Though 007 donned a few different watch brands over the course of 24 films, there are two watchmakers most closely associated with the secret agent: Omega and Rolex. The former’s been the franchise’s go-to since Pierce Brosnan donned a Seamaster in 1996’s Goldeneye, kicking off an official partnership between the two, but before then Bond often donned a Rolex, starting with Sean Connery in 1962’s Dr. No. The last film in which Bond wore a Rolex was in License to Kill in 1989, and this Submariner offered up by Fellows is a part of that end to an era.

This Submariner reference 5513, to be clear, is not the watch worn by Timothy Dalton during the film (that was a Submariner 16610), but instead was worn by a stunt double and was the personal watch of propman Rodney Pincott who loaned it during the shooting of the tanker truck car chase scene, according to the Fellows listing. The listing goes on to claim that the watch was damaged during filming and eventually repaired by Rolex; Fellows says it will provide the paperwork and original parts from the repair in the sale. Additionally, the watch comes with a certificate of authenticity from EON Productions, which produced A License to Kill.

Given the claimed provenance, Fellows estimates the watch will fetch somewhere between $79,000 and $119,000 when it goes under the hammer October 30th.