Overlanding out into the wilderness is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors. With the right vehicle, you can go farther than any standard on-road-only car and last longer than if you hoofed it with all your gear on your back. With a four-wheeler, you have the benefit of trunk space and the optional roof rack to boot. If you set off on an adventure motorcycle, you can go even farther up the mountain or down the trail when things start to get too narrow for trucks, but luggage space for gear is sparse, and you’re not particularly roof rack friendly.

Most ADV bikes don’t come with panniers as standard but can be optioned with them in addition to top bags and tank bags. The problem with factory bags is they tend to get pricey. Right now, you can get Nelson Rigg luggage gear — tank bags, saddle bags and dry bags — for up to 40 percent off. Cargo space is at a premium on two wheels, so this an incredibly affordable way to bolster up your bike and live more comfortably out in the wild for the weekend.

The RG-1045 Trails End Adventure Tank Bag is designed for the steeply-sloped tanks common on big ADV bikes. Conveniently, since the bag will most likely cover the gas cap, the staps have quick release buckles making refueling less of a headache. The bag also expands from 12.4 liters to 16.5 liters for extra storage if needed. Throw on either a 39- or 71-liter Rigg Adventure Dry Bag on the back coupled with a pair of SE-3050 Deluxe Adventure Dry Saddlebags (27.5-liters each) and you have one hell of an adventure vehicle. And with a possible 142.5 liters of capacity, you probably have more cargo space than you know what to do with.

RG-1045 Trails End Adventure Tank Bag by Nelson Rigg $100 $80

SE-3050 Deluxe Adventure Dry Saddlebags by Nelson Rigg $200 $160

Rigg Adventure Dry Bag by Nelson Rigg $110 $66
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