Tomorrow, November 3, is Election Day, and everyone is anxious about the results. So after you get your vote in (props to those who’ve already voted), buy these new flannel sheets from Gravity. Because you just might want to hide under the covers for awhile.

While known more for its weighted blanket, Gravity just launched a collection of bedding with Modernist Studio, a design and strategy consultancy. The capsule collection includes a custom-designed weighted blanket, a weighted robe, duvet covers and flannel sheets. The flannel sheets may not change the world, but at least you can hide from Election Day-induced anxiety under them. The sheets are made of 100 percent cotton, and the same way linen sheets are associated with summer, flannel sheets are made to stave off winter chill. Available in two plaid colorways, a penguin print and blue-and-white stripes, Gravity’s new sheets are as inviting as they are cozy.

The Gravity x Modernist collection is available now, and prices start at $60 for the duvet covers.

Price: $75+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.

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