The Airlango Mystic AI-Powered drone bridges the gap between artificial intelligence helping the creative process and being at the forefront of it.

With this drone, you can create better images and videos, with greater accuracy, thanks to the Pendragon 820 processor and the 12.3-megapixel camera onboard. there is a sensor capable of 4K quality, gesture control and technology to help automatically avoid obstacles.

Furthermore, compared to other models on the market the Airlango Mystic AI-Powered Drone provides a maximum of 30 minutes air time and because of the artificial intelligence, it can automatically target subjects.

One of the key features of this drone is the Safari Mode, which enables you to fly the drone along a route of your choice, giving the AI the freedom to take the videos and photographs it deems interesting enough. While you may not want to do it all the time, it is a great way to ad-lib a little! You have a variety of control options also with this drone, including gesture controls and manual controls using your smartphone or device.

With a foldable and compact design, it can be stored away neatly when you are finished filming or snapping. It has recently met its target funding amount through Kickstarter and will likely be available very soon in the near future.

Airlango Mystic AI-Powered Drone