There’s one major downside to graduation that no one talks about, and that’s the fact that “back-to-school” shopping sprees are now a thing of the past. And while your first “back-to-work” shopping spree might be fun for a little while, the buck stops at the cash register when dad turns to you with a grin and says it’s time you started picking up the tab now that you have a big boy job. Yes — “adulting” comes with its own aesthetic, and the ripped jeans you thought were fire your senior year might evoke a very different meaning of the word “fire” to the senior executives at your new company. Fortunately, the Gear Patrol Store has everything a new graduate could need before his or her first day on the job, and with some products up to 20 percent off, you might not have to spend your first paycheck before you’ve earned it.

Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Tote Backpack

If you’re one of those people who thinks that wearing a backpack to the office screams “immature,” then a tote bag says “I’m mature” in a confident, well-modulated voice. This backpack-tote hybrid, however, speaks nine different languages and can say anything you want it to. It can be worn as a backpack, across the shoulder, or carried as a tote, making it perfect for commuting as well as a quick trip to the grocery store.

Ezra Arthur No. 1 Belt

The needlepoint belt with your frat letters on it won’t win the same respect from your coworkers as it did from your college buds — but this one from Ezra Arthur is handmade in Phoenix, AZ from English bridle leather with solid brass hardware. It’s durable, handsome and good for keeping both pants and appearances up in the office.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Wireless Headphones

The workplace doesn’t always sound like your campus library used to, and being able to tune-in and tune-out when you want is an important skill. It’s also much, much easier to do if you have a pair of quality headphones. This wireless pair from Sennheiser has three-mode Active Noise Cancellation as well as Transparent Hearing, so you can switch between ignoring your coworkers and eavesdropping on them at the click of a button.

Twelve South Stay Go USB-C Hub + HiRise Pro iMac Stand Exclusive Bundle

Graduating from home definitely sucks, but working from home doesn’t have to — especially if you start with a proper home-office setup. This exclusive Gear Patrol bundle from Twelve South has everything you need for an organized, clutter-free desk; the StayGo offers a bevy of ports and the HiRise Pro acts as an ergonomic, adjustable stand for your monitor while doubling up as a gear garage for cable management or accessory storage.

Brew Watch Co. Mastergraph Watch

If there’s one thing nearly every college student learns before graduation, it’s the value of a good cup of coffee. This Mastergraph watch from Brew Watch Co. has specific markers on the bezel that note when the optimal espresso shot has been extracted, as well as a VK68 hybrid Meca-Quartz Chronograph for timing everything else.

Inventery Bolt Action Pen

Now that the kid who sat next to you in class isn’t around to steal your pens anymore, it’s time to consider buying a proper pen that you’ll want to keep around for longer than a day or two. This pen from Inventery is precision machined from raw brass stock using a single tungsten blade, features a seamless and satisfying trigger and release action and can be easily refilled for years to come.

WESN Allman Knife

This compact, lightweight knife from WESN is a manual-open with a flipper tab and an American-made S35vn blade, complete with grade five titanium scales on the handle. It fits as comfortably in your hand as it does in your pocket, and despite how sharp it is, the Allman Knife can still round out any EDC with style.

Billykirk No.237 Padded Briefcase

If you’re looking for a briefcase that you don’t have to baby, this heavy-duty option from Billykirk is as good as it gets. The No. 237 was designed with heavy use in mind and is made from extremely durable waxed cotton canvas and latigo leather, making it nearly indestructible despite its sleek look.