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Is this the hull of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s HMS Endurance trapped in the ice? No, this, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another Lamborghini Aventador winter beater, and it is demonstrating improper seasonal storage of a supercar. Actually, the Reddit user who posted this photo of a friend’s Aventador says it is the college student owner’s daily driver. So at least it hasn’t been forgotten — which sometimes happens with European soccer stars who maintain several apartments.

A Lamborghini Aventador is the perfect winter beater in Canada

We suspect that, sitting still, the Aventador is incurring less weather wear than if it were driving around on salty roads, so in that sense it is pretty well preserved. But carefully cleaning it and starting it up looks like a job that will take at least an hour, if done properly. We’ve all been there, and we all know that lunch trays from the college cafeteria make great snow shovels for tasks like these.

Actually, Lamborghinis are not afraid of the white stuff, and recently we had a chance to drift a few of them on a frozen lake in Sweden. With permanent all-wheel drive, these cars are meant to be ski chalet-friendly — the whole point of owning a Lambo in Europe is to drive it from your bachelor pad in a metropolitan area to a ski lodge in Switzerland or the French Alps, preferably while wearing Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 tires. The Aventador in the photo, if we had to guess, is not wearing winter tires, but it does have the benefit of all-wheel drive.

Who said Italian supercars couldn’t be winter beaters?