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Anker’s Trusty 60W USB Hub Is Only $25 Right Now


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Using a traditional power strip to plug in all your USB chargers — phone, Garmin watch, Bluetooth speakers, etc. — isn’t exactly optimal. The different charger “bricks” fight for space and, since brands haven’t all elected one standard plug design, they might not play together nicely in tight spaces. Especially the case when you’re dealing with old, close-set wall outlets or the plug you need is tucked (read: hidden) between pieces of furniture.

Enter: this terrific little USB hub from a brand we all know and love. Anker makes this device specifically to combat these problems by cutting out the middlemen and funneling power directly into your handy USB cables (and the devices they belong to). Plus it’s surge-protected and regulated against overheating, unlike a lot of the power strips linking our desk lamps and fans and portable air conditioners and iPhone chargers right this second, so you can rest assured you’re getting a steady, clean recharge to all your precious gadgets. For half of this device’s regular price, that’s some serious peace of mind.

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