m absolutely on board.

Sounds like Bugatti is about to debut a 57 SC Atlantic-inspired design

In early February, a rumor popped up that Bugatti was bringing an extremely special multi-million-dollar one-off custom to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. This week, Bugatti put out a teaser on social media that hinted at a new 57 SC Atlantic-inspired design. Could the two be related, or are automotive enthusiasts in for two major surprises?

Maybe we’ve been watching too much “True Detective” and have the itch to put clues together, but a peculiar timeline has begun to take shape surrounding what’s to come next for Bugatti. On Feb. 12, we picked up a report from The Supercar Blog that said ex-VW boss Dr. Ferdinand Piech had ordered a one-off Bugatti that cost about $18 million and would debut in Geneva. On Feb. 18, Bugatti began a social campaign that celebrated the 80th birthday of the famed 57 SC Atlantic, highlighting each of the four examples that were built.

On Feb. 24, Bugatti publicly wondered if the design of the 57 SC Atlantic could be reinterpreted in the modern automotive landscape.

And today, Feb. 25, Bugatti posted an interview with Deputy Design Director Etienne Salomé in which he added a couple more hints. He starts by saying, “When the team and myself started to design this car,” which suggests the Atlantic-inspired car is indeed real. He goes on, referencing Jean Bugatti: “How would he translate the timeless beauty and the elegance of his own private Atlantic onto a modern-day Bugatti?”

The second piece of information there could be taken literally or figuratively. In a literal sense, it sounds like the Atlantic-inspired car could be a design applied to a current Bugatti. Might it be a custom one-off Chiron? Bugatti has already shown how much it could change the look of its hypercar with the release of the track-focused Divo. Taken figuratively, however, it could suggest Bugatti will build a new model with the Atlantic’s design ethos and spirit but with modern technology. That would mean the one-off and the Atlantic-style car are two different things.

Because Bugatti only has one supremely specialized vehicle, its next moves are always highly anticipated. Back in 2016, the company said it had four options as to what would come after the Chiron, and pointed out the Galibier as one of the four. Coincidentally, the Galibier has a few Atlantic-style features, such as the spine that runs down the center of the car.

At this point, this is all speculation, and the only thing that is known for sure is Bugatti will not be unveiling an SUV. We’ll update expectations as we learn more information.

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McLaren won’t do an SUV, says company design chief

While many carmakers traditionally known for supercars have bolstered their lineups with SUVs and crossovers, that will not happen with McLaren. At least according to McLaren design chief Mark Roberts, as quoted by Automotive News.

Roberts made the statement at an event preceding the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, saying, “We really do deliver on the ultimate driving experience. For us, it means no compromise. An SUV doesn’t allow us to deliver on that. It’s not a no-compromise kind of vehicle.” Company boss Mike Flewitt was asked the same question way back in 2014, and the response was similar: “We need to remain very focused. McLaren is a sports car brand, and that’s exactly what we’re going to remain.”

For a number of sports car brands now offering SUVs, it’s all about making money to make money: Selling profitable, in-demand, high-riding vehicles provides them with the bankroll to keep developing their low-slung core products that show the brand in the best light. For McLaren, dilution like that isn’t an option, despite its intent to bring as many as 18 new models to the market by 2025, electrifying its lineup with hybrid tech. Roberts told Automotive News: “For a small company like McLaren, it’s a big deal and a big challenge. It’s putting a big demand on [McLaren’s production facility] to step up to demand and build more volume.”

Still, for some carmakers, the old thought “Never say never again” will prove true: Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne famously told reporters in 2016, “We won’t make an SUV. You’ll have to shoot me first.” Despite that, Ferrari confirmed an SUV was on the table when the late Marchionne was still very much alive. And Rolls-Royce, which recently launched its massive Cullinan SUV, reportedly “wasn’t even discussing SUVs” as late as 2013.

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Stop everything, and appreciate the Lamborghini Miura’s mechanical beauty

Everybody knows the Lamborghini Miura is one of the greatest automotive designs of all time. It’s also known that the Miura’s V12 heart is one of the greatest powertrains of all time. But there’s more to a car than just the body and the engine. Celebrating the intricacies of manufacturing, Artist Fabien Oefner took his disintegrating cars series to new heights by using a real 1972 Miura SV to create stunning photos of the remarkable internals of the historic Lamborghini.

In the past, Oefner has created fantastic museum-quality images by using scale model cars and suspending their parts to look like explosions of mechanical goodness. This Miura, however, is the real deal. A collector and friend contacted Oefner to suggest that a full restoration of the car would be a perfect opportunity to photograph the vehicle and create a life-sized version of his Disintegrating Cars series. The results are absolutely breathtaking.

Disappearing car

The original idea of the series was an exploration of time and reality. Oefner takes each part and suspends it from above to create an exposed three-dimensional examination of the car. Using a real vehicle, however, was a much different process. Creating his work in his studio was a calming and centering process for Oefner, whereas working on a real Lamborghini was much more time-sensitive and much more involved, with several mechanics working on the car. Such a complicated and involved procedure created a special bond between artist and subject.

“At the end of the process, you know every single detail,” Oefner said in the video above. “It’s more like it’s a person, if you want to say so. Every time I see the car, it’s like, ‘Oh, I know you!'”

The art, which took two years of work and photography in the Sant`Agatha Lamborghini factory, allows enthusiasts to know the car better, too, as the final product uses 1,500 parts. See more detailed photos of the art and the work on Fabien Oefner’s portfolio site.

The Arcido Akra Backpack Is A Must-Have For Travel And Day To Day Use

A good backpack goes a long way, and no one knows this better than people who travel. They don’t want an airline stopping them and taking their bag. They want proper storage, as well as an ability to comfortably carry their backpack anywhere. This is where the Arcido Akra backpack comes into play.

This backpack might very well be the best backpack on the market. We don’t blow smoke at Men’s Gear, as we firmly believe this backpack has it all. Let us explain why.

We truly love seeing the proper backpack for all things. If you’re like us, you have one with you when you’re going to stay or explore the outdoors. However, you’ll most often carry one to school or even work. Even random doctor visits.

Some of us even use a backpack when we’re just walking around a particular city.

This is why getting the right backpack for everything is well worth the expense. That brought us to the Arcido Akra backpack. It’s a bag that can do it all, and then some.

Seriously, Arcido thought of quite literally everything.

Major Details About The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack inside
[Image via Arcido]

It took us some time to truly get our hands on the Arcido Akra backpack. When we did, we wanted to look it over and even put it to the test. As people know by now, Men’s Gear does not just praise an item. We will talk about its failure on top of what makes it a worthy item.

We tell everyone that gets in touch with us about this rule. Yet it’s hard to find much bad with this backpack.

This level of trust is important to us, which is why we had to get our hands on the bag and put it through the test. First and foremost, we wanted to look at what Arcido claims they have done to it.

We’re told the Arcido Akra backpack is their best bag, meaning it needs to be terrific if we’d be interested in buying any other product from them.

Included in the bag is a 500D Blendex Kodra body fabric involving a PU coating. The bottom scuff fabric involves 1000D Kodra as well as the PU coating. Of course, PU stands for Polyurethane. When it comes to PU coating and fabric, it helps to repel water and can make something resistant to it.

The higher the “D” count, the more water-resistant or waterproof the item.

With this bag holding up in the rain, that already makes it interesting. However, it can do more than this. Due to the bottom scuff being so highly waterproof, it can hold up relatively well on the water. Of course, you don’t want to dunk the Arcido Akra backpack in the water completely for too long.

It’s has a 150D Premium Polyester Oxford lining, also with PU coating. They really undersell this part of the bag. When we got our hands on it, we could tell the detail was there in the polyester. We could even tell how the coating was keeping everything dry by feeling the difference between it and other bags like it.

Security And Efficiency Of The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack water resistance
[Image via Arcido]

One of the most important things a bag can provide is essential security and efficiency. After all, you’re purchasing it to keep your belongings safe. Plus, you want to be sure you can store a good bit of stuff inside the bag.

We’re happy to report that the Arcido Akra Backpack certainly passed our tests here.

First, the inside of the backpack is designed in such a way that you can stack a lot inside without compromising the bag itself. We were able to put in about 5 pairs of jeans, 8 shirts, 10 underwear, and 7 sets of socks inside the upper compartment.

It fit all of this comfortably without any risk to the zipper popping off.

There are also proper buckles to keep things like your laptop safe inside. Arcido also added more compartments than the main. There are about 4 compartments you can keep stuff. Two of them are large, both including zippered compartments, some with mesh.

Meanwhile, also including areas for pens, pencils, and laptops.

The other 2 are for smaller items like a passport, wallet, sunglasses, etc. The one at the very front is lined to keep things perfectly dry too.

There are 2 slips where you can put water bottles with two secret compartments next to them to store more material. Finally, the straps are where the efficiency steps up a lot. The back has mesh padding for proper breathability and comfort to your back.

To add security, there’s an adjustable buckle strap you can use to keep the bag on your person.

There are also two padded sides on a waist strap on the bag that can also be buckled to add even more security. Both also have two areas of storage on them, with one being another zippered compartment.

The Big Numbers To Keep In Mind With The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack logo
[Image via Arcido]

It’s vastly important that you know the bag is relatively sizable with dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20cm. Despite the size of the Arcido Akra backpack, it’s perfectly up to all airline standards. Meaning you can take it as a carry-on, without an issue from the TSA or any other airline security force.

In fact, Arcido designed the bag specifically for use in travel.

Overall, the bag can handle up to 35 Litres or a little over 9 gallons of water before it begins to see issues. Though designed to be used in travel or commutes, it’s also a great outdoor bag. Again, it’s a water-resistant bag and not waterproof.

However, the Arcido Akra backpack held up well in outdoor tests.

This backpack is not completely scratch resistant, but you can travel in the forest or woods with it being scratched a bit. It won’t really show the scratches that it takes on nor will it hurt the PU coating.

It may not hold up to knife attacks, but it’s relatively tough and therefore capable of handling most outdoor activity.

The YKK #5 Reverse Coil Zippers are a nice touch to the Arcido Akra backpack too. They hold up in the warm or cold, and they don’t crack under the pressure of a full bag. They also keep things in.

This might very well be the toughest part of the entire bag.

They also include a washbag and shoe bag for only $15 extra each. Meanwhile, they also have packing cubes and a Vaga Day Pack for $30 and $70 extra respectively. All fit well inside the bag.

Yet they also include delivery for 100% free as well as a 5-year warranty on all of their items, including the Akra backpack.

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