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Slush, snow and ice mixed with road salt, plus drivers a bit too eager to panic at the first sign of precipitation may seem like the worst possible situation in which to drive your Lamborghini Aventador. It’s just asking for someone to slip and slide their 1992 Honda Civic into it. But for one brave Canadian driver, the winter slog is just what the Aventador craves.

Yes, the Lambo does come with all-wheel drive — but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Lamborghini is up for your typical winter commute. AWD without ground clearance and the right rubber isn’t going to help in heavy snow. And feathering that V12 seems like a waste of all the horsepower.

Then again, given the right wintery conditions, we imagine an Aventador would be the perfect vehicle to hoon in the snow, at least until it gets beached on just a few inches of the white stuff. If a McLaren 540C can do it, why can’t the Aventador?