The home is an extension of the self that allows a display of creativity and passion through personal design. For automotive enthusiasts, the garage is our dedicated space. Cars, motorcycles, tools — when not in use, they decorate our indoor getaway. And sometimes, the garage, no matter how big, doesn’t have the space you need for all the motoring accouterments you want. But decorating the rest of your house with automotive-centric art and furniture can be a dangerous business. Industrial style is one thing, but your significant other may not have the same affinity for an entertainment system that utilizes the backend of a Porsche 911 as a cabinet or care much for ‘57 Chevy couches. This list may strike a better balance: gearhead-friendly furniture, appliances and decor that doesn’t make everyone else shudder.

Mercedes V12 Engine Block Table

As far as upcycled car parts go, you can do a whole lot worse than a Mercedes V12. Sure, it doesn’t produce the operatic sound it used to, but the contrasting black and bare metal finish is somewhat elegant in its own right.

Crank Shaft Table

At first glance, this looks like a repurposed piece of modern art, thanks to a crankshaft’s inherently odd yet organized design. Add in a drive chain and spockets for an interesting take on a side table. This one probably belongs in the den or your office.

Super Veloce V12 F1 Espresso Machine

If regular coffee isn’t high-test enough, Super Veloce’s V12-styled espresso machine should be enough for you. Engineered from stainless steel, titanium and 18-karat gold, this espresso machine is as well put together as any actual V12 on the road. And though it might not sound as nice as a real V12, the black stuff the Nero Carbonio pours out sure tastes better than full-synthetic.

Connecting Rod Bookends

What better way to hold up your entire new collection of motoring literature than an industrial set of connecting rod bookends? They’d pair incredibly well with a worn, rustic, dark wood book case and come off as bluntly elegant in the process.

Classified Moto Lamp

Each suspension lamp is handmade, built with a spring, shock and fork tubes from ’70s and ’80s Japanese motorcyles. Sitting on an end table, it has a nice industrial design to it, without seeming overtly upcycled. Jay Leno owns one, so definitely legit.

Classified Moto Cafe Table

What’s great about Classified Moto’s creations is that their donor parts spent hundreds or thousands of miles on American roads and trails. All the dings, dents and scratches tell a story from the open road. The brushed-copper top, supported by three spring and shock assemblies match the above lamp perfectly.

Volvo Vanity Cabinet

Aside from the Volvo grille and logo across the front, this vanity, sink and cabinet combo has a beautiful mid-century feel to it. The oil pan sink basin is nice touch too.

More Automotive Art

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