Could the 86 Get a Funky Hatch?

We reported recently that the Toyota 86 will not be going away despite the fact that the Supra is here. According to the company, the vehicle will get another generation. This is good news for the well-loved coupe and sports car enthusiast everywhere. What the next generation 86 will be, however, is yet to be determined. Carscoops thinks it has the answer.

The publication shared the image above. It’s a rendering of what the next 86 could possibly look like. It’s a weird mashup of the current 86, the Supra, and a kind of funky hatchback. Carscoops points to the original Toyota AE86 as its inspiration. The AE86 was a masterpiece of a car, but the rendering from the publication doesn’t come close to its simplicity and beauty. It looks to us more like Toyota’s version of the Hyundai Veloster than the AE86.

Toyota AE86Toyota AE86
Image from Carscoops

Because Toyota has not hinted at changing the 86 coupe’s body style at all, we’d have to suggest that it won’t look much like this rendering at all. The one thing that Carscoops probably got right is the idea that it will take some styling cues from the new Supra, specifically on the front end. This rendering at least does that well.

The jury’s still out on whether or not the next 86 will have the same kind of body style as it currently does. We hope it doesn’t stray too far from its current form. There’s nothing wrong with the body style. All Toyota needs to do is update the styling a little and add a bit more power. If it can do that without cannibalizing sales from the Supra, it will have succeeded.