Baristas will argue to the moon and back over pour-over coffee — the best grind size, the best water temperature, the best pouring pattern and other brewing dark arts. But the most consistent argument of them all is that of the brew device itself, a discussion dominated by the Kalita Wave, Chemex and Hario V60. The latter is most-prized by coffee professionals and is very, very cheap today.

The V60 is a cone-shaped brewer with a single hole in the base and grooves running down the inside. It specializes in bringing out the lighter, more floral notes you see on bags of coffee, but there is a small learning curve. Because the water you pour over it runs straight through the bed of beans and into a mug or carafe, any water that lands on the side of the brewer can run right under the filter without touching the grounds, making for a very watery cup. Specialty roaster Intelligentsia has a concise, definitive guide on the subject of V60 brewing. Plus, the V60 is also small enough to fit in a carry-on, unlike its rival Chemex brewer.

Today on Drop, the glass V60 brewer, a carafe to brew into, a scoop and 100 filters is just $16. If you want to try pour-over coffee, this is about as low an investment as you could hope for.

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