The new Supertech M10 Meta Helmet is now on shelves, but Alpinestars had actually spent five years developing it. The goal was simple: create the most advanced, protective, and performance-enhancing helmet possible, and give it excellent ventilation, comfort, and reduced weight. In short, make something that prioritizes safety and comfort in equal measure.

The result is a helmet with a 3K high-density carbon outer layer that spreads energy upon impact, ensuring that the Supertech M10 protects the rider in the event of an accident. That’s thanks mainly to the surface curvature, which promotes reduced friction on impact and allows the helmet to efficiently transfer energy, insulating the rider’s head from direct force to the skull. It also boasts an Aramid fiber layer that prevents the user from critical penetration.

Ventilation was also a key priority for Alpinestars in designing the helmet, and it conducted heat mapping tests to come up with specifically designed ducting that produces a positive flow into the helmet over and around the rider’s head, which not only reduces heat stress, but also improves comfort. The Supertech M10’s visor design contributes to the overall ventilation system as well, acting as a channel to concentrate and smooth the flow into the shell.

The helmet also boasts a so-called A-Head Fitment System (which Alpinestars patented) that allows you to adjust the helmet in whichever way you see fit. There’s a micro-adjustable pad connect to the helmet’s inner shell that allows you to raise or lower the helmet fit, or tilt it forwards and backwards.

Ingenious design and unmatched protection come together in the Supertech M10 Meta, so if you’re looking for a helmet that not only will save your life but also make you look extremely cool, this is the one to get.

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Meta