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When it comes to gifts for kids, you may think “how hard can it be?” But in case you’ve forgotten what it’s like to receive a bad gift as a kid, they’re harder to please than you might remember. In the industry of kids toys, there are mountains of junk that they’ll pick up once and never touch again. But any of these tried and true classics are sure to make you the hero.

Play-Doh 24-Pack

$21 $15 (30% off)

Play-Doh has been a top-tier toy for generations, and frankly, kids can never have too much of the stuff. 


$13 $9 (30% off)

Introduce the kids to this classic board game, and then beat them at it. 

National Geographic Mega Slime Kit

$30 $24 (20% off)

If you’re not on Tik Tok, kids are really into slime these days. We can’t help but admit, the videos are weirdly satisfying…

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

$800 $599 (25% off)

You can’t buy anyone’s love, but buying a kid a sweet go-kart is the closest you can get. 

Bunch O Balloons Rapid-Fill Water Balloons

$30 $21 (31% off)

Save these for next summer, or give them to a particularly mischievous kid and watch the mayhem unfold. 

Magic: The Gathering Decks

$114 $82 (28% off)

Have a group of kids you’re shopping for? Bundle and give them each a deck so they can play against each other. 

ARRMA RC Monster Truck

$100 $70 (30% off)

Taking RC cars off jumps will never not be fun. That goes for adults as well.  

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